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Kanye West: Where Bitchassness Meets Bitch-de-fied!

Kanye West: Where Bitchassness Meets Bitch-de-fied!

By Khalil Amani


Oh this nigga Kanye West! How does a nigga who has one of the hawtest pieces of ass in the game (Kim K.)—a nigga who’s a multimillionaire—a nigga who has the world at his fingertips get so upset about a fucking “Best MC in the Game” list? Really?



Kanye West (and I love his effin’ music!) is the most “Bitch-ass”—“Bitch-de-fied” nigga in this hip-hop/rap game! Bar none! Excluding none! I mean, when Diddy coined the phrase “Bitchassness” he was speaking to men who whine, complain, moan, hate, talk shit for no reason, and mope around. Kanye West is the epitome and quintessential “Bitch-ass” nigga! But even being a “Bitch-ass” nigga is a step above what Kanye is!



A “Bitch-ass” nigga can repent! "Bitchassness" is not a life sentence. “Bitchassness” is not like having herpes or AIDS (you keep that shit for life!). You can actually cure yourself of “Bitchassness" by looking in the mirror and thinking, “Whoa! I don’ turnt into a ‘Bitch-ass’ nigga! I’ve gotta change!” But being “Bitch-de-fied?” Once a person has become “Bitch-de-fied” it’s a wrap! That’s that monster! A “Bitch-de-fied” nigga has been inoculated with the venom of egoism, self-delusion, megalomania and self-absorption. Nobody can cure a nigga when he’s on that! From years of having brown-nosers sycophants in his circle and adorning fans outside of his circle, the “Bitch-de-fied” nigga is utterly consumed with being “Bitch-de-fied”—so-much-so that even the “Bitch-ass” nigga looks at him and gives him the “SMDH” (shaking my damn head) and the “Side-eye!” (Really nigga?)


"Bitch-de-fied" will soon be in the "Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM IV-R).


I knew Kanye had that monster (“Bitch-de-fied”) when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Awards, but because his music is so fucking great—I gave the nigga a pass. But as of late— Kanye beez acting “brand new” and “extra” every time he opens his mouf!


(Kanye snatching the mic from Taylor Swift)


Besides losing his mama (and I lost my ol’ girl too! When I was a much younger than Ye!) Kanye ain’t got no reason to be upset every time we hear him speak. And what the hell’s all this cursing and screaming and hollering during his concerts? Is he venting or losing his effin’ mind?


So now he’s upset that he only came in at #7 on the best MC list. The average rapper would relish being on the list at any position. Oh but Kanye! This nigga's "Bitch-de-fied-ness" is so bad that he betrayed his old friendship with Sway (of MTV) by airing out Sway about the best MC list on radio! Sway had nothing to do with the actual voting, but Kanye called the radio to put Sway on blast anyway! And his way of putting Sway on blast was so juvenile, idiotic, asinine (silly) and ignorant that you know this nigga Kanye has full-blown "Bitch-de-fied-ness."


"Bitchassness" is to HIV what "Bitch-de-fied" is to AIDS--the final conversion! Kanye is "Bitch-de-fied!"


So get this! Kanye called in to the radio station to let us know that he gave Sway his first television set! LOL! Talk about being “Bitch-de-fied!” What the hell does that have to do with Sway hosting a “Best MC List?” Like, was Sway supposed to “sway” the vote in Kanye’s favor for giving him his used TV with the hanger antenna on it? I mean, was this TV such an altruistic and philanthropic show of support for Sway that every time Kanye’s name is mentioned—Sway is brought to tears by the thought of that TV that he’s prolly long put in his garage? Was this TV a 60” plasma with surround sound or was it a 19” black & white without a remote control?


Listen to this “Bitch-de-fied” coon Kanye talk about giving Sway his used TV! Fuckery!



Don’t you just hate abhor a motherfucker that gives you something and reminds you of that shit at every turn? The “gift” has become a "curse" to their relationship now. The "gift" has become a yoke of oppression! You feel obligated to that person for the rest of your days.


This "Bitch-de-fied" Negro Kanye wants to diss Sway about his position on the greatest MC list, while ignoring R&B legend Robert Poindexter's claim that he (Kanye) has (allegedly) illegally sampled his music! You've wronged Taylor Swift, Consequence and now an old dude who ain't got but a few years left on the planet! Shame on you Kanye! Pay that man his royalties!


We won't even go into your "Bitch-de-fied" comment about Justine Timberlake's song "Suit & Tie" where you said, "And I got love for Hov, but I ain't fucking with that suit and tie!" Like a jealous person, yea, a spoiled brat, doff!--a player-hater, Kanye is all up in another man's musical business! Jay-Z gave you "Niggas in Paris!" Jay-Z isn't your exclusive musical bitch! I'm telling you kid; you got that monster! "Bitch-de-fied!" 


Yo! Kanye West! I love your music dawg, but this “Bitch-de-fied” disease that you have—you can never get rid of it, but there are some social practices that will curtail the "Bitch-de-fied" from rearing its ugly head. So, as your blogging doctor I’m going to prescribe the following: Take daily doses of reality-checks from niggas who aren’t your sycophants brown-nosers. Surround yourself with some real street niggas that will beat you the fuck up chin-check you when your “Bitch-de-fied-ness” pops up. And lastly, continue reading my blogs, because I’m in no one’s pocket and I keeps it real. If you follow this regimen, your “Bitch-de-fied-ness” will become like Magic Johnson’s HIV status—that is, we know you will forever be a “Bitch-de-fied” nigga, but your “Bitch-de-fied” ego-count will be that of a “Bitch-ass” nigga—and as I’ve already explained, there is a qualitative difference between “Bitch-ass-ness” and being “Bitch-de-fied.”


(Khalil Amani & Kanye West)


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani is one of the newest bloggers at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani.

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