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Jesus and Rappers: The Gay “Rap” On The Messengers. (Part I)

Jesus and Rappers: The Gay “Rap” On The Messengers. (Part I)
By Khalil Amani

My father never hugged me when I was a child! My father never kissed me as a child! My father never told me he loved me as a child! I wonder where he got his parenting skills. Cultural conditioning. When I became a man and had kids I swore I would shower them with love and an outward show of affection to make up for all of the missed hugs and kisses that I so craved from my father. And I did! I remember, as a father, kissing my son on the lips from birth up until the age of about four and then, one day as I went in for the lip lock, he stopped me cold. “No daddy! Boys don’t kiss on the mouth!” It happened just like that in one day! I don’t know where he got the idea. Cultural conditioning. I obliged him and we never went there again, but I continued to kiss my older daughter on the lips until she was about thirteen—until she realized it was more fun to kiss boys!

Many of you young hip-hop homophobes are trippin’ because rappers Weezy F. Baby a.k.a. Lil Wayne and the Birdman a.k.a. Baby like to kiss each other on the mouth. So they’re gay huh? That’s what most of the Internet gangsta-bloggers say. “That’s fuckin’ homo! A nigga kissin’ anotha nigga on the lips! Ugh!”

(The kiss seen around the "hip-hop" world!)

Hetero hip-hop heads are actually repulsed by their “father-son” show of affection! Well I’m not! Big-ups to them for not continuing the male-posturing stance of “high-fives” and “pounds” when greeting and showing love to one another. In many cultures it is totally acceptable for males to kiss one another on the lips. Some of our fathers still kiss us on the lips and we don’t think any faggotry is involved. So why we gotta take it there with these two rappers? We don’t know the full extent of their relationship! What we do know is that Baby is a “father-figure” to Lil Wayne. What we do know is that both of these rappers have children—by women—through the act of sexual intercourse. What we also know (but many of us won’t admit) is that many of us grown-ass men desire to have a father in our lives! Can’t we just accept that Lil Wayne has found his father and that their bond is so strong that they don’t mind kissing one another on the lips—and phuck what the world thinks? And check it! After all of the fag-bashing, a group of MTV aficionados made Lil Wayne their number one pick as the rapper with the most swagger—over Fiddy, TI, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc.—a man who kissed another man on the mouth! That homo-bashing shyt is played!

Our society is phucked up! Every man has kissed a male on the mouth! It may have been your dad, your uncle, your mama’s boyfriend, your son, your male cousin, your older brother or whomever—but a male has kissed you on the mouth! And if you think men kissing men on the mouth is gay, I dare you to tell that to some of these Italian Mafiosos! Those are some real gangsters! Remy Ma and a few other rappers have rapped, “Gangstas don’t dance!” as though they are real gangstas! Shut the phuck up with that bullshyt! Naw! The “real” gangsters (Italian/Russian Mafias, Asian Triads) don’t make music! These gangsters kill! Have they not seen The Godfather, parts I, II, III and Scarface? Gangsters do dance! Do they not remember in The Godfather how Marlon Brando danced with his wife and daughter at his daughter’s wedding and later on with his grandson? Do they not remember the scene where Tony Montana/Al Pacino dances with his boss’s wife in Scarface? How does dancing make you less gangsta? How does a sacred kiss of loyalty and love between two men make them less manly or homosexual? I’m just sayin’…

It would mean something entirely different if these rappers were inserting a tongue in each other’s mouths! Then you could make a case that they were gay. But as the argument stands, you could make a case that a man who kisses his mother on the lips is doing an incestuous thing. Or an adult who kisses a child on the lips is a pedophile. Or a pet owner who kisses his dog on the mouth is into bestiality! Now isn’t that nonsense? Of course it is! This is what we have done with Lil Wayne and Baby—made a “mountain out of a molehill!” They’re laughing at the shock-value of it all.

Unlike the Madonna-Britney Spears-Christina Aguilera French-kiss at the VMA’s a few years back, Wayne and Baby don’t insert tongue into mouth. And what did every HETEROSEXUAL man in America think about the ménage-a-trois kiss? We loved that shyt! We love lesbian sex! We wanted more! We wanted to see Madonna whip out a dildo and fuck the shyt out of those two young impressionable white chicks! Yes we did! Homosexual sex between two women and a man is the all-American male fantasy, yet we are repulsed by two brothas exchanging a gentlemanly kiss of respect. Can you say HYPOCRITE?

Lil Wayne and Baby are actually making a bold statement about manhood and what it means to have brotherly/fatherly-son love. Truth be told, they are very in line with the “Jesus Tradition” of men who show outward affection for other men, without the stigma of homosexuality. It is a very First Century Christian thing for men to kiss on the mouth. Men, in ancient times were very affectionate towards one another. Men kissed, hugged, held hands and even lounged in each other’s arms/chest while sitting. (End of Part I)

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