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Khalil Amani Is Not Your Old-Ass Daddy!

Khalil Amani Is Not Your Old-Ass Daddy!

By Khalil Amani

So I just turned 59 years old on April 23! (Shout out to all my Taurus people!) I think birthdays are a wonderful thing! People acknowledging your existence and wishing you a happy birthday makes one feel blessed and loved. Unlike some, who don’t celebrate their birthday out of some pseudo, warped religio-nationalistic-afrocentric belief, I celebrate my birthday! Not only do I celebrate my birthday, but I also want to recognize my age as, “59 years old,” not “59 years young,” because getting older is a blessing, not a curse. Getting older is cause for celebration, not thinking, “Oh God! I’m becoming an old fart!” And so, I celebrate my birthday and encourage you to celebrate your birthday! 

As I’ve said on umpteen occasions—writing ad nauseam—that I use Social Media—YouTube in particular, as a form of documenting my life—for posterity’s (future generation’s) sake. I’m as vain as the average, so yes, I would love to have a shitload of subscribers sending me love & “likes,” but still, more than that, I hope that YouTube will outlive me and that YouTube will be a visual record of a man who loved life and had a lot to live for. 

I actually have two YouTube channels—“Khalil Whet Pen Amani” and “Khalil’s Zumba, Fitness Fashion & Fun.” (Please subscribe to my Zumba, Fitness, Fashion & Fun channel where I'll be posting my light-hearted adventures!) 

As a father of five, grandfather of eleven, husband, friend, uncle and cousin, I enjoy sharing my life with you. Unlike a lot of older people who post nothing but serious videos on serious subjects, I choose to show you a complete person, because I am a complete person—a man who is not bound by any socio-religio-political-cultural or sexual ideology. My friends are black, white, Asian, Latino, gay & straight, religious & secular, black nationalists, kemetic and Israelite. I just love people and love learning from people and so, as a writer, I find beauty in all walks of life. Can you dig that? My YouTube channel does not cater to any particular subject matter. Again, I YouTube for my children, grandchildren, great grand children and beyond! Because my life has been shrouded in controversy and serious governmental dealings, I want my family to come away thinking, “Khalil, despite the path he took, lived a full and exciting life!” No one single event defined me.

Some will come to my page with criticism dripping from their keyboard when they see a “man of a certain age” (me!)—59—in a club or engaging in something that they deem UN-age appropriate behavior. Through the lens of their own eyes, they will compare me with their parents and become discombobulated seeing someone who does not act like their parents. LOL! The nerve of some young people to tell older people how they should walk, talk, dress and act! A young dude recently saw my video dancing in a club and equated that activity to me operating on a “low vibration” and commented, “But why?” He wanted to argue back and forth with me that I should be doing some “high vibrational” shit like saving black folk from what ails us. Nigga! It’s my birthday! Must I be a fucking “Captain-Save-A-Whole-Nation” everyday of my friggin’ life? The nerve! The shit that strangers expect from YouTubers! I mean, I know I’m impressive! I know I’ve done some real rad & gnarly shit, but in all of my activism—whether it be capping for gay people to achieve gay rights—or writing for hip-hop—or putting on my cultural critic cap and writing hellaciously about current events—or doing more investigative work in exposing Afrika Bambaataa—or ripping a YouTuber to smithereens with my whet pen—or tallumbout my governmental informant days against Yahweh Ben Yahweh—or doing more national TV shows and newspapers and magazine interviews? 

A year shy of sixty and your young thirty-something year old ass wants to tell me how I should live out the last twenty years or so of my fucking life—like I ain’t lived a productive and wonderful life! I had to tell this same commenter, “Have you ever sat next to Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Louis Farrakhan and Stokely Carmichael? I have! Low vibration that!” The nigga said dancing in a club was “low vibration.”

If you don’t get your monstronky-ass off my page with that bullshit! 

In some of you young pseudo-conscious black people, dancing in a club is a “low vibration” activity. I guess Jesus stayed on some “low vibrational” activity, because he was always being criticized for hanging out with the derelicts and dregs of society! In his circle, Jesus had a “dagger man,” a prostitute, a Zealot and a once psychologically crazy person! And then there was that wedding at Cana where men and women were dancing and drinking alcohol so fast that Jesus’s “low vibrational” mama insisted that he make more wine. Was Jesus acting in a “low vibration” kinda way by indulging these folks in making libations? According to that mofo on my page trying to check  me, I guess Jesus was! Jesus evidently liked these “low vibrational” folks way more than those self-righteous & pompous & pseudo “high vibrational” fakin’ da funk religious folk, because he straight-up told them—“Verily [truly] I say unto you, That the publicans [street dudes] and the harlots [prostitutes] go into the kingdom of God before you” (Matthew 21:31). So to the commenter who said I was on some “low vibration” shit being in a nightclub I say, “Fuck you!” first—and secondly—“vibration”—low vibration is not relegated to people dancing in unrighteous places like a nightclub just because you deem them unsavory.

Khalil Amani, whether he’s in a club or talking to President Obama—always operates on high vibrations and a high frequency! My energy level is always on fleek! How else can I be this old, operating in this space, looking this good—getting blown kisses by young, hawt chicks? You’d better try to catch some of this “Benjamin Button-esque” energy while you’re over here hating!   

59 Years Old! I am not yo' old-ass daddy or granddaddy! 

Khalil Amani’s life is supposed to give a young person’s life some hope that just because you are older, your life does not have to be confined to a rocking chair! For indeed! This is the lesson of my life! Live muthafucka! Stop conforming to age-appropriation just because! Stop looking at older people through the lens of your parents! Stop telling older people what they should be doing! Jay-Z said it best, “30 is the new 20!” I’ll go a step further and say, “60 is the new 40!” (if your mind is right!) As a father and grandfather, I am not your old-ass daddy or granddaddy! My brain still doesn't compute that I’ll be sixty next year! I’m 35 in my head! Really doe! 

So! If you’re younger than I—don’t tell me how the fuck I should be acktin’! I’m a man of a certain age (59) who’s done all of the obligatory grown folk stuff—from having a career—to buying a couple of houses & cars—to obtaining two college degrees—to getting married and raising children & grandchildren—to having an amazing extracurricular life as a published author of seven (7) books—to becoming a preeminent writer/blogger for hip-hop websites and magazines—to gaining mainstream attention on five national TV shows and national magazines & newspapers! What has yo’ mammy & pappy done with they old selves, while you’re over here keystroke hustling and telling me I’m operating on some phantom “low vibration”—just because I choose to spend my 59th birthday in a South Beach Miami nightclub dancing and eye-fucking a bevy of hot chicks young enough to be my daughters?  

I’m the old man you wanna be like one day! A married man with a wife who allows me to have “guy time with the fellas”—man who doesn’t have to have his woman up under him every time he walks out the front door! I spent a wonderful three days in Las Vegas with my wife and a wonderful three days in Miami without my wife! That’s called having relationships outside of your relationship! Every man should have guy friends and every woman should have girlfriends! Missing a spouse or partner is a beautiful thing! Try it sometime! 

You think I showed my ass on my 59th birthday? Just wait until next year! In the meantime, if you’re a young person, figure out how you want to spend your fifties and sixties and beyond—going to bed early on a Saturday night and getting up on Sunday morning dressing up for church or dressing up  and partying and having great sex on Saturday night? Do you 'cause I'm-a do me! Khalil Amani Is Not Your Old-Ass Daddy! (Nor am I a no-life-having YouTuber)

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