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Lia Cha: Da Baddest Chick in da Game!

By Khalil Amani

Have you ever seen a person that was so beautiful—so extraordinarily put together—so aesthetically pleasing—so flawless—so easy on the eyes—so mesmerizing and magnetic—so breathtaking that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of them? Not on some sexual-type ish, but rather, on some, “Oh-my-Gawd-she-took-my-breath-away-type-stuff!”

Introducing model, singer, and make-up artist Lia Cha—Da baddest chick in this (hip-hop) game of models! She’s all over the hip-hop landscape!

(The beautiful video vixen/model Lia Cha)

There are a few chicks in this hip-hop game that can get an old man’s engine revving, but none more than the beautiful, lovely, voluptuous, smart and fine-ass video vixen Lia Cha! I was smitten by her on site!

(One word.... WOW!) Vital stats? 5'-5", 130lbs., 32-25-42

Lia Cha can make a blind man see! Make a gay man straight! Make an old man erect!

This woman looks like her mom and dad purposefully, willfully and intentionally set about to create the perfect “love child”—like their love-making was so awesome on the night of conception that a beautiful baby girl was birthed, sent from heaven, to be the future love-interest of every man and woman walking the earth. What’s even more phenomenal about this young lady, Lia Cha, is that her insides match her outward appearance—beauty within, beauty without! Having met her personally, I speak from firsthand experience. Unlike some women in the modeling/video vixen profession, who can be loud, boisterous and downright ig-nant, ghetto unlady-like. Lia Cha is kind, sweet, soft-spoken and intelligent! What a grand recipe to find in a woman!

Google Lia Cha! Google Lia Cha! Google Lia Cha! Google Lia Cha!

Who is Lia Cha? Lia was born in Texas. A proud “Blazin Asian,” a mixture of black and Asian. Born of a Ghanaian father from Ghana, Africa and a Korean mother, this exotic femme fatale is the epitome of beauty! Lia was raised an Army brat, who didn’t set out to become a model. After friends repeatedly told her that she should give modeling a shot, she decided to try it out and the hip-hop world can’t get enough of her! Her body-of-work is growing daily. She’s been featured in Method Man and Red Man’s video “Miss International”Juelz Santana’s video “Body Like a Maserati”—and Maino Ft. Swiss Beats video “Million Bucks.” Not only does Ms. Cha model, but sings and is a professional make-up artist as well. Lia’s face and body have graced magazines like Black Men, J’Adore, Vibe, Urban Ink, world-renown DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine, Havana Chest Customized Cigars and Titanium Girls. She is also on the cover of an urban-literature book; Girlz From Da Hood (Pt. 4.). Lia Cha appeared on where she was interviewed by none other than 50 Cent himself! Along with all of her modeling duties, she still finds time to ride shotgun with DJ Kayslay and host parties, travel and do model searches. She gives of herself unselfishly and the hard work is paying off. Again Google Lia Cha and get familiar with her, because this chick ain’t going anywhere. Sooner or later, we’ll see her on the silver screen, acting. Watch out Halle Berry!

(Lia Cha on the cover of Straight Stuntin Magazine)

Fellas! What do you do with a woman of this caliber? How can you not love Lia Cha and give in to her needs? She is worship-able! She is classy! She is a breath of fresh air in an industry saturated with big-butt strippers, whose only “talent” is having a big butt. Lia Cha is a high-class woman who is respected as well as desired—all-woman in the public eye and LL Cool J’s “Around the way girl” to the homies—a down-to-earth-ride-or-die chick that will have her man’s back. Lia Cha is the ultimate “5-Star Chick”—the standard and measuring-stick whereby all other models can be measured by. Fellas! If you step to Lia Cha, bring you’re A-game (Be respectful) or get sonned! All hail to the Queen!—Lia ChaDa Baddest Chick in da Game! Believe dat!

(Khalil Amani [in heaven!] & the gorgeously "hawt" Lia Cha)

You can visit Lia Cha at: (Coming soon)
Youtube channel: 1marionly (The one and only Lia Cha)

For booking info, email:

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Comment by LIA CHA on May 8, 2010 at 8:26pm
@Yehudah I thank u soo much Good Sir. It's nice to be recognized for the beauty and brains within and not just for the ass and titty... lol Peace and Blessings xoxoxo LIA CHA
Comment by Yehudah Clark on May 7, 2010 at 9:04am
I've always wondered if there were any beautiful unpretentious women out there in the entertainment world. Its nice to know that you can have brains with a side order of beauty and spirit. Although I don't know you personally LIA CHA, you remind me of a girl that I once knew. ; ) I guess true beauty is measured from the inside out. Peace and love to all beautiful women on earth!
Comment by Khalil Amani on January 15, 2010 at 8:55pm
Much love and respect to you Lia Cha! You are deserving of all the blessings that will flow your way! It was an honor and a priviledge (not to mention a heart-palpitating experience) to write this blog! lol!

And I see you're in the new video "Thug Luv" airing all day on MTV. Ya'll check out Lia Cha in "Thug Luv" ...Kayslay FT. Ray J, Papoose, Maino, and others...
Comment by LIA CHA on January 14, 2010 at 8:15am
...................Wow!! I don't know what to say but thank you, thank you, thank you. People don't understand how hard it is sometimes. They tend to think it's playing dress up, being hollywood, fast-life, fast-$$$ and shopping sprees....and maybe it is for some but for me it's working day in and day out to maintain my focus, my drive, my love, my strength and even sanity... lol. All while remembering to stay humble, loyal,unselfish and respectable. Everyone is driven by something and for me it's my family and my responsibility to them. So for all that are loyal supporters and love LIA CHA, I thank you and for those that hate LIA CHA- I thank you for both help me strive to be 1.of The Baddest Chicks In The Game. To Mr. Khalil Amani - I will always remember the first time I met you.... it was not you in the flesh but your spirit that introduced itself to me and millions of others through your gift of word. You are an amazing author, journalist- WRITER and I wish you continued success as you partake on your journey to the top. See you there. MUAH!!!!!

Love the One & Only,

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