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Kanye West: Looking Passed, Past Dick!

Kanye West: Looking Passed, Past Dick!

By Khalil Amani

Kanye West is that dude! His music is fiyah. He’s living my American dream—getting much paper, driving Phantom Rolls Royces, dating big-booty model chicks of the Amber Rose ilk, fucking Kim K. look-a-likes and now, boinking Kim Kardashian herself! I can’t hate.

But Kanye has a problem! Kanye is in love with a chick (Kim Kardashian) that has a past—not just a past, because erry’body has a past, but a past that the whole world is privy to. How does one deal with the fact that several famous men have been all up in your girl’s coochie? How does one deal with the fact that at any given moment, men, all over the world are jacking off on your girl’s video while she gives brain to a really big dick (Ray J’s)—a dick that might be bigger than yours? How does Kanye deal with it?


Ray J, Reggie Bush, and Kris Humphries have dumped much seed in Kanye’s woman.


This whole idea of Kanye sucking Ray J’s cock when he kisses Kim—that’s wack! If there be some validity to it, then erry man has sucked another man’s dick. The only difference is that we know the Ray J--Kim K.--Kanye connection. But do you know your girl’s past sexual history? Do you know who she was sucking and fucking before she started sucking and fucking you? Dare I say that you have cum-stained lips too? Unless you’re fucking with a virgin, you know how dick tastes too—remember that the next time you French-kiss your woman. And these rappers talking about “Don’t be kissing these hoes in the mouf! ”Niggas are kissing! Niggas are eating pussy! Niggas are eating ass! Don’t let their macho-posturing fool you! Behind closed doors, in the heat of passion—with the right combination of alcohol, a Molly and a chick giving great top—he will reciprocate! A nigga will gobble up some vagina and rectum like he’s at The Last Supper!


I take my hat off to Kanye for dealing with the stares, the side-eyes, the gossiping, the hating and the sheer “what-the-fuckness” of it all. You’ve gotta be sexually secure to date a woman that the whole world knows her sexual past. And even though lots of niggas beez on these Internetz talkin’ sideways about Kim K.—that they wouldn’t wife her and all that crappola. Nigga please! Do you have any idea how many men have married women with far less moral scruples than Kim K.? There ain't nary a dude that can say he married a virgin! But they wanna go in on Kim? Fuck outta here! My broke ass—I’d marry Kim K. and watch the fuckin’ Ray J video with her! I’m on that nigga shit! I’m too old to be jealous of some past dick! Hell, when I was dicking chicks down back-in-the-day I’d make a bitch tell me about a past dick, while I was balls deep. I was utterly turned on with jealousy about a chick telling me how good a past fuck was! But that’s just my freaky ass.

(Tha hell you mean, "I wouldn't wife her! Fuck outta here! "Can you do better? LOL)


But Kanye—I’m beginning to think that he’s having problems handling the idea of Kim K’s. legs spread wide for another man. This most recent incident with the paparazzi asking Kim if she wanted to congratulate Reggie Bush (her ex) on getting some chick knocked-up. Kanye had a bitch moment! He lunged at the pap—a chick at that and tried to either knock her camera to the ground or strike her. C’mon son! You can’t be trying to attack people for questioning the ties that bind your chick to past dick! Deal with it bruh! You’ve gotta look passed past dick!


Here's the footage of Kanye going spastic on the female photog


Kanye! Listen to an old-school playa! In a utopian world you wouldn’t have to deal with the B/S, but might I surmise that part of your “infatuation”—yea, your “love” for Kim K. is her checkered past? I mean, it has been reported that you used to “pull your pud” to the Ray J video. If it’s any consolation, I have too—busted a nut all over Kim’s big ass---in my mind.


Kanye! You have to admit that Kim K. came to your consciousness the same way she came to millions of others—through a sex tape. No one knew that she was the daughter of OJ Simpson’s best friend—or that she did work for Brandy’s camp. It was that dreaded sex tape that made us sit up and pay attention! That’s what peaked your interest and if the blogs are correct, you’ve been in love (lust) with her since then.


Take it from me! Niggas wish they had Kim K. They’d accept all the drama that comes with the package. Take away your money and your fame and you would too! So stop catching feelings when the paparazzi try to get your goat. You’re gonna catch a case trying to defend your ego! The best thing you can do is look passed, past dick!

On another note... Still waiting for Kanye to holla back about my book I gave you.


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