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Jesus and Rappers: The Gay “Rap” On The Messengers. (Final)

Jesus and Rappers: The Gay “Rap” On The Messengers. (Part IV Final)
By Khalil Amani

Public displays of affection are very common among the ancients. Yes! Men kissed each other in biblical times. I’ll even go a step further and tell you that men swore by and on their dicks—that men held other men’s penises when performing an oath! What? You don’t believe me? Okay. What do you make of these scriptures?

And Abraham said unto his eldest servant of his house… Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my “thigh”: And I will make thee swear by the Lord… and the servant put his hand under the “thigh” of Abraham his master, and swear to him… (Genesis 24: 2-3 & 9)

And the time drew nigh that Israel [Jacob] must die: and he called his son Joseph, and said unto him, If now I have found grace in thy sight, put, I pray thee, thy hand under my “thigh,” and deal kindly and truly with me (promise/swear me your oath)… And he said, Swear unto me… (Genesis 47: 29 & 31)

…uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the “thigh” …Thy nakedness shall be uncovered; yea thy shame shall be seen… (Isaiah 47:2-3)

Notice the word “thigh?” Does thigh mean the upper portion of a person’s leg? No! Not in the biblical sense. “Thigh” is a EUPHEMISM (nice language) for a man’s dick, penis, prick, Johnson, or cock! And back in biblical times men touched one another on their dicks and made vows, promises, and oaths!—So-called straight, religious men! Abraham! Jacob! Touched dicks! The Eerdmans Bible Dictionary defines “thigh” as:

The proximity of the thigh to the genitals allows the word to be a euphemism for “genitals” [sex organs]. The placing of one’s hand under a person’s thigh—i.e., touching the genitals, the seat of life—in the course of swearing an oath places one into contact with the life-force (i.e. the procreative powers) of the other person and so underlines the seriousness of the oath (Myers et. al, pg. 999).

See? I didn’t manufacture this shyt! That’s how they were living back then! Could you imagine (as a straight man) grabbing another man’s dick and saying, “Word to my mother playa!”? Rappers love to hold their dicks when they rhyme! Richard Pryor joked, “Niggas be holdin’ them dicks!” Now we see that men have been holding dicks for three millenniums!

"Niggas Be Holdin’ Them Dicks!" –Richard Pryor

Things aren’t always as they appear! Jesus was no more “gayer” than Abraham, Jacob, Baby and Lil Wayne! The problem is that our minds have been conditioned to accept and reject certain ideas of manhood and heterosexuality and anything that is outside of our perception of masculinity is deemed homo. In reality, all heterosexual men are “homo”! As the previous chapter explained, “homo” simply means “man” and “same.” Jesus was homo! Baby and Lil Wayne are homos—“men” of the “same” mindset. I’m a homo! Every Internet blogger who says, “No homo here!” is a homo!—and an ignorant homo at that! You might not suck a dick, but everything else about you is homo! Your mannerisms—HOMO! (same) Your dress—HOMO! (same)

Prince and Michael Jackson are the most HETERO men we’ve ever seen! Why? Because their mannerisms and dress are nothing like our so-called heterosexualism! “Hetero” means “different” and “opposite.” They definitely dress “different” and “opposite” of most men. You ever seen Prince rockin’ an oversized white T-shirt, an iced-out Jesus piece, some Red Monkey jeans, a fitted baseball cap and some Uptowns (Nikes)? Hell No! You ever seen Michael Jackson dressed in a three-quarter length business suit (minus the epaulettes and medals of nothing) and a Godfather brim with gators to match? It ain’t gonna happen! The only tennis shoes we’ve ever seen Michael Jackson in were some very feminine-looking black buckles & rhinestone L.A. Gears! (Circa 1990).

(Michael Jackson's LA Gear sneaker... horrendous! lol!)

(Michael Jackson in a pair of his LA Gears... Major Fail!)

And he wasn’t even playing basketball! He was dancing on a darkened street, doing the Running Man and ghetto pirouettes! Those shoes were so unmanly. If a nicca stepped on the court with them shyts on, he’d be the last picked and talked about from here to eternity! But don’t front! Some of us rocked them! Some of our mamas put them on their children—who grew up to be gangsta rappers! (lol!) This is our heterocentric culture.

(Even androgynous Michael grabbed his cock "thigh" often!)

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