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Judas Iscariot is My Hero!

By Khalil Amani


(*I wrote this blog in May 2012, but since rapper Shyne Po came out with a diss song to rapper Game called "Bury Judas"--I decided to republished this, enlight of the fact that like most Christians, Shyne Po is on that religiously ignorant shit about Judas Iscariot. Time to wake up!)


In every good book there has to be a hero and a villain—a protagonist and an antagonist. Such is the case with the New Testament characters of Jesus, the hero and his counterpart Judas, the repentant villain. History has dubbed him “betrayer,” “traitor,” “backstabber,” and “snitch.” The very word “Judas” is synonymous with the aforementioned titles. Hood-rats be sayin’,
“That nigga’s a Judas!” The most non-churchgoing person knows that to be a “Judas” is a bad thingy. A “Judas” can’t be trusted. A “Judas” is a “hater” who will feign to be your friend, but will rat you out at the drop of a dime! (BTW, how much does a pay phone cost these days?) Not only can you not 
“trust a big butt and a smile,” but a Judas-type person. They will be your undoing.


Enough with shitting on Judas! All the stuff I just said was the shit people have been conditioned, brainwashed and made-to-believe about this righteous man of God! What do we really know about Judas? How much of the stuff they taught you in Sunday school was bullshit concerning this man, Judas Iscariot? Answer? Most of it!


For starters—his name was Yehudah, which is Judah, which is his relationship to the 4th tribe of Israel. He was an Israelite! His last name, “Iscariot,” according to some scholars translates as “dagger-man.” Now stop! Hold the effin’ presses! Dagger-man? Dagger-man! You do know what a dagger is? It’s a big fucking knife used to cut a person from their “rooter to their tooter” (Earhole to asshole!) Why would Judas have a moniker like that? And more importantly, why would Jesus have someone of that ilk in his trusted inner-circle? And more on, how did this ruffian, Judas become the goddamned treasurer of the wealth of the Jesus Movement?


We don’t care to know the answer to these questions! Most of us have not even considered how Judas rose through the ranks to get close enough to Jesus to supposedly “betray” him.


Dear readers of Khalil Amani! Judas Iscariot
 (like the imprisoned and falsely labeled thief Barabbas who was freed in place of Jesus) was formally a member of the Zealot Movement. Those Negroes were the bad-asses of their day! Whoever you’re afraid of today—The New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, the Crips & Bloods, the Neo-Nazi Skinheads—that’s who the Zealots were—and they exhibited that same kind of fear and dread to the “powers that be” on a righteous tip to free and liberate the Jewish people from the yoke and oppression of their Roman masters. The *Zealots were a resistance movement aimed at causing riots and turmoil in First Century Palestine, whose ultimate aim was to reclaim their land from Rome. (Read Josephus on *Zealot Movement)


Let’s keep it 100! Judas Iscariot was a revolutionary of the Malcolm X ilk! He was not a pacifist! This nigga carried a dagger on his hip. Suck on that! Judas was
 “built like that” and
 “about that life!” (For you hip-hop heads) He had been part of the local resistance movement and when Jesus came along talking about “overthrowing” the Romans he joined forces with him.


So the New Testament has been shitting on Judas Iscariot’s good name and then—in the 1970s a leather-bound Coptic language papyrus document appeared! Ah!
 Well, well, well! It’s that snitch Judas Iscariot’s gospel and he has some interesting things to say to us!
 The Gospel of Judas. Among them he says that the other eleven disciples got Jesus’s message wrong, that Jesus taught him the “true meaning” of life, and that him (Judas) handing over Jesus to the Roman authorities was Jesus’s idea and command in their secret talks. Unlike the gospels of the New Testament, this new Gospel of Judas portrayed him as 
“a divinely appointed instrument of a grand and predetermined purpose.” Thus, it is written in Judas’s gospel,
"In the last days they will curse your ascent to the holy (generation)." And that is exactly what has happened! We have called Judas everything but a “Child of God” since time immemorial! Judas didn’t “betray” Jesus! Judas followed Jesus’s orders and executed them with precision and timing! For without Judas’s actions there can be no dying Jesus and rising Christ! Without Judas’s fake betrayal of Jesus there can be no salvation for humankind! Without the actions of Judas, Jesus’s mission and the scriptures are unfulfilled and of no account! The whole of Jesus’s mission on earth rested in the hands of a man (Judas) who was commissioned to do the “dirty-work” of betrayal so that YOU today can have everlasting life! And this is the “thanks” we give him—BETRAYER! TRAITOR! BACKSTABBER! SNITCH! Shut your effin’ pie-hole and understand that Judas Iscariot did the most righteous thing
 evaaaar—fulfill the Summum Bonum—the Greater Good!

Researcher Bart Ehrman wrote 
" [Gospel of Judas] portrays Judas quite differently from anything we previously knew. Here, he is not the evil, corrupt, devil-inspired follower of Jesus who betrayed his master; he is instead Jesus' closest intimate - a friend, the one who understood Jesus better than anyone else, who turned Jesus over to the authorities because Jesus wanted him to do so."


Some will argue that the Gospel of Judas is a Pseudepigraphal or Apocryphal work—that it is a Gnostic text—that it was condemned by the like of Irenaeus (Against Heresies). I’ve read all the pros and cons and ends and outs (Shout-out to Elaine Pagels!), yet I am of the learned opinion that books like the Gospel of Judas add to the rich tradition of the Jesus Movement and that all literature from that early time period should be considered “authentic” and be part of a larger canon on the advent of Christ Consciousness.


The New Testament is just a damned fraudulent liar concerning Judas Iscariot, the friend of Jesus! Hell, they can’t even get how he died right! In
 Matthew 27:5 it states;
 “And he [Judas] cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.” A few books over in
 Acts 1:16-19 contraction raises its ugly head writing; 
“Now this man [Judas] purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out.”


How did Judas die? From hanging himself or falling down?


These so-called “inspired” niggas couldn’t even agree on how Judas died—a blatant Bible contradiction! According to Judas’s own gospel, written by his son, Judas Iscariot met his fate at the hands of the eleven disciples who stoned his ass to death! It appears that they washed their bloodstained hands in the lies of contraction through oral tradition with several stories of his death.


Like, really! It never was about any thirty-pieces of silver! Dude was in charge of the whole freakin’ Jesus Movement’s bank account! He could’ve run off with hundreds, yea thousands of dollars worth of silver! That’s a scapegoating and sorry-ass excuse for betraying Jesus! Again, again, we have been hoodwinked and bamboozled through the church’s teachings. What a revolutionary idea for a man-god to enter into the boundaries of time and human history and commission a mortal to help bring us to a greater place? This is the story of Jesus and Judas! Not many of us could walk in Judas’s sandals. He did a righteous thang! Judas is my hero!


(And lest you think I'm bullshitting, here's my copy of The Gospel of Judas. Fascinating and revealing!)

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