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Hassan’s Story: A Tale of YouTube Purgatory!

Hassan’s Story: A Tale of YouTube Purgatory!

By Khalil Amani

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell has no direction. His focus on child molestation has taken a backseat to a bunch of coonery and fuckery and on-camera antics meant to garner him YouTube views. As far as child molestation goes, Hassan hasn’t given a lecture, wrote book, started an organization or a charity. With over 130,000 YouTube subscribers, Hassan has not a clue how to move his message into the mainstream—or maybe he’s content with just getting YouTube money and YouTube plaques. He talks about writing a book, so I’m assuming that he wants to move his message beyond YouTube, but as it stands, Hassan’s story is a tale of YouTube purgatory—stuck betwixt the stagnation of these YouTube streets and the profound impact of mainstream media. (*Purgatory is a Roman Catholic doctrine. A place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are washing away their sins before going to heaven.)

There’s no one in these YouTube streets better qualified to speak on moving one’s story from obscurity to prominence—from the purgatory of YouTube to mainstream media, than Khalil Amani. Hassan “Poppy” Campbell has a compelling story of child molestation with a riveting backstory. Oh, how I wish that this guy had his head on straight!

Many of you already know my story—that I once testified against the leader of a murderous cult—the Yahweh cult—in Miami—in 1992. This was not your regular ordinary trial where there’s a judge, jury, defendant and his lawyer against the prosecution. No! This was a mass trial with 16 defendants and 16 defense attorneys packed into a courtroom—who had every right to cross-examine my every word; for I had become the “unofficial spokesman” for many ex-members who had defected from the Yahweh cult.

By 1992—when the trial began, I had given several interviews—the first being an interview in my college newspaper, Falcon Times—and then, in 1988—I was on national TV—CBS’s, “West 57th Street”—a Saturday night crime show which aired right after COPS—and then, a deposition that had become public—where Esquire Magazine would quote me—and then a four-page spread in the Sunday edition of The Miami Herald in 1991. I was talking to anyone who would listen because I knew that my silence could possibly be my death. I wanted everyone to know that I was talking against the cult and if any bad thing should befall me, point the finger directly at the Yahweh cult.

Of course, this was way before the Internet—before any Social Media. I had no followers or subscribers or support system. Just me! When a day came that I had to finally testify against the leader, Yahweh Ben Yahweh—I had to find an inner strength, because, to be totally honest, I had some amount of trepidation (fear), because I would be facing sixteen (16) angry cult members who knew me well and were mad as hell that I had betrayed the cult. Those niggas eyeballed me in court with the ice-grill stares and mean-mugs and sharp glares and piercing looks and tight jowls. But even more than that—there would be sixteen (16) attorneys who could cross-examine my ass and twist the statements, which I had previously given. Those fucking lawyers were gonna grill my ass—and indeed, for the next few days, I underwent their verbal assaults!

Nothing but intestinal fortitude and bravery got me through those troubling times! If I had had a YouTube channel and other Social media networks back then—100,000 YouTube subscribers riding for me? I can only imagine how much easier it would’ve been facing my cult adversaries—and having my supporters and followers and subscribers have my back, as I fought against my murderous cult.

This is the advantage that Hassan “Poppy” Campbell has in his fight against the Zulu Nation and its leader, Afrika Bambaataa. Unlike Khalil Amani, who was a complete “Lone Wolf,” Hassan is not alone in his fight, but has the backing of over 130,000 YouTube subscribers—and dare I say that at least the hip-hop world knows of his molestation? Even famous rappers and industry heads? He’s got all of the necessary pieces in place! What is he waiting for? All he has to do is take the (legal) fight to Afrika Bambaataa—a fight that has to—and must culminate in a court of law.

With the passing of the Child Victims Act, which allows victims of child molestation to receive punitive damages up until age 55 in New York—Hassan is way under the legal age, being a mere 41 years old. Now’s the time for him to take Afrika Bambaataa to court and make a public spectacle and a public record of molestation against the man who allegedly molested young prepubescent and teenage boys for four decades! Now’s the time!

