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Sa Neter's The Unseen Enemy!

By Khalil Amani

Gone are the days of J. Edgar Hoover’s “Counterintelligence Program” aka CointelPro's tactics or black on black internecine fighting betwixt Maulana Karenga’s “US” and Huey P. Newton’s “Black Panther Party.” Those were simplistic times when FBI agent provocateurs could disseminate leaflets amongst the radicals and cause disruption.

Today, a far more complex enemy seeks to disrupt and destroy black unity. This enemy is faceless and shrouded in secrecy and lurks for its prey on the World Wide Web. The Internet Age has shadowed and cloaked the enemy. Hiding behind IP addresses and faceless YouTube channels—this enemy can take one’s life—one’s story—one’s narrative—and cut it, chop it, flip it, distort it and make a person out to be the Devil incarnate. "Conscious Speculation," "Ankh's Crack Pipe" and "Javen Bullets" are but a few of the nameless, faceless YouTube channels that rip people asunder without impunity (exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action).

Flag this channel for child exploitation!

How does one fight a faceless, nameless enemy?

Thirty-five (35) years ago when I was fighting a ruthless terroristic organization in Miami called “The Yahwehs”—there wasn’t any Internet. I was in a fight for my life! I was in a fight for the lives of my children and for many other children that were being abused at the hands of a murderous pedophile named Yahweh Ben Yahweh—who, ultimately was responsible for eighteen (18) murders—the most ruthless Hebrew Israelite sect to this date! They held my children hostage, thus prompting me to seek the FBI’s help.

Here I am 35 years ago. In this short clip I am cooperating with the FBI to free my children from the Yahweh cult. 

My story is well-documented by real journalists and real journalism—told with the highest level of literary standards and integrity to confirm my truth—from newspapers—books—and TV shows. It doesn’t matter that a YouTuber like Michael Edwards aka “Edward ScissorHands” went on an umpteen video tangent (because I called him out as a possible “agent” in the conscious community)—cutting and pasting my story to make it what he would like it to be. This is the modus operandi of the agent provocateur in 2018.

Was I in a cult? Yes! Did I testify against the leader? Yes! Did I cooperate with the FBI? Yes! A “Confidential Source” aka “government informant?” Yes! Was I in the Federal Witness Security Program? Yes! Did I do criminality while in the cult? No! Was I arrested? No! Was I copping a plea for a lesser sentence? No! Was I in any trouble with the law? No!

Your classic “snitch” narrative does not apply to Khalil Amani, as much as some would like to think.

I was recently on YouTuber Sa Neter’s show where they tried to pigeonhole me into the stereotypical snitch role. I knew this going into the interview. They have a circa 1960 mentality on how our government does business with its citizenry and sought to paint me as a character right out of the Hoover playbook.

Oh, but look at the day that the conscious community has arrived at! Hassan “Poppy” Campbell stunting on YouTube by calling the local police when he's texted a video of a pedophile performing a sex act on a young girl. Other nameless conscious community YouTubers “dropping dimes” (snitching) on Israel Doctrine—claiming that he has that same video on his phone and is promoting “said” video.

And Alas! Sa Neter—the man who tried to paint me as this “agent”—“snitch”—who was doing the white man’s bidding by bringing down a black leader 35 years ago has just informed us that he is talking to the local New York police and the FBI for a video being circulated on the Internet of his daughter in an unflattering and unedifying way—child exploitation. I say, “Right on Sa Neter!” For what lengths will a parent NOT go to in protecting the innocence and chastity and sanctity and purity of their child/ren? I say there is no lengths that a parent will go to in protecting children from predators—and when that predator is nameless and faceless on these Internets one must meet the "opps" (enemy) with all that is available at their disposal—including governmental agencies!

On Sa Neter TV, February 6, 2018's show, "Enough is Enough By Any Means Necessary/the Babies" where Sa Neter informed us that he's talking to the police and will talk to the FBI, at least one person in Sa Neter's comments was paying attention and aptly pointed out a great truth. Sa Neter and Khalil Amani are not so far off in actions towards saving children.

Indeed! I dealt with killers who would behead a person and leave the body in the street. There was no walking into the temple with a gun on my hip and taking my children from the cult as some ignorant people have asserted! Do you think you could just walk up on Minister Farrakhan, in his mosque and snatch someone out? Well multiply and magnify that shit times ten and you got the Yahweh cult! I was desperate to get my children out of that cult! 

I know Sa Neter’s pain and peril! Even on a grander scale! When an enemy seeks to destroy you through your children—this is the lowest form of warfare. I hurt for Sa Neter. For I am not Sa Neter's enemy or the enemy of the conscious community. What I did to protect my children 35 years ago by cooperating with the FBI has zero to do with who I am as a friend or foe to black consciousness! I sacrificed my life to save my children! 

I could sit back and gloat over Sa Neter’s woes, but I’m not built like that! I could say, “I told you so!” and “go in” on Sa Neter and Edward Scissorhands for trying to portray me as some slime-ball snitch, but again, I’m not built like that! I could do a video ridiculing Sa Neter for going to the police and the FBI, but I wouldn’t be true to myself, because, the truth is—he did the right thing! Fuck any street-code or snitch label! This is his fucking child!

As for Israel Doctrine... I don't understand Sa Neter's anger at him; for it was Israel Doctrine who alerted the community to Ankh's Crackpipe's antics and from past history, the antics of others to defile Sa Neter's daughter. The information provided by Israel Doctrine was not malicious, but given to shine the light on those that would exploit our children. For this, he should be commended!

The only thing I feel is vindication for my past actions—for cooperating with the FBI, because, at the end of the day, there shouldn’t be any level that parents should stop at to protect their children! I did it and now Sa Neter is doing it! Real life shit! Hold ya head Sa!

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