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Hassan! Oh! You're Tallumbout That Pistol Pete!

Hassan! Oh! You're Tallumbout That Pistol Pete!

By Khalil Amani

Okay! Okay! I’ve had about enough of Hassan’s war stories about him and Pistol Pete! Hassan claims to have put a razor up to Pistol Pete’s neck and made Pistol Pete deny his own self! The hell? Hassan claims to have fought Pistol Pete, but doesn’t tell us who won the fight. Hassan says that Pistol Pete was the “weakest.” This just doesn’t sound like the Pistol Pete who I’ve heard about over the years way down in Miami! Something just doesn’t add up! Something is amiss! I'm about to get to the bottom of this shit!

New York niggas are the biggest swagger-jackers! A rapper like Shyne-Po wanna be a drug dealer like Alpo! Rapper 50 Cent wanna be "The Real 50 Cent!" Jim Jones tallumbout, "The Ghost of Rich Porter" (another dead drug dealer) and gang member, Pistol Pete, a play on the great (white) basketball player, Pistol Pete Maravich whose (ball) handles and shooting were great! New York started this swagger-jacking and now hip-hop/rappers are enamored with crime figures. Miami's Rick Ross don' stole "The Real Freeway Ricky Ross's" name and story! Philly rapper Freeway also snatched part of that name. Rappers Capone-N-Noreaga riding Al Capone and Panamanian Strongman/dictator Manuel Noriega's nutsack. The list goes on and on. Things become confusing when people take on the names of other people. Such is the case of this Pistol Pete guy that Hassan keeps telling us about. 

Khalil Amani ain't your average hip-hop blogger/writer. He gets up close and personal with these rap niggas and these ex-drug niggas, as evidenced by photo opps with The Real Freeway Ricky Ross and rapper Rick Ross's Miami affiliate and ex-dopeboy, Convertible Bert, someone Rick Ross regularly shouts out on record. 

Now let's examine this Pistol Pete. Something just ain’t right, I tell ya! The Pistol Pete I know is about that murder life! The Pistol Pete I’ve heard about is a feared and revered Puerto Rican dude who ran roughshod over The Bronx and had rappers shitting in their drawhs! The Pistol Pete I heard about ran with Fat Joe and Terror Squad.

I think many in the hip-hop world, outside of New York are confused about Pistol Pete.

Again, something is grossly wrong with Hassan’s portrayal of the Pistol Pete I’d heard about, so what did I do? I did some digging! I went to YouTube and found out why I was so confused! I found out that there are TWO PISTOL PETES! That’s right! TWO PISTOL PETES! A black Pistol Pete and a Puerto Rican Pistol Pete! A slight detail that Hassan conveniently forgets to tell us about! I wonder why? The Puerto Rican Pistol Pete is notorious in The Bronx—Hassan’s stomping grounds. Perhaps this Pistol Pete is the one that so many hip-hop heads (like myself) was thinking about when Hassan was talking reckless, but guess what? The “Pistol Pete” that Hassan speaks of is some black dude—the BLACK PISTOL PETE, not “thee” infamous Puerto Rican Pistol Pete!

New Yorkers may know who the black Pistol Pete is. They may know of all the criminality of the black Pistol Pete, but around the country he's unknown. Hip-hop fans are far more familiar with the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete, thus, hearing Hassan talk about how "weak" Pistol was does not ring true. So let me bring some clarity.

This is the "Pistol Pete" that Hassan talks about, a black guy of little notoriety.

Gangster though he is, outside of New York he is relatively unknown. His "15 Minutes of Fame" came on the History Channel where they profiled him and his gang. He's serving life plus 100 years in prison. Peep the documentary.