But Hassan won’t pull the trigger—the figurative trigger on Bambaataa and sue him for his molestation! Everything about Hassan’s actions up until this present day says that he won’t pull the trigger—that he won’t use New York’s Child Victim Act to his advantage and haul Afrika Bambaataa into court and make him answer for his alleged crimes.

Now’s the time for Hassan to show & prove! He can actually shut up his naysayers and detractors and those who postulate that Bambaataa was his lover. A court case will prove Hassan to either have been molested or statutory raped—or—what many want to know—was there a non-consensual-consensual relationship between Hassan and Bambaataa? I say “non-consensual-consensual relationship” because minors cannot legally consent to sex with adults, but minors can—and will—and have—consented on their own to engaging in sexual relationships with adults. Was that the case? A court hearing will clear Hassan or prove that indeed, he did have a non-consensual consensual sexual relationship with Afrika Bambaataa. It will prove to the world that indeed, Afrika Bambaataa was a pedophile! It’s a slam dunk, no-brainer move on the part of any victim of child molestation! Haul the accused into court and get some straightening and some closure—especially if you claim to be an advocate for child molestation! It is your duty and responsibility to lead by action. Anything less is a dereliction of duty—a cop-out. How can you be the face of child molestation for this hip-hop generation—as Hassan Campbell assumes—and not lead by example and drag Afrika Bambaataa into court via the Child Victims Act and make him answer for crimes against children? This is the leader of the movement against child molestation? I think not!

Why won’t Hassan take Afrika Bambaataa to court—and in the process, answer his critics? Is Hassan afraid that Afrika Bambaataa will come clean and admit that he is homosexual—and that he and Hassan had a longstanding homosexual relationship/tryst? Is Hassan worried about the raw details that might come spewing from Bambaataa’s mouth? As it stands, Hassan wants us to believe that there’s some “street shit”—maybe a possible unsolved murder that ties the two men together—and thus, Hassan refuses to take Bambaataa to court for fear of said, “street shit” coming out—making a simple Child Victim’s Act case turn into an unsolved murder case.

Nothing about Hassan’s so-called child molestation “activism” says that he will move on Bambaataa. His coming out on YouTuber Troi “Star” Torain’s channel and his rally on 125th Street in Harlem, New York, spearheaded by another YouTuber, conscious community leader, Sa Neter helped put Hassan’s story out in the media—the hip-hop world. In the beginning, Hassan hopped around from one YouTube channel to another, telling his riveting story of molestation. It looked as though he was “in it to win it”—ready and prepared to take the fight straight to Afrika Bambaataa, “By any means necessary.” I had flashbacks of my activism against the Yahweh cult and fully understood the battle at hand—and was all in with Hassan—especially being that I had been in a similar predicament and the fact that I was the guy who first wrote about Afrika Bambaataa molesting teenage boys—and possibly drugging them. Indeed, I was #TeamHassan.

That is, until Hassan turned his anger and rage and misplaced blame on homosexuals and homosexuality. Not only was Khalil Amani the man who first wrote about Afrika Bambaataa allegedly date-raping guys—but also a gay right’s advocate—and the man who first wrote a book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” addressing hip-hop’s homophobia in 2007, all while advocating for LGBTQ rappers entertaining mainstream success. Hassan had stepped on the toes of the man (Khalil) who had been putting in work against homophobia for eight (8) years prior. I was taken aback by his vitriol and blatant homophobia. Instead of blaming Afrika Bambaataa for his molestation and remaining an advocate against pedophilia—Hassan became the most rabid YouTube homophobe—going so far as to include his own transgender child—a male to female child—in his homophobic rants, by calling her a “cupcake” and describing her as having “big titties”—and further telling us of that they are estranged from one another because of his child’s transgenderism. Hassan failed his child in childhood and now that his child had become an adult, capable of living in her very own unique truth—Hassan wanted no parts of his adult child. Going further, Hassan does not understand that being an advocate for child sexual abuse is without sexual preference—that the true advocate for child sexual abuse must have a disposition for helping the gay child and the trans child—as well as the straight child. Hassan's pseudo advocacy is for heterosexual victims only.

