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Manny Pacquiao: Why Dey Did Dat Boy Like Dat?

Manny Pacquiao: Why Dey Did Dat Boy Like Dat?

By Khalil Amani



No! I didn’t see the Pacquiao/Marquez fight—the fourth one! But I followed the fight via Twitter and Facebook, where I was given color-commentary and the devastating 6th round knock-out of Pacquiao. Yes! It was a hellava punch, but even more—Manny was moving forward and ran into the punch—adding some extra zest to the power of the punch. He fell face first on the canvas and remained there for a few minutes. Immediately afterwards, these Internetz exploded with curiously photo-shopped pictures mocking Pacquiao. LOL. Perhaps some ghetto-backlash?



I’ll catch the rebroadcast next week on HBO for free.


A whole lotta money went down the drain by Manny’s loss. The fight-of-the-century with “Money” Mayweather isn’t so appealing anymore, because Manny isn’t invincible and the best “pound-for-pound” fighter in the world. The hype for the Mayweather/Pacquiao match can be put to rest. And until someone relevant steps into the squared-circle—Mayweather’s claim to be the greatest is just that—a claim backed up with worthless rhetoric!


On the other hand, the mythical prowess of Manny Pacquiao has been exposed and these Internetz lit up with colorful imagery—poking fun at the little giant’s demise.


Why dey did dat boy like dat? Reminds me of a recent DJ Kayslay song ("Got Damn") featuring Gunplay, Torch and Ace Hood. Check the song! It’s a banger and my new anthem for all things Pacquiao.


They've replaced the short-lived fad of “Planking” with “Pacquiaoing.” They are killin’ the kid with a myriad of photo-shopped pictures of Manny superimposed in iconic imagery—like the scene in the movie “Boyz in the Hood” where they bring Ricky in all bloodied up and laid him on the couch. Ah dayum!



I’m feeling like there’s some backlash against Pacquiao by niggas. Yo! I think niggas are hating on Pacquiao! What’s the deally yo? Isn’t Manny now part of Team 50? All I gotta say is y’all better watch what you say about PacMan ‘cause Feddicent don’t play that! 50 will find a way to make some money off a Manny Pacquiao knockout! 50’s gonna mind-fuck Mayweather into fighting PacMan now that he's vulnerable. 50 Cent will have the last laugh, just watch! But until then, I’m just gonna keep on laughing at y’all’s artistic imagination.




Ah dauym!


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