Hassan’s wars were with this black Pistol Pete who, frankly, I’ve never heard of—and I’m pretty well versed in New York gangsters and their exploits. Hassan is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of hip-hop heads outside of New York by not making the distinction between the black Pistol Pete and the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete—by allowing many of us (such as myself) to think that he's talking about the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete when, in actuality and reality, he’s speaking of the far lesser legendary gangster—the black Pistol Pete! Hassan just lost street-cred! The black Pistol Pete is not as notorious and well-known nationally and he's not tied to the hip-hop industry as the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete! We are being deceived by Hassan! We now know that Hassan is talking about the black Pistol Pete, because he tells us the name of Pistol Pete's gang; "Sex, Money, Murda." Sa Neter also did a video on the black Pistol Pete addressing Hassan.

The legend of the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete is without question! Does Hassan know about the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete? Of course he does! He has to know about the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete because they’re both from The Bronx! If his audience is like me, we are being deceived by Hassan, because I was thinking that he was talking about the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete who is a certified, bona fide goon! This black Pistol Pete? A lesser known gangster. More famous in New York than in these hip-hop streets.

Hassan never makes distinctions betwixt the two Pistol Petes. He does this intentionally, because he wants his audience to believe that whichever Pistol Pete we’re thinking of—he was his rival. Which Pistol Pete does hip-hop think Hassan was referring to—the black Pistol Pete of little notoriety or the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete who was, “About that life?”

Frankly, I don’t know anything about the black Pistol Pete and his exploits, other than a YouTube video I just watched. On the other hand, that Puerto Rican Pistol Pete? I’m well aware of his gangsterism! I could NEVER see the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete letting Hassan put a razor to his neck and he denying that he’s Pistol Pete! That shit sounds foogayzi as fuck! On the other hand, I don't know how gangster the black Pistol Pete was mano-a-mano. Maybe he was a pussy when it came to fisticuffs?

So let me set the record straight on Pistol Pete. Like the Afrika Bambaataa “shit-uation,” there Hassan goes again, confusing shit! Hassan’s “Pistol Pete” is a black dude of little renown. Yes, he and his gang, "Sex, Money, Murda" were about that life! Hassan should've told us about the other, more well-known and arguably more gangster Puerto Rican Pistol Pete to save us some confusion. The “Pistol Pete” that I know—and heard about years ago is the more renown—and feared—and revered—and infamous Puerto Rican guy that busts his gun with reckless abandonment! Are we clear now?

This is the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete, the infamous goon from The Bronx.

This is the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete aka "King of Rikers Island"---Mr. K.A.R.---Kill All Rats! In hip-hop circles he's brothers with rapper Fat Joe and Terror Squad. Hassan WAS NOT tallumbout this guy! Fuck no! This Pistol Pete was one of the first "Predicate felons" on Riker's Island who had beef with Larry Davis where he said, "I used to throw piss and shit on that nigga! I used to have beef with him!" You do know who Larry Davis was? Google him! What does the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete say about the black Pistol Pete? "[Black] Pistol Pete my man. Just to clear it up, [black] Pistol Pete is my little man. I gotta understand. [Black] Pistol Pete was in the house [with his mama]. I was already in jail. I was already in the street bussin' my gun! He's a little dude! My son is almost [black] Pistol's age. Ya dig? [black] Pistol was in jail with me too, in the Feds. When [black] Pistol came to jail, the first thing, the most important thing he wanted to do was see me and meet me! I got see Pete! I gotta see Pistol'! There can be thirty Pistols! I don't give a fuck! As long as niggas know who the Puerto Rican man is, we good money!"

Here is a video of the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete, the infamous and more well-known mobster that Hassan fails to tell us about. This is the goon many of us thought Hassan was tallumbout. Any questions? Peace.

You see? The Puerto Rican Pistol Pete was the first, the original Pistol Pete and the black guy that Hassan was allegedly beefing with was his "son" in street terms. Had I not looked into this matter I would've thought that Hassan was beefing with the Puerto Rican Pistol Pete, but I just knew that his stories didn't match the guy I knew as Pistol Pete. You got it?  

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