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Kev Gillz & King Kush: Dumb & Dumber 2.0!

Kev Gillz & King Kush: Dumb & Dumber 2.0!

By Khalil Amani

So YouTuber Kev Gillz is somewhere betwixt “Big Mad and Little Mad” at me because I put out a five minute (5:43 seconds to be one exact!) video entitled, “Kev Gillz! Stop Lying on Poppy!” Now mind you, the first two and a half minutes of the video was me doing push-ups and trying to catch my breath afterwards! At best, my tongue lashing was a three minute slap on the wrist—hardly worth the time he spent raging against me. But I guess, because I called him a “liar” he became incensed (very angry, enraged). Kev Gillz!

It doesn’t matter that I’ve been pro-Kev Gillz in previous blogs. In my most recent blog, entitled, “Emotionalism: Hassan’s Hypothetical ‘Heavy’ Hypersensitivity!” (And Hatred For Black Women!), I defended Kev Gillz writing:

“Hassan’s emotionalism allows him to reach back into the cesspool of his mind and say the most venomous and vile and despicable and loathsome and debasing and hurtful and uncivilized shit against children—hypothetically or not! Hassan’s emotionalism takes centerstage when confronting any of his perceived foes. Hassan’s emotionalism cancels out all of his supposed work to help the children. There is never a time, hypothetical or not whereby a man should put on the shoes of a pedophile to make a point about another man’s children! Never! ….At the sake of being super-redundant—there is never, ever—never ever? Never, ever, ever a time in which a man should put on the hightop sneakers of a child molester and wear them shits well!!!!!! Hassan laced them bitched up to the top! Fuck speaking hypothetical! ….How can Hassan claim to be a child molestation advocate and "hypothetically" speak about fucking another man’s chirr’ren? Some things should never be uttered—no matter how much you want to exact revenge on your enemy! By taking that nasty video of himself talking about raping another man’s children down means that he knows he was out of order—out of bounds—dead-ass wrong!”

Full blog: "Emotionalism: Hassan’s Hypothetical ‘Heavy’ Hypersensitivity!" on The Khalil Amani Reader:

Instead of doing what Israel Doctrine has done—play my very cohesive and well thought out blog on his show—to lend credence and credibility to his pro-Hassan rant for speaking ill of his children, what does Kevy Kev do? Attack the one guy (me!) whose words are succinct and cogently constructed to demonstrate the vileness which spews forth from Hassan’s Puerto Rican poppy lips. Instead of letting his audience hear these words, Kevy Kev’s emotionalism got the best of him and he opted to shit on me over three minutes of constructive criticism in keeping the Hassan narrative straight.

Okay! Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “Lying” in my title. I’ll concede that. Maybe I should’ve treaded lightly and used a non-offensive word like “non-truth” OR “deviating from the story.” Anywhoo—Big Kev Gillz is hot about it!

And then there’s one of Dirty Kev's attack dogs—a moderator named “King Kush”—a nigga that sounds older than me! He carries and wields his wrench like an unemployed handyman! Even though I was very respectful in Kev Gillz’s chatroom—even though I never confronted King Kush’s disrespect—out of sheer aggravation and wanting to insert himself into Kev Gillz’s rant on me—what does King Kush aka Queen Kush aka Dusty Kush aka “ACME COMPANY” truck driver do? The nigga reaches into his overalls and pulls out his wrench and silences me! I can tell that being a truck driver is not his calling. Using that wrench to silence any and all opposition to Kevy Kev is Queen Kush’s ”Raison d’être”—reason for existing!

Hypothetically speaking, I imagine King Kush looks something akin to this hideousness. LOL.

Judging from King Kush’s profile picture—this nigga looks like he’s two cheeseburgers short of a heart attack! I can do 50 straight push-ups! I’ll spot King Kush 25 push-ups and still beat him to fifty! And since he claims to be “king of the loud heads”—I know this nigga ain’t got no wind or fight in him. I breathe hard after fifty push-ups. This nigga breathes hard after picking up cheeseburgers!

I’m a six-figga-nigga! I own my own house, two cars and scooter. Beautiful (black) wife, children, grandchildren! I have two college degrees and a career. I’ve written eight books! Been on four national TV shows! In the documentary about Afrika Bambaataa—“Trap in a Culture!” I write for the #1 urban model magazine in the world, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine—the same magazine that Hassan can read in Harlem and The Bronx—the same magazine that Kev Gillz can read in Los Angeles—the same magazine whose West Coast CEO is none other than the homie Wack 100!

So who are you Kev Gillz? An unemployed pot-smoking YouTuber who allows his fat Latina (or is she white?) wife foot the bill for your day to day living expenses? The word on these YouTube streets is that you used to get your Wifi from the McDonald's. The wire also says your phone number pings off the police station. I'm jus' sayin'! And just who the fuck is your side-kick, King Kush? A $10 an hour truck driver who spends his rent money on weed and pussy. Tell that CAPS WRITING, foul mouf fuck to suck somebody's dick and choke on it!

