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Kanye West: Faker Than My Fake Yeezys!

By Khalil Amani

This might be my shortest blog I've evaaaaar written! Fuck Kanye West! That’s why I bought these fake Yeezys, ‘cause I knew you were fuckin’ with hip-hop’s emotions! I'm a man of a certain age! Fuck I look like spending $200 on some wannabe Ugg boots?

Big-upping Trump? Walking out of your concert after people don’ went shopping for outfits and paid ridiculous prices for tickets? Saying black people focus on racism too much?

KANYE WEST! You're faker than my fake Yeezys! You talking loud and ain’t saying nothin’! We wanna hear good music! Fuck your diatribes and soliloquys! Rap or get off the fucking mic!

We best not ever meet again, ‘cause I’m running all up in your shit with some profanely profound words!

Remember me? I'm the one who gave you the intellectual balls to speak on homophobia! I thought you were gonna be progressive, but instead you take big defecations on your fans! And fuck that Pablo shit! How 'bout speakin' to Jerome and dem?

That is all! (How’s that for you short attention span mofos?)

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