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Khalil Amani in DJ Kayslay’s “Straight Stuntin Magazine!” …Again!

Khalil Amani in DJ Kayslay’s “Straight Stuntin Magazine!” …Again!

Yeah, that’s right! My new article, “The Video Vixen: Hip-Hop’s Mary Magdalene” is in DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine! This is a deep article, which takes the reader on a historical ride through first century Palestine and compares the life on Mary Magdalene, the maligned and misunderstood woman who was Jesus’ closest companion and how her name has become associated with “prostitute”—even though scholarship clearly vindicates her of the charge. And so it is with our modern-day “Mary Magdalenes”—women who use their bodies as art—who have also been called “prostitute,” “video hoe” and other derogatory names.

The new issue with Khalil Amani

The argument is made that these are our sisters, nieces, daughters and mothers and that even though their profession is one of a sexual nature, it does not give us the right to disrespect them—as if we are living a life of celibacy and piety.

And yes, even though this article is about video vixens and the disrespect they are subjected to, I still made it my point to mention that gays are disrespected in hip-hop as well.

What I’m most proud of in this article is that my daughter Turi joins me and poses as a representation of what the article is about. I love that! I sent Kayslay three pictures of my daughter to choose from and he published all three! This has got to be a first in hip-hop history—an article featuring a father (as author) and daughter (as model)!

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Comment by SirRah on February 28, 2010 at 9:06pm
Way to go Khalil!!! Always twistin' the picture and makin' people think. Excellent article.

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