Adding insulting words unto injury, Hassan went into some weird, perverted sexual gymnastics and somersaulted his message of child molestation by inferring that homosexuality leads to pedophilia—a bogus claim not supported by any research, study or scientific data on the subject. In fact, the research shows that 90% of pedophiles actually identify as straight and are mostly married men!

This is how Khalil Amani and Hassan Campbell became enemies in a YouTube war of words! Not any hateration based on Hassan’s YouTube popularity! As the one person in these YouTube streets that can speak out of experience on what Hassan should do—take Afrika Bambaataa to court and get up on the witness stand and tell his molestation story—Khalil is also the one person in these YouTube streets that has received far more mainstream media attention than Hassan. He may be winning the YouTube subscriber count (he’s a big YouTuba, ya know!), but as far as taking one’s story beyond YouTube, Hassan’s molestation story has yet to take flight and soar beyond these YouTube streets. Hassan has ZERO mainstream media sources speaking his name! Zero!

Unlike Khalil Amani’s cult story, which has been told by Pulitzer Prize winning writer Sydney P. Freedberg, in her book, Brother Love: Murder, Money and a Messiah (Pantheon Books 1994) and told on numerous national TV shows—The Biography Channel (twice), CBS, Investigation Discovery Channel and Oxygen Channel—and in mainstream news media—the Miami Herald, Newsweek, In Touch Weekly, Fox News and People Magazine—Hassan’s molestation story is non-transcendent—for a few reasons.

The first reason is because Hassan has yet to put pen to paper and write about his molestation. He hasn’t written a book about what Afrika Bambaataa did to him. Four years after coming forth and even though he works no official job—no 9 to 5—he has yet to find the time to sit down and pen his story.

With over 130,000+ YouTube subscribers, Hassan still doesn’t have a bona fide team in place—a public relations person, an agent, a content researcher, a think tank. His “team” is made up of a guy, Derrick Williams—a real weirdo persona who writes in YouTube comment sections, “I would love to be in on the raping of your sister”—and Wax Dawg—whose amateurish claim to fame is creating disrespectful videos about people who speak against Hassan—a real sycophant (brown-noser) of megalithic proportions! Instead of putting together a team of serious people who can elevate Hassan—take him out of YouTube purgatory—he is content to collect YouTube checks, while enlisting people to fight and protect his fragile ego!

Child molestation advocacy is a distance thought for Hassan now, who would rather troll the likes of J. Prince and other famous hip-hop personalities. When Afrika Bambaataa came to New York to “host” at S.O.B.’s in December of 2018—this was Hassan’s time to show up and show out! Afrika Bambaataa would be in his very backyard! Hassan was supposed to consolidate his YouTube team—get Wax Dawg and Derrick Williams and a thousand of his YouTube subscribers—and those “50 goons” whom he claims are raring for some action and make that pilgrimage to New York to bring the ruckus—bring the pain to Bambaataa with a show of force outside the venue—but instead—it was crickets—Hassan was a no-show! How could the one time that Hassan had Afrika Bambaataa in his grips allow him to come to New York and leave the city without so much as a church mouse peep from Hassan? A group of religious folk showed up at S.O.B.'s and fought for Hassan. Whose champion is this that will not pick up his sword and draw first blood? Hassan proved to be spineless that day.

For Hassan’s inaction to move against Afrika Bambaataa at S.O.B.’s—he should’ve lost every one of his YouTube subscribers and all of his moderators should’ve colluded against him and the next time that Hassan went “live” on YouTube—they should’ve aired him the fuck out! There should have been a “Mutiny on the Bounty”—a fucking YouTube channel coup d’etat—a hijacking of his channel for the expressed purpose of calling out Hassan as a fraud for claiming to be an advocate for child molestation victims who had not the heart or courage or gangsterism to move against the greatest offender of pedophilia in the annals of hip-hop—Afrika Bambaataa!

Hassan gave no excuse why he let Afrika Bambaataa come within twenty miles of his home and instead of going to the event with a team holding placard signs and bullhorns—and contacting the local media—on this day, Hassan chose to play the mythical ostrich—and stuck his head in the fucking sand like a scared little bitch.

