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Ice T: Sometimes a Picture is not Worth a 1,000 Words…

Ice T: Sometimes a Picture is not Worth a 1,000 Words…

By Khalil Amani



As someone who is constantly around beautiful women (as a writer for DJ Kayslay’s Originators and Straight Stuntin Magazines)—as someone who lived in Miami and frequented South Beach clubs on the regular as a married man, yet separated and very much still in-love with his wife, let me speak to you Ice T.


Yes! Those pictures look damning as hell! By all indications your wife was feeling herself that night. Las Vegas has a way of bringing out one’s freak-nastiness. I know from first-hand experience, having been there prolly like 40 times and counting.

(Coco in suggestive pose with random loser-guy. She may have been reading a text message from Ice-T.)


But a picture is a historical snapshot in time that took all of two seconds to produce. Leering at a photo makes it seems like they were embraced in a long, drawn-out embrace. That probably wasn’t the case.


Let me give you a first-hand case scenario of a picture I took with a random female that I posted on these Internetz some months back. Mind you, my wife was living in Denver and I was in Miami at the time. Look at me. What does this picture look like?

Like Coco, my eyes appear to be closed, but they weren't! I was looking down in sheer disbelief that some random chick wanted a picture with my old ass! That's what I was thinking! "Who da fudge is this?" But it looks like I'm enjoying the moment, like we "know" each other very well. I didn't even get the chick's name!


Dare I say that I look like I was being kissed by a young woman and that perhaps we danced all night before going home and getting our fuck on? I look like an old dude with a few dollars in my pocket doing the “It ain’t trickin’ if you got it!” thingy. I mean, they say “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” right? Well, actually, this picture is worth very few words, because it’s not what it appears!


So this picture of me—this is what it was. I’m at SOBE LIVE on South Beach Miami, standing at the bar by my lonesome. Had a few gentlemanly words with the bartender. Out of nowhere—and I do mean nowhere, up walks this white chick (who obviously had spied me out). She sees that I have some Straight Stuntin magazines and a camera on the bar. She, without a word, grabs my camera, tells the bartender to take our picture, taking my shades and putting them on and then kisses me on the cheek—while the bartender snaps the picture. Straightway, she takes off my shades and walks away, never to be seen in the club again.


A part of me wished there was more to this than meets the eye—like I’d see her later and we’d get it in.


Back in Denver, my wife saw the picture on Facebook. I intentionally posted it because I knew people would form their opinions about what took place. I told this same story to prove that sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story and indeed, this was the case.


So, my brother, although these pictures of your wife look quite friendly and sexually suggestive—they were a snapshot in time! The dude is a fan of your wife—no doubt. Hell, I’d wanna take some hawt pictures with Coco too! Don’t lose sight of the fact that she’s a vixen—the fantasy and desire of many-a man. Dude got lucky. He caught Coco quasi-slipping. That, she needs to own and acknowledge. But, at the end of the day, Coco loves your dirty drawhs and you know this maaaaan! So give her the benefit of the doubt. Have some make-up sex by waxing that ass grudgingly and keep it moving. Old School to Old School. Don't forget about the love that binds you two!


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(Khalil Amani & wifey 12-7-12 10 year wedding anniversary.)


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