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Kill Dem Batty Bwoys! (Murder Muzik!)

Kill Dem Batty Bwoys! (Murder Muzik!)
By Khalil Amani

(Excerpt from Khalil Amani's ground-breaking book on homophobia in hip-hop)

We, hip-hop heterosexual males think we’re the baddest S.O.B.’s walking the earth! We think we can’t be touched—especially by some gay dude. Oh hell no! We’ve learned nothing from the deaths of Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Jam Master Jay, Soldier Slim, Freaky Tah, Mac Dre, Proof, Big Hawk, Izzy Ramirez, Philant Johnson and Stack Bundles. Black men are dying all over America over some bullshyt! We’re still beefing over bullshyt! Many black men don’t give a damn about the next black man, so you know they give less than two shyts about a homosexual man. “Effin’ faggot! Eat a dick!” We’re comfortable in our homophobia, so much so, that we freely use the words “homo,” “gay,” and “fag” on our rap albums. But I must say that nobody is more homophobic than some of our West Indian (Island) brothers. Jamaican reggae stars, in particular, seem to have a fixation with homosexuality—yea, a goddamned cultural/nationalistic unwritten duty to call for homosexuals to die a violent death! They are utterly absorbed, consumed and immersed in singing violent diatribes against homosexuals! They make songs that specifically address homosexuals! It is of the greatest importance that they let the rest of their people know that homosexuality is evil and should be wiped off the earth. They call homosexual men “chi chi men” and “batty bwoys,” meaning bottom/lying-on-your-back-like-a-woman boys. Beanie Man, Elephant Man, Sizzla, T.O.K., Buju Banton and Bounty Killer—these brothas take homophobia into another realm! And while some of them have signed a “pact” not to sing homophobic songs, none of them have publicly denounced their own homophobic lyrics or reggae’s homophobia.

A distinct difference can be made between American rappers’ homophobia and some reggae stars’ homophobia—rappers mostly use “fag” as slang to debase another rapper’s lyrical acuity. “Fag,” in rap terms, usually means “soft,” and “lyrically weak.” Generally speaking, it has nothing to do with debasing a homosexual person, just as a rapper using the word “nigga” as a term of endearment, unlike the wretched “nigger,” which is a racist term used to debase a whole people. Unlike some reggae stars, rappers don’t make songs addressing homosexuals. That would be ghey! The most ghetto-ass hardcore rapper knows just how far to push the fag-bashing envelope. You’re not gonna hear a rapper rap about killing a homosexual—that’s just unacceptable in our society. Oh, but these backwards-assed Island coons actually call for the death of homosexuals!—and their record companies put out their records!

This bleach-blond/yellow/red-haired jigg named Elephant Man, whose video has aired on B.E.T. and he’s appeared on 106 & Park raps, “When you hear lesbians getting raped, it’s not our fault. Two women in bed, that’s two Sodomites that should be dead! Batty man fi dead/ Queers must be killed/ Shoot dem like bird!”

Shame on B.E.T.! Fuck how popular they are! If they are out-n-out homophobes, then we should ban them from our media like the Black Plague and send a message to any artist that that shyt doesn’t fly just because you’re black. This ain’t a censorship issue either! B.E.T. would not air a video by a white racist who called for black death in his song. B.E.T is hypocritical and a two-faced spineless machine! You air videos by known homophobes, yet the minute a Jewish voice is raised in criticism of a Michael Jackson lyric, you pull the plug on his video, as not to offend Jews! “Jew me, sue me, kick me, kike me!” What the fuck is that compared to “kill a batty bwoy?”

Bounty Killer raps, “Mister faggoty, wince in agony!” Meanwhile, your country is reminiscent of a Third World Whorehouse, yet you have the time to rhyme violent diatribes against your fellow gay and lesbian countrymen? You scream, “Jah Rastafari!” and wish that homosexuals be raped and killed? That homophobic shit coming from the Islands is not Rastafarianism! It is cultural imperialism and hate-mongering masquerading as religious truth!

Eminem rivals these Third World Island fucks when he raps, “My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge. That’ll stab you in the head. Whether you’re a fag or lez. Or the homosex, hermaph or trans-a-vest. Pants or dress—hate fags? The answer is yes!” But a gay rapper named Dutchboy challenges Eminem’s definition of “fag” with a superb retort when he raps, “They say a fag is a feminine actin’ guy, but to me it’s anybody got somethin’ to hide. … Eminem is a faggot for braggin’ on beatin’ his wife. Every fake ass rapper is just a fag with a mic. Always lookin’ for the lesser one to fuck with. That’s a bitch move! You just another spoil rich dude!” You’re telling me that these homo-rappers ain’t got nothin’ relevant to say? Heteros please! Bring on gay hip-hop!

It ain’t gay people who got your ass living in shantytowns! It’s your goddamned Colonial/quasi-BLACK government that’s got you livin’ in hell! Don’t hate! Respect the truth! And the truth is that a gay Reggaeton, Dance Hall or Reggae artist will emerge from the Islands and shut some of this homophobic ignorance down! Raise up your voices in protest and song and proclaim that it is evil to sing praise to the raping and murdering of homosexual people! Fuck all murder muzik! Ire mon!

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