In one of Hassan’s many drunken stupors he said he’d get “fifty goons” to wreck his mother’s funeral and beat up old people in wheelchairs, but he didn’t think to enlist not nann goon to run up on Afrika Bambaataa at S.O.B.’s. (He’s got a fetish for violating handicapped and weaker people. First it was making a retarded guy suck his dick and then "sticking heavy dick" in children and now it’s beating up old people! But hold up! Let’s not forget his gangsterism against the Burger King woman.)

Hassan would later claim that he would fly to Texas to spit in J. Prince’s face, but wouldn’t even throw dandelions (flowers!) in Bambaataa’s direction! Bambaataa coming to New York was a case of pulling one’s “hoe-card”—and indeed, Bambaataa pulled Hassan’s hoe-card! Hassan’s followers did not see his inaction as problematic in the least. They merely acted as if Afrika Bambaataa had not come to town and knocked on Hassan’s front door—and after Hassan refused to answer the door—Bambaataa figuratively egged Hassan’s house and left town laughing, while taking photo-ops with Funkmaster Flex just to pour salt on Hassan's chaffed thighs. Hassan was "tight" about it, but could do nothing, save vent on YouTube.

Hassan has shown us by his inaction to confront Afrika Bambaataa that he’s merely and simply a YouTube gangster—a keyboard killer—a mousepad mobster—a Social Media sucker. For indeed, the one-time, would-be gangster and killer that he claims he was—Hassan has become the epitome of what Drake rapped—“Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.” He has become Jay-Z’s, “[he] wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight!” Hassan has become 50 Cent’s, “In high school you was the man homie! What the fuck happened to you?” He is everything that James Brown meant when he sang, “Talkin’ loud and ain’t sayin’ nothin’!” Even Aretha Franklin when she sang, “Who’s zoomin’ who?”—fakin’ da funk on his followers. Hassan has become one big ol’ hip-hop cliche’ and caricature—a “buster”— a “fuck-nigga”—the guy in a room full of guys talking the loudest, so everyone knows he’s the weakest nigga in the room.

Not only has Hassan Campbell abandoned his own child molestation fight, but threw salt, yeah, fire & brimstone on others who are bringing the fight to child molestation. Case in point? Leila Wills’s upcoming documentary, “Trapped in a Culture”—a film in which Hassan stars in by stating, “If you donate to the film, do it at your own risk!” From that statement alone one can extrapolate that he hasn’t donated one red cent—one plum nickel to the documentary on child molestation—even though he has bragged that YouTube’s paying him upwards of $10,000 a month these days! Someone came along and documented his pain for all eternity—put his story on front-street and she can’t get a penny towards her efforts! This is Hassan “Poppy” Campbell—the pseudo advocate for child molestation! He’s one cold son of a bitch! (And for the record, I donated $100 to the film)

Hassan will forever and perpetually be stuck in YouTube Purgatory. Why? Because even though he has 130,000+ subscribers, he’s not interested in consolidating his newfound popularity and putting those numbers to work. He’s not interested in traveling around the country speaking on molestation. He’s not interested in joining forces with other child molestation advocates and doing workshops and symposiums. He’s not interested in lending his voice to the Child Victims Act, as evidenced by his non-participation in Ronald Savage’s activism. Hassan is merely a one-trick-pony whose claim to fame was being molested by Afrika Bambaataa—a man who used his molestation to catapult himself into YouTube fame. He does not want to be an advocate for molested children. That is clear. And so, to keep his YouTube channel growing and not be pigeonholed into one-trick-pony status—he feigns himself as some ghetto “Alex Jones”—a non-spiritual Negrodumas whose schtick is peddling his cheap wares in these YouTube streets like a gypsy. What are Hassan’s wares? Misogyny, homophobia, hyperbole, exaggeration, shock, lies, conspiracy theory, demagoguery and rocking the freshest gear—topped off with a few videos of his children.

