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Kanye Just Need a Lil' Booqueesha!

By Booqueesha!


Booqueesha been quite for a few months. Had to do a quick bid in da pokey for shankin’ one of my baby daddies, but he alright though. We play like dat! Anyhoo, what’s goin’ on with my play-play baby-daddy Kanye West? My boo been wearin’ Confederate flags and spazzin’ the fuck out!


Ain’t good pussy ‘posed to mellow a nigga out?


I was sittin’ in county thinkin’, “Dis nigga need some real pussy! Kim must not be puttin’ it down right!” He’s wired up like a nigga on bath salts! I mean, he was downright disrespectful to dat Sway nigga! I’m tellin’ ya, he needs some Booqueesha lovin’. I’ll settle his ass down and bring him all the way back to Chicago Chiraq when I get to twerkin’ on his joystick!


I seent that video of Kim and Ray J doin’ da nasty. I hope that ain’t how Kim gets down ‘cause that shit was the worse porno eva! You ain’t sweat and I don’t think you even came like real woman ‘posed to cum. Ray J may have a big dick, but you wasn’t lettin’ him split you down to the white meat! Ain’t seent no legs on shoulders or knees touchin’ ears! And when he hit it from da back, it was legs closed and a lot of cooing. Where was the doggy-style—ass up face down shots? Y’all was jus’ doin’ some camera fuckin’. Ya’ll was posin’. Is this why yo’ man still so high-strung?


So now Kanye don’ jumped on a pap for callin' ya girl a “nigger lover.” What she do? Jump on da phone and call you! That’s cool and all, but a bitch like me—a real bona fide, certified hoodrat would’ve made that call and set shit off imee-giately! Niggas would've been hollerin' "Worldstar!" By the time my man came in there? We’d of double teamed that racist punk! Some sho’ nuff furniture movin’!


So Kanye, now you see what kinda chick you rollin’ wit’. Kim’s my girl and all, but you need to tell Kim to let you have a hoodrat side-bitch that can fight and fuck! I ain’t tryna take ya man Kim, ‘cause a ho like me likes variety anyways, and one-a my baby daddies is psycho stalking ninja who ain't givin' up this pussy, no, not neva! (Did I tell you I like chicks too?) All I want is for Kanye to pay my rent, cable, let me get my nails did and take me on the occasional shoppin' spree where Kim go. Is that askin’ too much for the side-chick, who's willin' to kick a bitch’s ass who steps to my man wrong? Booqueesha will let Kanye hit this ass till da cows come home (and Kim can watch or join in!) and I’ll get up and fix that nigga and Kim and a tuna fish sammich and tall glass of red Kool Aid!


Kanye just need a lil Booqueesha and he’ll forget all about them gay designers. We can do this Kim!


Booqueesha Johnson. Blogger & Hoodrat. I tell lies & speak truths. Student of Khalil Amani's C.O.O.N. Life philosophy. Gratuitous ratchetness. Shaking up the industry since yesterday! See about me!

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