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Jesus and Rappers: The Gay “Rap” On The Messengers. (Part II)

Jesus and Rappers: The Gay “Rap” On The Messengers. (Part II)
By Khalil Amani

We’ve all heard of Jesus and the “Last Supper” right? We are taught through Christianity that Jesus loves everybody right? So if I were to tell you that Jesus had a “special” love for a person—would that offend you? Would it offend you if I told you that Jesus’ “special friend” was a “young man?” Would it really get your goat going if I told you that some religious scholars have questioned that relationship with this young man and made some homosexual references and inferences? Would you wanna kick my butt if I showed you in the Bible that Jesus and this “beloved disciple” or “young man” were quite cozy, lying in each other’s arms? Would it startle you that the Bible makes reference to this young man as “cloth cast about his naked body”? Would you totally wanna burn this blog if I told you that there was a group of early Christians that called into question Jesus’ sexuality and that a certain Christian leader was so outraged by their interpretation that he ordered part of the Biblical scriptures expunged (removed) from your Bible?

(Notice the androgyny "male-female" characteristics of Jesus and the person on the left on him. Scholars have long argued whether this is the "Beloved Disciple" [a man] or Mary Magdalene [a woman]. The book "The DaVinci Code," by Dan Brown and "Holy Blood Holy Grail" by Baigent & Lee delve into the mystery of this painting.)

Now before you get it twisted, I’m not calling Jesus gay. I’m simply letting all of you heterosexual, Christian, homophobic hypocrites know that Jesus suffered from a First Century “Weezy F. Baby Syndrome.” The same shyt that many in the heterosexual hip-hop community are accusing Lil Wayne and Baby of—being gay, your man Jesus faced similar accusations in Christian history. Peep this scene from the Last Supper:

…Verily, verily [truly, truly], I say unto you, that one of you shall betray [snitch on] me… Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom [chest] one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved… He then lying on Jesus’ breast saith unto him, who is it? (St. John 13:23-25)

See? What do you make of these scriptures? One of Jesus’ disciples was lounging in his arms! If we caught Lil Wayne lying in Baby’s chest, we would have a conniption fit! Our society does not permit men to show affection in this manner. But here was Jesus and his “beloved disciple” intimately lounging in a position that most of us Twenty-first century homophobes would deem as GAY! But oh we say we love Jesus, as we floss our blinged-out Jesus pieces and crosses around our necks. We can accept the written word of the Bible but we can’t accept the application of Jesus’ actions in our own time. Could Jesus get away with this show of affection today—genuine affection between two men with no sexual connotation? If you saw Baby and Weezy in this position you would swear they had to be gay! And I say, if they are gay, then so was Jesus!

And notice too—why does this scripture say in reference to this disciple, “whom Jesus loved?” Doesn’t that seem odd, peculiar or even queer? Does not Jesus love ALL OF HIS DISCIPLES? Does not our Christianity teach that Jesus loves EVERYBODY? If I have twelve friends and I have to point out a specific one by saying “the one I love,” by inference, implication, extrapolation, and common sense a reasonable person would conclude that their relationship was exceptionally different from the other eleven. That ain’t hard to see! The case can be made that Jesus had a “special love” for this particular disciple, and indeed he did! Could Jesus possibly have had a homosexual relationship on the D/L with this “Beloved Disciple?” Hold that thought.

(Jesus and his "Beloved Disciple"... the "special one.")

Check out the scene after they arrested Jesus!

And there followed him [Jesus] a certain YOUNG MAN, having linen cloth cast about his NAKED BODY; and the young men laid hold on him, And he left the linen cloth and ran NAKED (St. Mark 14:51-52).

Hmmm? Why does the Bible want us to know that this young man was naked—twice? Some scholars have identified this young man as Lazarus or John (but that is insignificant to this essay). The point is that Jesus had a “special” relationship with this young man, just as Baby has a “special” relationship with Lil Wayne. You can call Lil Wayne and Baby gay, but I bet you’re scared as shyt to make that comparison to Jesus, so let me make it for you! Again, I’ll say that if Lil Wayne and Baby are gay, then so were Jesus and this young man!

This isn’t the end of Jesus’ love for this young man! Peep game! After Jesus is resurrected what happens? Read!

Then she [Mary Magdalene] runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter, and to the OTHER DISCIPLE, WHOM JESUS LOVED, and saith unto them… (St. John 20:2)

What? “The other disciple, whom Jesus loved?” What the hell does that mean? Again, does not Jesus love ALL of the disciples? Why then would the Bible say, “Peter and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved?” Why not, “Peter and the other disciple?” Or, “Jesus’ beloved disciples, Peter and Lazarus?” Why does the Bible want us to know that Jesus’ love for one young man was different than that of Peter and the rest of the disciples?

Some of y’all might think I’m reading too much into the way it was written, so let’s change the names! “Then she runneth, and cometh unto Simon Peter and to Lil Wayne, whom Baby loved.” Now you see the problem! If Jesus was “Baby” and Mary was “Trina” and the Other Disciple was “Lil Wayne”…you get the picture!

Did you forget that when they came to arrest Jesus, Judas kissed him? (Matthew 26:47-49) Does this make Jesus and Judas gay? I think not! But reading the Internet bloggers, any man who kisses another man in the mouth has got to be gay! The Bible does not say where Judas kissed Jesus. It could’ve been on his cheek, forehead or lips. Whichever way it went down, it would not be interpreted as homosexuality back then.

(Judas kisses Jesus... on the lips!)

Again, sometimes a kiss can just be a kiss! Our culture dictates that a man shouldn’t kiss another man on the lips. But what’s so wrong with it, whether homosexual or heterosexual? (End of Part II)

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