There is such a thing as being transparent and sharing one’s life with the public. This is a beautiful thing, as I’ve done with my own life, but coming on camera to create contrived content—this is what Hassan does best; from getting shit-faced drunk and telling another YouTuber that he will “stick heavy dick” in his son and daughter’s rectums—pure shock-jock antics!—to coming on camera drunk again and threatening to murder YouTubers around the country—more shock-jock B/S!—to being drunk yet again and crying on camera, while feigning like his mother had just died to curry favor & pity & sympathy & empathy from his subscribers—some more contrived & gratuitous fictional shock-jock shit!—to—you guessed it—being drunk yet again—and going in Burger King late at night and having the forethought to turn on his camera and create some egregious YouTube content by cursing out a hardworking employee and trying to convince us that he had been disrespected and racially profiled. His need to create YouTube content has him claiming that he’d spit on one of hip-hop’s most respected, feared and revered personalities—J. Prince—some clout-chasing and shock-jockeying of epic proportions!

Hassan’s one-trick-pony act as child molestation victim has morphed into an addiction to subscriber hunting and camera fixation. There are no boundaries that Hassan will not cross. I fully expect him to one day take a shit in his fish tank on camera—or even worse, stab or shoot someone on live YouTube.

Hassan recently got his YouTube plaque for 100,000 subscribers. Great! But now, how does Hassan translate those 100,000 subscribers into action? How does he move himself from the obscurity of YouTube into mainstream media and get his child molestation message—or his story of his own molestation—or whatever his end-goal is out to the general public? With all of those subscribers—and moderators—he does not have a system—a team—a think tank to move him into the mainstream.

Check it! Khalil Amani only has a measly 1,972 YouTube subscribers, yet he’s taken his message of cult awareness and his own cult story into mainstream American, having been on The Biography Channel (twice), Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel, CBS’s “West 57th Street,” Oxygen Channel, People Magazine, Newsweek, In Touch Weekly and Fox News—to name a few of the major mainstream media. How is this possible? Well! Let me give Hassan some game! First! Hassan has to write that book that he’s been talking about for the last three years. Package that story up! That’s where it starts. Gloating over a Youtube plaque is okay, but how much more gloating can Hassan do if he can get his message on Oxygen TV—or The Biography Channel—or a feature in People Magazine—to reach a broader audience? (Yes! I'm still gloating over my media successes! And?)

How is Khalil Amani able to be on five national TV shows and a bunch of mainstream media outlets with only 1,900 YouTube subscribers, while Hassan has 130,000 YouTube subscribers and is still in YouTube purgatory? Hassan Campbell says that Khalil Amani is a failed YouTuber. He has it fixed in his head that YouTube is my end-game. He is sorely mistaken! Khalil Amani is proving that YouTube subscriptions don’t translate into mainstream media, that is, if the YouTuber has not done the proper homework in courting mainstream media. Hassan has not done the proper homework—and this is why he will forever and perpetually remain in YouTube purgatory—resting on his own laurels—lazy and complacent—basking in his memories of former glories of joining 100,000 YouTube subscriber club and getting a shiny plaque.

Having 100,000 YouTube subscribers and not being able to move them to action is like a woman with a big ass whose sex-game is trash—or nigga with a big dick who can’t fuck! Hassan has proven to be that nigga with a figurative big dick who can’t fuck! This is why he is in YouTube purgatory! Until he gets himself a ghostwriter of the Khalil Amani ilk with a whet fucking pen and writes a book, Hassan and his would-be message of child molestation shall remain in YouTube purgatory—stuck betwixt the stagnation of these YouTube streets and the profound impact of mainstream media.

Author, poet, essayist, blogger, troll, satirist, cultural critic, freethinker, father, grandfather, husband & C.O.O.N (Consciously Optimistic, Overtly, Nihilistic), Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who's written for and DJ Kay Slay’s, Straight Stuntin Magazine. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Star Chamber, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults," on Oxygen Channel's, "Uncovered: The Cult of Yahweh Ben Yahweh" and in a special edition of People Magazine on cults. In 2019 Amani also has interviews at InTouchWeekly, and Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Khalil was the first media person to write about the allegations surrounding Afrika Bambaataa allegedly getting stabbed for date-raping a young man in 2013 and is in the upcoming documentary on the Afrika Bambaataa allegations, Trapped in a Culture. Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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