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Khalil Amani: The Irregular Regular!

Khalil Amani: The Irregular Regular!

By Khalil Amani

What it do? For the 10 year anniversary of Straight Stuntin Magazine I was supposed to write this awesome article on Brother Polight, the new-jack, Rolls Royce-driving, Beverly Hills-living, conscious, Kemetic thinker—a guy who broke away from the traditional black consciousness mold with his ostentatious show of wealth; something that I’m really feeling, but after two DM’s on IG where he said it’s a go! Home-dude left me with my pen in the wind! Maybe next time.

Then I got to thinking! I’ve been writing for Straight Stuntin Magazine for 8-years and have hardly spoken about myself! I said, “Every big-booty model up in here is shamelessly self-promoting! Why can’t I? Self! You’re an interesting mofo! Give the people some realness!” What a grand idea, especially for the 10 year anniversary of Straight Stuntin Magazine! I’ve written about everything—from glorifying the hood to eating ass! LOL. My pen-game is without genre.

In a hip-hop world where everybody tries to be a “boss”—where people like to stunt and flex and parley on Social Media—where people want you to think that they’re doing better than the average—I see myself as “The Irregular Regular” guy. Khalil Amani is around this facade, but Khalil Amani isn’t part of it! Khalil Amani does regular shit, but by the time you finish reading you will understand that Khalil Amani is quite irregular. (Hey! If famous people can speak about themselves in the 3rd person, so can I! Khalil Amani isn’t arrogant though! He’s just irregular!)

My brothers in the penitentiary can appreciate this article. (Shout-out to @kingscandallustjdap, JazO, Big B doing time! Hold ya heads kings!) The idea of freedom to do just regular shit! Hang out with your wife or girlfriend, have lunch with children or take the grandchirr’en on a scooter ride. Regular shit that people take for granted, but an inmate knows just how precious freedom is. Khalil understands the inmate, not because he was once an inmate himself (although Khalil did do a 5-day stint in the Federal pokey for a dangerous crime—“Contempt of Court”—‘cause a nigga didn’t feel like snitching!), but because inmates can be some hellacious readers ‘cause they have time on their hands. Even with Straight Stuntin Magazine, for the inmate, there’s only so much ogling & eye-fucking phat-ass chicks a man can do! Then what? They need mental stimulation! That’s where Khalil Amani comes in. I may not get any respect in these streets—in hip-hop circles, but dammit, I know I’m respected in the penitentiary! Prison dudes read and wanna do one thing: Do regular shit!

Khalil Amani is a regular dude; a Miami native who attended the same high school (albeit much earlier) as Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Pretty Ricky and a shitload of NFL players—the mighty Miami Carol City Chiefs! After high school, he ran the streets and did a little dope-peddling and was a hella ladies man, but he eventually got his shit together and went to a career college where he became a Lab Technician and then to college and got a degree in English. Amani’s been sticking people with needles for 28 years and he ain’t tired yet!

Writing for Straight Stuntin Magazine is one of the ways Khalil gets his writing shit on, but he’s written and published six books and has been at countless websites, newspapers, magazines and he’s been on three national TV shows. But Khalil is just a regular guy with a penchant for putting words together and when he ain’t writing you can find him busting moves in Zumba class. This is his irregular regular life!

Judging from Social Media, doing regular shit seems to have become the irregular. I mean, like, is Khalil the only person that will post a picture of himself doing some regular shit like a selfie with a cup of coffee on a Monday morning with the caption, “I love my job”?

Khalil Amani ain’t no hip-hop faker! As hip-hop goes, he has two claims to fame—his seminal work deconstructing hip-hop’s homophobia and advocating for gay voices to be heard in mainstream hip-hop AND being the first—that’s right—the first to expose the pedophilia/gayness of Afrika Bambaataa (When Khalil wrote about it, everybody said, “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”—including Star of Shot97. Shout-out to for getting it right!)

Khalil Amani is the “Irregular Regular” guy. What does he mean by that? It means that although he rolls with Straight Stuntin Magazine and writes for—although you may catch him on South Beach in somebody’s V.I.P.—he’s just a regular (old) guy—a family man who’s married, has children and grandchildren whom he adores. He does dope shit, but nothing is doper than just being a regular guy doing regular shit with regular people! These Social Media weirdos may think otherwise, but I know you brothas in the joint feel me! Sho’ ya right! In this world of pseudo, wannabe Social Media stars, being the Irregular Regular person makes you unique. MC Breed said it best, “Ain’t no future in yo’ frontin’!” Just be you! *Congrats to DJ Kay Slay and the Straight Stuntin Magazine family for 10 years of greatness in the Urban Model game! Thank you for allowing me to ride this train! Much love!

Khalil Amani writes for, Straight Stuntin Magazine, Originators Magazine. Author of seven books. His work has been featured in the LA Times, Miami New Times, Spin Magazine, The Biography Channel's "I Survived A Religious Cult" (2010) and The Biography Channel's "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult." (2013) Amani has a degree in English from San Diego Mesa College. He majored in Black Studies and Minored in Religion at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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