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Lexxx Kotex & Michael Fedwards: Sitcho Azz Down Somewhere!

Lexxx Kotex & Michael Fedwards: Sitcho Azz Down Somewhere!

By Khalil Amani

Lex Vortex aka Lexxx Kotex and Michael Edwards aka Michael Fedwards aka Edward Scissorhands are two YouTubers that can’t stand me—and can’t stand each other! LOL.

Let’s start with Michael Fedwards. I don’t follow Mr. Fedwards on any Social Media. I’ve blocked him on YouTube and still, he comes to my page to leave derogatory comments. This dude has YouTube superpowers, but I think I’ve figured out how to keep him off my page. Though he may make a shit-load of videos about me, I refuse to go to his page and watch them, because, admittedly, I’m a sensitive-ass Negro! I’ll be damned if I read negative demeaning shit about myself! That’s the difference between me and Poppy. I will not watch your page! But!

Michael Fedwards: You know his breath stinks! I'm jus' sayin'!

Have you seen Mr. Fedwards' YouTube page? I’m a fucking star over there! LOL! That nigga’s got a hard-on for Khalil Amani from here to China! My interview on YouTuber Sa NeterTV still has him seething mad at me for inferring that he’s a federal snitch. Well, he is! I heard it from his own mouf! The man said he went to the FBI and the local police because some other YouTubers put his address on line. He “informed” on them, thus making him a government informant, like myself. HIs exact words were (AND I QUOTE!) “I wanna inform you that I have contacted the FBI—in my state—I’ve contacted IC3—You should know what that is—you doing Internet terrorism, you should know! And I have also contacted the local authorities. I’ve taken measures and steps with YouTube and my lawyer…. all of y’all are going to go to prison! …The FBI are gonna contact Omar Goodall…”

Unlike Edward Scissorhands, Khalil Amani doesn’t have to try and change people's words. I let the man speak for himself. Michael Fedwards is an informant. Own that shit! Wear it bruh!

Now Mr. Fedwards is threatening to sue me or take some kind of legal action against me. LOL! You would think I was plucking his ass-crack hairs—one by one, the way this nigga’s going at me. I’ll tell you what Mr. Fedwards! I have three great lawyers who’ve represented me pro bono (free!) over the years: Rod Vereen, Esq., Larry Handfield Esq. (both brothas) and a mean-ass white defense attorney named Neal Sonnett—past present of the National Bar Association and past president of National Defense Lawyers. Feel free to send any lawsuits to their Miami, Florida offices. When they finish deconstructing your bogus lawsuit, expect that they’re gonna go after your Pinto, your lean-to shack and every pair of gators you own! Yo’ ass gon' be barefooted! LOL!

Mr. Fedwards is claiming that I’m claiming that I was a REAL FBI agent—a real badge toting, gun carrying FBI agent! No I wasn’t! He says I’m impersonating a federal officer, which is a crime. I’ve never said that I was an FBI agent! It is the conscious community that uses the word “agent” loosely when referring to people who cooperate with the government. The conscious community, in their simplicity makes no distinctions betwixt FBI agents—those men and women who are hired, trained, schooled and given a badge and gun to protect its citizenry—and government informants (such as myself) who cooperate with the FBI in putting criminality under foot. The conscious community classifies us all as agents! I was a government informant, not an FBI agent!

What Mr. Fedwards is most afraid of is that Khalil Amani and Sa Neter have a common concern and answer; That is, we both dealt with the FBI for our children’s sake. Mr. Fedwards acting scorned. I’m not Sa Neter’s enemy! I feel horrible about Sa Neter's daughter being put on the Internet---and if Israel Doctrine is telling the truth, Mr. Fedwards and some "pale Arab" named Bassim also shared a picture and/or video of Sa Neter's daughter once upon a time---but don't get me to gossiping!

Moving right along!

Lexxx Kotex is bleeding from the mouf over matters that don’t concern him! Now I’m on your radar! You got my name in your mouf, even though you won’t speak my name! I hear you loud and clear! Questioning Israel Doctrine about our "relationship." Yes! I helped bring down the Yahweh cult and Yahweh ben Yahweh! Fuck your crediting Yahweh ben Yahweh with “waking you up!” Yahweh Ben Yahweh was a “Menace II Society” who was responsible for ordering the murder of eighteen (18) people by medieval methods (beheadings, stabbings, ear amputations, etc.) and screwing teenage girls, so fuck Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s influence on you!

Lexxx Kotex sounding hella self-righteous, but didn’t you once say (AND I QUOTE!), "Like Michael Edwards. That's a dude you just gotta tie up and whip like one of the old slaves. With a cat-o'-nine tails with this sharp metal on the end of 'em like they used to do to the slaves and just whip him until he dies!" 

Mr. Fedwards doesn’t deserve death, but a good thrashing might make him find a life outside of YouTube. LOL. Yeah, Lexxx Kotex! I heard that video where you said you wish you could catch some of these YouTubers and kill them—and “shoot the shit out of them!” You’re talking mighty slick at the mouf—like Khalil Amani cooperating with the FBI to free his children from a murderous cult was a bad thingy, yet murder and blood drips from your bottom lip!

I’m the best thing that could’ve ever happened to the so-called “conscious community”—someone who had/has intimate ties to the federal government who’s willing to share with you the pitfalls of black activism! If I were amongst you as an “agent provocateur” you would never know it! I would be like Malcolm’s bodyguard was to Malcolm. Trust and believe—if I were here to “infiltrate” the so-called “conscious community” I would be in New York—Harlem to be exact cozying up to Sa Neter! I was a federal informant who dined with Kwame Toure aka Stokely Carmichael in Omaha in 1995! Do you think he knew whom he broke bread with? Fuck no!

What Sa Neter was trying to do with Khalil Amani—you feminine-acting—bitch-de-fied—emotionally short-sighted conscious coons messed up! Fact of the matter is, Sa Neter got pimped-out by Khalil Amani because Khalil Amani baited him—goaded him—and prodded him into an interview, which Khalil Amani had been requesting, as duly noted by my January 14, 2018 blog right cheah!

Edward Scissorhands says, “We planned that! He walked into a web!” LOL! Nigga’s been butt-hurt since that interview—so much so that he’s created a shit-load of videos about me! Sa Neter might fancy himself a chess playing Boris Spassky, but he’s fucking with someone of the Bobby Fischer Ilk! ("Real chess players G's move in silence like lasagna!" Get it? The "G" in lasagna is silent. Shout-out To Lil Wayne tho!) 

I’m not the one to be worried about, for verily (truly) I say unto you—there are agents—agent provocateurs—snitches—informants—and rabble rousers within the conscious community and the House of Konsciousness! Just look at those who stir the pot of conflict. Look at those who create false narratives on YouTube. Look at those who are consistently in conflict. The agent/s sits close to those to the top of the movement.

Lexxx Kotex! Let this be a warning to you. You don’ said some terroristic shit on these Internets, as I have proven. Don’t make me ask them people to build a dossier (a file!) on you! Yes! I have them people on speed dial, so watch ya step buddy! In my DJ Khaled voice, “Congratulations! You played yourself” Lexxx Kotex! Michael Fedwards! Sitcho azz down somewhere!

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