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Khalil Amani vs. Byron Crawford: Will The Real ”Teh Ghey” Please Come Out The Closet?

Khalil Amani vs. Byron Crawford:

            Will The Real ”Teh Ghey” Please Come Out The Closet?               

“Well guess what you Elks lodge habitatin, Masters in Augusta wanna-be, finger-pointin behind the bushes, throwin a rock and runnin ass nigga, I just thought I’d tell you to take whatever preconceived notions you have built up in your air and watertight cranium AND STICK IT IN YO PUSSY!”—Bun B on Byron Crawford.


Everybody that reads my blog knows that I’m “Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend!” I’m “out” with mine! Out, meaning you know where I’m coming from—hate me or love me! If I tell you I’m straight and you choose to challenge my veracity, that’s on you! Have at it! If you think I’m D/L or wrestling with my sexuality that’s just your cultural brainwashing making you think that a straight man can’t have strong positive opinions about gays & lesbians without being gay himself. You’re just a victim, locked in your heterocentric box, who might inwardly agree with much that I write, but outwardly have to carry the party-line “that dude’s a faggot,” as not to put yourself on front-street about your own sexuality.


So this blogger Byron Crawford aka Bol who formerly wrote for XXL Magazine and currently writes for his own site, and I have had a few words. As blogging goes, he’s brilliant! He knows how to push buttons. I guess you could say that I started this (“beef,” “feud,” “war-of-words” or whatever y’all say it is) because I called him out in my first blog for being homophobic. As a long-time reader of his blogs, I find it interesting that he loves to question people’s sexuality, as if he’s in their bedrooms getting the “raw” footage for his “pr0n” (porno) collection.


Had I come across his Internet video first, I never would have mentioned his name in my blog because he really comes off fake as hell and softer than a newborn baby’s butt! I would have referenced a real homophobe; because I don’t believe the “real” Byron Crawford is homophobic or misogynistic. This is his shtick—a public ruse to become famous for dissing rappers and hip-hop. I really think this cat has more love for Rock & Roll and a great disdain for hip-hop. I mean, can you really find a POSITIVE blog the dude has written about hip-hop?


So this fat-fuck (You didn’t know the nigga doesn’t look like that picture on his blog taken 17 years ago?) does a blog about me! (Titled The Third Best Blog Evar) I simply mentioned his name and Peenius Cranius (dick-head) fires up the PC. Thanks for bringing me from obscurity into the mainstream world of blogging! You took the bait like the egotistical frontin’ Negro that you are! All you had to do is ignore me and keep your trap shut (but judging by his recent photo, that’s a monumental task!).


So who’s the real “Teh Ghey”—the married guy who writes in support of gays or the single guy who speculates about other’s sexuality?


Mr. Crawford did an interview for (Blogging Out Of Control With Bol I, II) (Google it!). Describing Bol, Mr. Rafi Kam writes, “It’s also shot with a shaky camera and for no discernible reason pretends to be a news “live by satellite” interview with a false split-screen. None of which serves the shyly-smiling, soft-spoken, larger-than-advertised and almost EFFEMINATE Byron very well.”


Mr. Kam describes Byron/Bol as “almost effeminate!” According to the American Heritage Dictionary effeminate means, “Having qualities or characteristics more associated with women than men; unmanly, characterized by weakness and excessive refinement” (Pg. 439). In ‘hood talk, “the nigga’s acting like a bitch!” This fat-fuck is sitting there like he’s scurred to chop it up about what he writes! All bark and no bite! Took the wind right out of me when I saw this morbidly obese piece of protoplasm! This 300 lb. tub-of-lard doesn’t defend his position worth a shyt! He’s like some fake-ass rapper who feigns as a gangster, only to find out he’s perpetratin’ a fraud! I’ll give it to him—the nigga can WRITE, but he sho’ can’t FIGHT! Your pen game is TIGHT, but your oral game ain’t RIGHT!—Ole effeminate-ass fat-fuck!


So that brings us to his strong and manly picture that we’ve become familiar with—a picture taken some 17 years ago when he was very strong and cock-diesel—a picture that is suppose to put fear in a nigga’s heart before he peruses the first sentence of his blog—a picture where he looks the best that he’s EVAR gonna look—–a picture where he looks crazier and wilier than your crazy-ass drunk uncle—a picture where he’s mean-muggin’ and ice-grillin’ his way into your heart! 

In the gay community they would call you a “Bear.” I’ll just call you the “Black Pillsbury Doughboy!” This is the REAL BYRON CRAWFORD aka Bol.

You’re what…27 years old in this pic? And that was four years ago! You look older than me!…and definitely FATTER! Aesthetically speaking, ain’t nothin’ wrong with being fat! Khalil loves da big women! But stop the picture-perpetratin’! Rick Ross yo’ shit! Let it all hang out!


You’re fucked when you get my age if you don’t get your shyt together big pimpin’! You’d better really get the “Mindset of a Champion” and start eating “The Breakfast of Champions” (Wheaties nigga!) and hit the effin’ gym before that high blood-pressure, diabetes and heart disease comes-a knockin’!  (Real talk!)


So you like calling folk “Teh Ghey” huh? A motherfucker ain’t ever called me “effeminate!” So you think I’m gay? Based on what? Favoring gay rappers and shyt? Is that the gist of your argument?


What piece of pussy are you connected to? How do you have the nerve to check Kanye West’s sexuality (a man who dates and dumps models!), but your readers can’t link you to one piece of known pussy? But I’m the Teh Ghey dude? I think not! As previously stated, I’ve had more pussy (accidentally) than most men get (on purpose!). When I was your age I was slinging dick all over America—even thru St. Louis! What’s your sister’s name? I’ve got five children and a couple of possibles—a goddamned Spades Hand! Show and prove Mr. Man! What chick is climbing across your big belly to sit on your puny phallus? What’s da bitch’s name? And don’t say Honey from the strip club! Check out video vixen Ashley Logan gettin' at Byron Crawford's gay butt! You know you're fucked women chicks start calling you gay! LOL! Go Ashley!


You call me gay, but live in yo’ mama’s basement? How gay is that?! You can’t be fuckin’ ‘cause moms don’t play dat! And no real woman gonna pay a grown-ass man much attention when she finds out that his claim to fame is writing nasty blogs from his mama’s basement!  Damn Byron! Before you come out the closet, come out your mother’s basement! Get off the Pr0n and leave Mary Palm and her five sisters alone (stop masturbating)—give the lotion a break and get your rusty ass off yo’ mama’s good sheets!


You’ve got many of your readers thinking you’re the shyt! Don’t phuck with Bol ‘cause he’ll ether you! The only thing that you’re truly good at “ethering” is a dozen jelly donuts and a half gallon of milk! I can tell you’re one introverted son-of-a-bitch. You’ve got self-esteem issues too, don’t cha? Projection issues too, don’t cha? Hygienic issues too, don’t cha? Socialization skill issues too, don’t cha? A nothin’-ass, gettin’-no-pussy-ass, fat-colored-boy who loves to shit on people to make himself feel good about his own shortcomings—a fat cat who found a way to make a few people like him. But HIP-HOP doesn’t like you! And I don’t think YOU like YOU!


Dont be such dick heads people(nullus). Cheez it\’s only a blog,which half of you wouldn\’t know how to maintain forever. Sure I\’m sans without neck and I my workout plan consist of eating twinkies and bean pies(no lupe), but I\’m not your average blogger.


Right! You’re not your “average blogger.” You’re a D.F.B.! Disgusting Fat Body!

Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kayslay's STRAIGHT STUNTIN MAGAZINE. Follow @ khalilamani


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