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Lil Wayne: More Bitch-de-fied By the Minute!

Lil Wayne: More Bitch-de-fied By the Minute!

By Khalil Amani


Stop the muthafuckin’ train! Let me off at the next stop! I can’t ride the Lil Wayne fuckery train any longer! This nigga’s gettin’ more bitch-de-fied by the minute! Where is that 40 Glocc when you really need him? I mean, like, Lil Wayne really needs a bully-beat-down! You’re gonna insult my beloved city of Miami—and my beloved team, The Heat? And to add insult unto injury, you’re claiming you’ve fucked Chris Bosh’s wife? Listen to this fooGAYzi-ass nigga! Got these Texas niggas gassed up! Fuck outta here with this bullshit!


*Shout-out to Uncle Luke and Pepe Billete for gettin' in Lil Wayne's ass (pause) in the Miami New Times! We ain't letting this shit ride like a lot of these puss-ass-fuck-nigga-rappers from the 305 who ain't said nann word about the "shit-uation!"



See? This is how a nigga gets shot his wig pushed back! Talking reckless and greasy about another man’s wifey!


Here’s a man with the world at his disposal! He sits court-side at NBA games! And now, he claims that the Miami Heat got him barred from every NBA game! What an outrageous and (in my Mike Tyson voice) “ludacrisp” claim! First and foremost, what the fuck did you do to get banned from NBA games? You did something nigga! Tell us what YOU did you little ugly troll!

We goin' to the finals again bitch-de-fied nigga!


Let’s face it! Lil Wayne is a bitch-ass nigga—and has been doing bitch-de-fied shit for a minute now! From that hilariously idiotic deposition he gave where he refused to answer questions—to him (or one of his goons) allegedly hitting a fellow skateboarder over the head with a skateboard for asking for a picture—to claiming he has a bitch that gives better head than Karrine—to disrespecting Emmitt Till with that whack-ass verse—to wanting to fight a photog for “touching” him at a charity event—to allegedly giving a fan the "gun finger" at a Miami Heat game—and now this! Saying, “Fuck Lebron! Fuck She-Wade and Fuck Chris Bosh and, and, and, I fucked Bosh’s wife!” This, (contrived emasculation & feminization of D-Wade) from a man who kisses another man on the lips and wears women's leggings! We don't believe you (your uber-macho hype!) You need more people!

I already see it coming! There will be some fightin’ furniture-moving in some Miami nightclub in the near future! My alias isn’t “Negrodumas” for nothing!


If them Miami, Opa-Locka, Overtown, Liberty City, Carol City, Brown-Sub, Goulds, Perrine, or Cutler Ridge goons don’t fuck him up, those Little Haiti Zoe Pound Heat-loving Sak Passé’ Haitians will get in that ass! Lil Wayne has disrespected the pride of Miami—The Miami Heat!


These rap niggas are some contradictory, kiss & tell snitchin’-ass bitches! Niggas be snitchin’ on their sexual conquests! Like, niggas was all upset over “Superhead” writing a tell-all book about her fucking rappers—like she became the scourge of the earth! Niggas made her a pariah—a hip-hop outcast! And then here comes these bitch-made rappers (like AP.9 although that was a come-up for him!) and Lil Wayne who admittedly puts his skinny dick (so I’ve heard) on public display by telling us where it’s been.


First and foremost you’ve gotta have dick to “fuck” someone! Lil Wayne has had a bevy of hawt chicks at his disposal—Jenna Shea (who says he was boring as fuck!), Dhea, Trina, Karrine Steffans, Toya, Sarah Vivan, Lauren London, Nivea, and Tammy Torres—he might be putting his skinny ding-a-ling in them, but they ain’t stayin’ around for the long haul. Could it be that his fuck-game is weak? I don’t care how long your dick is—if you ain’t got any girth—any circumference—any thickness—a fat cock—it’s like shooting darts at a dart board! You missin' the Bull's-eye nigga! These chicks wanna feel stretched as well as deeply penetrated! So the question of Lil Tunechi “fucking” Chris Bosh’s wife—whether he had sex with her or not—it’s already been put out there that he has a skinny dick, so, by all accounts, he may have had sex with Bosh’s wife, but he certainly didn’t “fuck” her in the purest sense of the word. Nigga was just toying with the pussy!


As an artist, I like Tunechi’s music (Doesn’t “Tunechi” sound like a new-jack word for “pussy?” Give me some of that Tunechi girl!), but his bitch-de-fied out-of-studio-antics got me wanting to keep my money in my pocket when his next album drops. I’ll get that shit from the boot-leg man!


As a Miami-Dade, Carol City, 305 Gunshine State representer, this Negro, Lil Tunechi got me feelin' some-kinda-way! Cool. In the meantime, I’ll be watching and waiting for that ass-whipping Lil Wayne has coming from some Miami cat for the total disrespect of the city of Miami and the Miami Heat. He went to Texas and let them niggas gas him up. Great! “Let’s take it to the streets,” Wayne told the audience, inferring that he’s ready for war. Great! I just have one question for Lil Tunechi; "Will you be going to war in these?"



Wayne will get his just desserts in the end! Fuck’s wrong wit' this nigga? You’re rich bitch! All I know is Lil Wayne seems to be getting more bitch-de-fied by the minute! And no nigga! You ain't the second-coming of Tupac Shakur! You couldn't wash Tupac's dirty drawhs!!!!!


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine & Originators. Follow on Facebook/Twitter @ khalil amani and YOUTUBE @ yahweh12

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