Yes I’m old! Yes I’m bald! Yes I’m gray! Yes I’m a little pudgy around the midsection, but guess what? I’m happy! Do your homework Kev Gillz! I bet you don’t even know how all of this Afrika Bambaataa shit came about! I know I heard Israel Doctrine speak my name on your show as the person who first exposed Afrika Bambaataa. If you were any kind of YouTube journalist you would’ve long ago had me on your show. Oh! Wait a minute! You did try to ask me on some slick sneaky backhandedness about being on your show. Is this your writing Kevy Kev?

Watching Israel Doctrine awhile back on Kev Gillz's show, I came away thinking, “Where has Kev Gillz been? Dude doesn’t even know the basic facts of the Bambaataa narrative!” But I had love for Kev Gillz simply because I loved the way he smoked his kush in the face of self-righteous viewers who were repulsed by his self-indulgence in the ganja.

The Afrika Bambaataa/Hassan Campbell narrative belongs to those who are truly seeking to unravel this forty (40) year old mystery. I’ve dubbed Israel Doctrine "The Gatekeeper of the Afrika Bambaataa Narrative” for his tireless work in putting the events of April 1, 2013 and beyond into their proper spaces and places.

Like the “hypotheticals” Hassan used against you Kevin, you in return are using lots of hypotheticals in dealing with Hassan’s story. You are suggesting that Hassan continued a love relationship with Bambaataa after the age of consent. You are suggesting that Hassan was not molested and refuse to allow people to use the word “molest” on your show. You ask, “Where’s the proof that Hassan was molested?”—as though a molester leaves a trail of evidence! Any man that would admit to being “thighed” by another man—the fuck more proof is needed nitwit?! You and King Kush are DUMB & DUMBER 2.0!

I understand Kev wanting to go hard-body-karate on Hassan for the “heavy dick” commentary, but creating doubt about Hassan’s molestation is nothing more than doing hypothetical gymnastics! When Israel Doctrine’s deceased mother was attacked by Hassan’s foul mouf, what did he do? He didn’t start creating lies on Hassan. Israel Doctrine waged a pogrom (look the word up!) against Hassan’s story that was based on Hassan’s own words! When Hassan and Star were choking each other’s chickens cosigning each other as who did what first, Israel Doctrine was reviewing the facts and scouring these Internets and dug up Khalil Amani—the real first person to “out” Bambaataa—and Ronald Savage—the real first person to come forward on Afrika Bambaataa!

I’m sure Hassan’s words stung Israel Doctrine when he spewed venom against his dearly beloved mother. I’m sure Hassan’s words stung Kev Gillz when he spewed venom against his beautiful and innocent children. The only way to combat this kind of disrespect and ignorance is to keep telling the truth—without embellishments—without hyperbole—without hypotheticals. That, Kev Gillz, is what I was trying to say when I told you to stop lying on Hassan.

My issue with Hassan is separate and apart from anyone else who has an issue with that man. Hassan knows my issue! I don’t have Israel Doctrine’s or Kev Gillz’s issues. I really don’t care if Hassan carried on a relationship after the age of consent! I am wholly sold on the fact that, indeed, the man was molested! I really don’t care about how he came forward, the timeline and all of that. Why? Because Hassan was in a cult—a sex cult—and Khalil was in a cult—a religious cult—and I fully understand the connection one has to the cult leader, the abuser. Furthermore, having been in a cult myself, I know how hard it is to finally break free. I know that after leaving a cult there is still a great amount of love and respect and reverence for the leader. Leaving a cult—there are no straight lines and clean getaways! We leave how we leave! Hassan left and has been brave enough to share his story with us. Telling his story is bravery unparalleled! I was told the same thing 35 years ago when I stepped forward and told my story. The naysayers will always doubt.

My issue with Hassan is his continued hatred for LGBTQ people; for blaming all gay people for the fuckery which Bambaataa imposed on him; for claiming that being gay is a choice, for claiming that homosexuality leads to pedophilia—and alas—a little jab at my ego by denying my claim as the first to “out” Afrika Bambaataa even though I have the article and timestamp to prove it!

Hassan can’t stand the fact that is was a “faggot lover” (me!) that exposed his former leader. Thanks to author and writer Dave Wedge, I don’t have to toot my own horn as “thee first.” I just quote this well-respected journalist and let Hassan eat crow.

"Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa. Amani, the author of a book about homophobia and homosexuality in the rap industry, wrote an article in April 2013 claiming that Bambaataa was stabbed by a man he had allegedly sexually assaulted. The story, which was picked up by the Drop and other hip-hop sites, claimed that Bambaataa had drugged a man and performed oral sex on him without his consent. According to Amani's report, the man woke up, realized what was happening, and stabbed Bambaataa. A top Zulu member, reportedly with Bambaataa at the time, was also allegedly cut with the knife.”

Click here for full article. Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now? 

There’s a lot to hate about Khalil Amani—he advocates for “the gays”—he was once a government informant who was in the Witness Protection Program for helping bring down a pedophile and murderous cult. By all means, yell “Faggot, snitch, snitch, faggot!” until you’re blue in the face. I have become desensitized. The one thing you can’t say about me is that I’m a liar. I am the most transparent Negro you’ll ever meet! And just as important is that I'm FAIR in my judgement of others, whether they be friend or foe. Hassan is neither friend nor foe. He is simply a person thrown into the narrative that I created on April 1, 2013. I'm the genesis of Kev Gillz's commentary on Hassan, so watch how you tell the story!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010) and The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013). Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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