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Kanye and the Quest for One-Upmanship.

By Khalil Amani

Wowzers! Have you heard Kanye West’s verse on the remix of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love?” He raps (and I quote) “You will never need another lover, ‘cause you a M.I.L.F. and I’m a mother-fucker. I ain’t no pastor, don’t do missionary. I know good pussy when I see it; I’m a visionary! …Show daddy what you learnt. That Cowgirl. I impregnated your mouth! Ooooh! That’s when I knew you could be my spouse!” Here's the song. He spit hard & nasty!

I can’t front! Sounds like Kanye & Kim have a great sex life! Sounds like Kanye is one freaky mofo and Kim is indulging his libido like it’s no one’s business! (And that ain’t a bad thingy!) Hell! If I had Kim as my girl it would be on “on sight” erryday fourteen (14) days out of the month! (Unlike some of you thirty-ass niggas that’ll hit on da rag—I do have some scruples! “Go get a towel bitch! I hear you!) I’d ride that phatty like the Lone Ranger rode Silver! We’d play “Battleship” on da regular; I’d lie down and she’d blow me to smithereens! And unlike the Kim/Ray J video—I’d put some real work in!

So Kanye spit his verse, which is clearly about Kim Kardashian. All I have to say is that Kanye is an exhibitionist! He’s letting us poor souls peep through the window of his bedroom boudoir to get a look-see at their screwing. Unlike Jay Z (who was kinda PG about pullin’ Bey’s panties to the side in the kitchen), Kanye is vulgar wit’ it! It’s almost as if he is sending a subliminal shot to someone who shall remain nameless. Ah hell! You know I have a big mouf! Ray J! Is Kanye sending sexual subliminals at Ray J’s lukewarm performance? Is he sending shots to the Left Coast crooner that his bedroom game was whack? And that Kim is doing extra shit that Ray-Ray never experienced with her?

(Ray J sittin' at home thinking, "Oh my goodness! Here comes, 'I Hit It First' Part Deux!")

I’m jus’ sayin’ postulating…

It looks as if Kanye wants us (and, no doubt, Ray J) to know that Kimmy is has sperm around the mouf & neck wearing a pearl necklace and swallowing his sperm babies on da regular.

Yeah! I think there’s some mental PENIS sword fighting going on between Kanye & Ray J. There’s some one-upmanship goin’ on! First, Ray J told the world he "hit it first" and now Kanye is being super-descriptive in letting us know what it really do! (I'm just wondering does poor lil Kimmy have any say-so in all of this poonanny proselytzing?) Kanye is trying to prove to us that he’s swinging the bigger dick. (We already know Ray J has a pretty sizable phallus hang-low! Don’t act like you didn’t see it and put yours in context! LOL!)

With the way Kanye has been bitchin’ out Charlamagne Tha God, Arsenio Hall, Sway and the whole friggin’ fashion industry—I would not be surprised if Ray J’s name is a constant thorn in his side—an itch that he just can’t scratch—a family conversation that keeps rearing its ugly head. Kanye just might be the kind of guy that would A.) Badger Kim about making a video with Ray J (“How could you do dat?”) or B.) Find himself curiously turned on by watching the video and having a jealously insane hard-on behind it—kinda like the genre of porn known as “Cuckold”—where the husband watches his wife get banged by a usually bigger dick than his and he takes pleasure in seeing his wife handle the monster while being berated. (I’ve heard about this kind of pr0n! Side-eye)

Maybe I’m reaching. Maybe I’m jus’ a dirty-old man. (Hey! When my libido dies, kill me!) Whatever the case may be, Kanye is turnt up about his sex life! Y’all can call me crazy and perverted for writing this blog, but I think Kanye is on a quest for one-upmanship on Ray J.

(Yo! Kanye! I'm jus' being flippant! Jus' some satirical humor, but feel free rant about me in concert.)


Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12

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