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Love & Hip-Hop’s Consequence & Jen the Pen

Love & Hip-Hop’s Consequence & Jen the Pen

By Khalil Amani


I’m the “Coonerific One,” so you know I love that ratchetness! I’m still licking my wounds about Shawty Lo’s show getting canceled before it even aired! Some “Negrotudenal” folks passed out a petition citing the show was detrimental to black folks and stereotypical to a race of people. Fuck outta here!


So since I can’t have "the fuckery that would have been Shawty Lo”—I’m stuck watching Love & Hip-Hop New York (LHHNY)—another coon-fest with a motley-crew of unsavory, shadowy, hip-hop characters.


The sweetest most decent person on the show is Jen the Pen, Consequence’s woman. She is a through-and-through peace-maker. She quit (or got fired) from her job to be at her man’s beck & call. All she wants to do is raise her child and fuck her man. She doesn’t want to side with the other chicks on the show in petty beefs. She said (paraphrasing), “If you’re a whore, let’s all be whores!” She means well and does not judge. She’s “Rodney King” revisited; “Can we all just get along?”


Juxtapose Jen the Pen's seemingly docile disposition with her man, rapper Consequence, who is a religiously pious womanizer—an asshole. He has put his faith, “way of life,”/religion over the spiritual and psychological needs of his woman, Jen the Pen—got that woman trying to fast during the month of Ramadan, a Muslim high-holy month. Will he “allow” her to practice traditional Christian holidays? Will he “allow” his child to celebrate Christmas and Easter? Fuck no! This nigga is a religious tyrant, hell-bent on raising the perfect Islamic child to the detriment of his relationship with Jen the Pen. He wants to bury every shred of their baby’s Christian heritage (through mother Jen). With Con, “It’s my way or the highway!” when it comes to his religion. It’s all about him and how he believes!


(Love & Hip-Hop's Jen the Pen and her "baby daddy"/boyfriend rapper Consequence)


He wants Jen to be his monetary slave—a woman who had a career in radio and can still get that cheddar, but instead, he wants that poonanny at home, barefoot and pregnant and at his service. Fuck your career woman! I’ll take care of you! Jen has to beg for money to handle the famliy business. How much money Con really has is anyone's guess, but Star (of Star & Bucwild) says Con is "Ballin' on a budget!" LOL! Consequence said, “Man! Beyonce and Kelly Rowland and Michelle even—man they screwed people life up with ‘Independent’[record]—…what’s wrong with being able to rely on somebody?”


Con needs the “Donkey of the Day” for that statement!


Con hasn’t even wifed her, yet he wants to control the religious conversation and control the flow of money, thus controlling the pussy. Instead of trying to be a “power couple” like Jay & Bey—he wants that traditional stay-at-home woman. Listening to Con's and Jen's interview on The Breakfast Club was an excercise in male-chauvinism and that bullshit "the man wears the pants!"--an archaic, antiquated, out-dated and old argument. In Con's case, his understanding of the male/female dynamic is rooted in his warped understanding of his newfound religion--Islam.



Consequence is your stereotypical Muslim man—controlling all their finances, religious understandings and all aspects of Jen’s and their baby’s lives. But Jen is not Muslim—and, in time, will rebel against the pressure being put on her by Consequence to see the world through the prism and lens of Islam. Jen is a modern-day woman that will out-live Con’s archaic understanding of relationships as taught by Islam. She’s trying hard to understand. Con doesn’t understand that you can’t proselytize through fear, intimidation and mentally twisting one’s arm! Jen will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2….


Con plays the religious-card when it is convenient. I bet he wasn’t on any Muslim shit when he first spied Jen’s fine-ass and wanted a taste thereof! If you’re so into your religion what are you doing fucking out-of-wedlock and having children? Hell! I’ll take it a step further and ask, “Why are you doing music?” Many believe the orthodox understanding of Islam forbids playing music—something that philly rapper Freeway wrestles with daily—something that made rapper Loon quit the music/rap business altogether for the love of Islam!


Lots of niggas convert to Islam. This is no new thingy! Converting to Islam is just replacing one slave-master’s religion (Christianity) with another slave-master’s religion (Islam). Both took part in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, euphemistically called “That Peculiar Institution” aka American Slavery, so I ain’t impressed with Islam any more than I am with Christianity! They both have bloodstained hands against the African! Fuck outta here! When you know the history, no religion gets a pass!


Religious piety is smoke in my nostrils! I can’t stand motherfuckers that want everybody around them to understand THEIR religion! This is how Consequence comes off on the Boob Tube. Instead of worrying about all of the religious crappola, Con needs to focus on how his religion is upsetting his household. He ain’t married Jen, but wants to change her view of God?


When will Consequence wife Jen the Pen? He’s put the “cart before the horse” having a kid and all. They are neither married nor engaged. Now let’s see if he truly lives out the essence of his faith or will Con “con” Jen into being the eternal “baby mama.”


To Jen the Pen, I say, you don’t need to convert to Islam (and I’m no Christian, Jew or Muslim, but I overstand all of them!). Believe how you want to believe and if The Infinite One (God) puts Islam in your heart (and not a man!)—go for it! If Con needs a Muslim woman, there are plenty at the mosque.



SMH! Think woman, think! You weren't fucking with Islam before you knew Con and now that he's given you a papoose (rugrat), you're wearing a fucking hijab! (Muslim head gear) You're not happy and we know you ain't happy with being put in a spiritual headlock to concede the religion of your upbringing. Fuck what we think! Dig deep and reclaim YOU!


To Consequence, I say, heaven resides in the womb of a woman! This woman Jen has blessed you with heaven and eternal life. Your progeny (child) has made that possible, but the woman Allah has placed at your side is your equal--on every level--for Allah is not a respecter of persons or gender. Allah is He, She, It, Omnipotent, Omniscient, All-Wise, and All-Knowing. Allah has given you your Khadijah-- and like the Khadijah of old, who was no man's (financial) slave, but rather Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) financial supporter--let Jen be your financial supporter. Khadijah was about that (money-making) life! Will you let Jen? 


The bottom-line is that Consequence has a beautiful and smart woman, who he should have wifed already! If this relationship is to work, Con is gonna have to stop with the religious bullshit and allow their child to have a dual understanding of the Divine—allow Jen to worship God how she sees fit and allow the Christian Tradition to be part of their lives. I guarantee you religion will be the downfall of this union if Con doesn’t have an epiphany about the many understandings of that Divine Essence (God), which could never be completely understood in the context of any organized religion! God is not a Jew, Christian or Muslim! Men created that bullshit—and that bullshit (religion) is the cause of many break-ups. Jewels have been dropped. Stay tuned.


I wear a turban on occasion. Since 1980 I've rocked one! It is a sign of my spirituality, having been a Christian, Five Percenter, and Hebrew Israelite. I'm on some other ish that can't be labeled.

Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown Magazine, Maybach Magazine, and Sext Magazine. Amani is a Spiritual Advisor & Cultural Critic of hip-hop and advocate for gay & lesbian rappers. Follow him on Facebook & Twitter @khalilamani and his YOUTUBE channel (Khalil Amani).

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