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Lil Wayne: NBA’s #1 Groupie!

By Khalil Amani


When that cracker on the airplane slapped that black baby across the face and told his mama to, “Shut that nigger baby up!”—he was just being himself! He would say, “Hey! I am who I am!”


As a corporate executive, he was used to telling employees to go fuck themselves—and they, the employees probably justified that shit because they didn’t wanna lose their jobs. These kinds of people aren’t born! They are made because people allow their queer behavior to become the norm—so-much-so that they believe their own lie—that “I am who I am!” No! You weren’t born an asshole! Society let your bullshit slide until you morphed into an asshole!


Such is the case with Lil Wayne. On Miami radio WEDR 99 Jamz, Wayne justified his ignorance, his disrespect for the Miami Heat—for Dwayne Wade—for Chris Bosh and by extension—the whole city of Miami who are majority Miami Heat fans (as it should be in any city that supports their local sports teams).


(My sentiment exactly! Put a gun to your head and do the Lord's Work!)


Money, fame, and power breeds these kinds of ignorant people. Instead of being repentant and apologetic, this recalcitrant Negro went on radio and held his ground, only apologizing to Lebron because “he’s the homie”—mind you, not because he was wrong, but because Lebron is “the homie.”


Lil Wayne is a bitch-de-fied coon! He justified his rant against the Miami Heat because it was his party. He said, “That was my party on my stage! I can say what I want! It’s my party! I ain’t apologetic for being who I am! I am who I am!”


Isn't that the most "juvenile" (no pun intended towards Hot-Boy Juve) response you've evaaaar heard from a grown-ass man? Simplistic and childlike! In the words of W.W.E. wrestler Faarooq, "DAMN!"



Tunechi’s obviously been drinking his own Kool-Aid and gotten high on his own hype! Fuck drinking that promethazine “lean!” He really believes that the person he is—is really who he is! Here’s a Negro that’s been cared for since age eleven. He ain’t no “street nigga.” He’s been a millionaire (or at least was taken care of by millionaires [Cash Money records] since he was a little bebe kid.) He’s known no financial hardship! He’s a spoiled brat! Being a douche-bag is an "occupational hazard" of being a celebrity and Lil Tunechi has douche-bag-itis lak-a-mug!


Lil Wayne has been disrespectful towards the city of Miami and the Miami Heat before! Lest we forget when the Mavericks won the NBA championship in Miami against the Heat two years ago where was Lil Wayne? All up in Club Liv on Miami Beach celebrating with them! Holding the trophy and "skinnin' & grinnin'" with the enemy! Dwayne Wade was right! "We don't eff with you bitch!"


(Lil Wayne in Miami celebrating the Mav's win over the Heat for the championship)


Wayne goes on to tell us he spends 1.5 milli for NBA season tickets. For that, he thinks ballers should shout him out, give him a pound, acknowledge his presence—become his brown-nosers sycophants. Spending 1.5 million to see sweaty men running to and fro is a sign of his addiction, yea, his obsession—doff!—his preoccupation with wanting to be an NBA GROUPIE. Lil Wayne is the NBA’s #1 groupie! The NBA is a great big ol’ pussy and Wayne is fucking it to def! Wayne prolly masturbates thinking about Chris Bosh’s cock screwing the same poontang that he “allegedly” fucked. Can you imagine what ONE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS could do for the average person in today’s declining economy? (I could pay off my IRS debt, my credit cards, the bank who’s trying to garnish my wages for cosigning for a car for my son who left me with the bill—and still have over $1,480,000 left to spend on my wife, my mistress and my girlfriend!)


Lil Wayne! It was no misunderstanding about what you said! Miami is pissed at you! You can’t differentiate between the Miami Heat and the city of Miami, no more than you can differentiate between the New Orleans Saints and the city of New Orleans! Fuck outta here! It was no “misunderstanding!” In the words of Detective Bill Duke in the movie “Menace II Society”—“You know you don’ fucked up? You know you don’ fucked up! You know you don’ fucked up?"



Lil Wayne can still come to Miami—so long as he stays on Souf Beach with all them fooGAYzi-ass Negroes and brown-nosers and star-struck tourists, but if he comes across that bridge… that’s another story. The real rough, rugged and raw Miami—the ratchetness and coonery of ghetto life will smack the dog-shit out of him the minute he steps foot in the hood. Try stuntin' through Liberty City, Overtown, Brownsville, Opa-Locka, Carol City, Goulds & Perrine or Little Haiti. Them niggas got somethin' fo' that ass! South Beach is the only "hood" Lil Wayne can safely walk through!


Lil Wayne! Saying “I am who I am” ain’t gonna cut it in the hood! Them goons gonna say, “We are who we are!” when they give you that work! The next time a fan asks you for an autograph or a picture—just remember that--like you are the NBA’s #1 groupie—they might be your #1 groupie!


Khalil Amani, Miami-Carol City 305 representer. Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's "Originators" and "Straight Stuntin Magazines." Follow on Facebook/Twitter @ khalil amani. YOUTUBE @ yahweh12

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