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Khalil Amani: Now Blogging!

Khalil Amani:

Now Blogging (The World’s Most Dangerous Site)


Time to toot my own horn! Some of y’all thought that Khalil Amani was a one-trick pony—blogging about gay rappers and their plight. As the song goes, “Started from the bottom, now we here!” Yes! I’m still here! Khalil Amani is getting knee-deep in this hip-hop blogging game—from just commenting and giving my opinion on other bloggers posts—to becoming a blogger at—blogging about gay rappers and homophobia and the need for a gay rapper to emerge in mainstream hip-hop. For that, I became a blogging pariah, suffering the scorn and ridicule of one of hip-hop’s most revered bloggers, Byron Crawford aka Bol who used to blog for XXL Magazine. I withstood his literary assault as well as keyboard lashings from others like


(My first blog "Consequence:Helping Bucked Teeth Brothers Out."


“Started from the bottom, now we here!”


"How dare this nigga try to infiltrate hip-hop with this faggot shit!" That’s what they were saying behind my back and to my computer face. But damnit! I’m here! I done “Trojan Horsed” my way into da game and there ain’t a damned thing these hatin’-ass niggas can do, but respect my hustle and literary grind!


And I’m still writing for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazine. (Ya didn’t know?) is the oldest hip-hop site on the Internet and arguably the most respected hip-hop site. Every rapper wants to be on and most hip-hop bloggers would love to be in my shoes! This ain't no small thing!

So! When you wanna dose of that rough, rugged and raw shit—that ism as only I can spit it, come on over to and fill up.

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