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Michael Edwards: One Man's Lonely Island!

Michael Edwards: One Man's Lonely Island!

By Khalil Amani

Before we get this show on the road, I’m-a need Michael Edwards to do two things: Fix the name of your YouTube channel title. It’s “ControverSial,” not “ControverTial.” AND! Go back to the video wherein you put me in the title and spell my goddamned name correctly! It’s “Amani,” not “Ahmdi.” How you gonna string three consonants together—HMD? Where are your vowels homie? I’m a card-carrying member of the “Grammar Police” with a college English degree, so I’m-a need you to spell correctly when dissing me. Ebonics, slang, regional dialect and colloquialisms are literary devices that are allowable when used in proper context.


Mr. Michael Edwards! Count yourself blessed for having received pen-time from Mr. Khalil Amani. (Is it fair to say that this will be your first write-up? I've Googled you and ain't found one interview on you, so you ain't shit on these Internets, so this will be your first Google entry. Congrats!) Check my resume’. I’ve put this pen on much greater foes—from Kanye West, who spoke out against homophobia after I hand delivered my book to him and he reading it—to “The Drama King,” the “Gatekeeper of All Things Hip-Hop”—DJ Kay Slay! I beat up Kay Slay so bad with my pen-game that he hired me to write for his magazine eight years ago and I’m still putting in that work for Straight Stuntin Magazine—at 57 years old! I’ve defended my position as “Gay Hip-Hop’s Straight Advocate” in the biggest publications—Spin Magazine, LA Times,, Miami New Times, etcetera.—and four national TV shows! As a straight advocate for gay people, I don’t expect any of you YouTube, Conscious Community, Hebrew Israelite Bible thumpers to like me. I came into this blogging game 10 years ago, fully competent and capable of going to verbal war with any of you over my message! I even wrote a book on the subject of gays in hip-hop. I was a Hebrew Israelite (of the Yahweh Ben Yahweh variety) when you, Michael Edwards were still shitting your pampers! I understand it all! What the Bible has to say about homosexuality is some bullshit rooted in Goddess and Sodomite worship—religious cultures that used sex, straight & gay as worship and ritual to the Divine—and we—in our 21st century aloofness, are in no moral position to judge ancient religious cultures understanding of God, in the advent of their theology. This is the great crime of modern theology!




As crazy as Nature Boy’s shitting in the woods or letting his son fondle his genitalia (tha fuck!)—Or the Nuwaupian leader messing with boys and girls—one thing they both seemed to have grasped is that sexuality—homosexuality is part of the human condition and this idea of “natural” vs. “unnatural” sex is simply heterosexual poppycock. Pedophilia, bestiality and incest are the only pure sexual abominations.

I’ve thoroughly deconstructed Hebrew Israelite and Kemetic homophobia! I’m like Floyd Mayweather with what I espouse—50-0! You, Michael Edwards aren’t worthy of my pen and if it weren’t for my love of the writing process, you would receive no pen time. So, again, count yourself blessed to have experienced this work, even if it's to your detriment!

The bestest thingy about YouTuber Michael Edwards’s channel is his background music. You be killin’ my dude! The bass-line on that overused joint keeps a nigga’s head bobbin’ and that instrumental of Cardi B’s, “Bodak Yellow” you used to make light of Israel Doctrine’s story on him almost being molested was bonkers, even if the video was ass. (That baby laughing in the background is annoying too, simply because your subject matter is not funny.) Maybe you can help me with my background music tho? Whaddayasay?

I know you know who the fuck I am! Like Poppy, who claimed he didn’t know me either—you Negroes are well aware of whom the fuck I purport to be—that I’m Khalil Amani, “Gay Hip-Hop’s Straight Advocate” (since 2007!)—brought into your consciousness by my newfound friend, The Good Rabbi, Israel Doctrine! But if you are like a lot of non-reading Negroes—and haven’t perused my body of work—I’m the guy whom first “outed” Afrika Bambaataa, as duly noted in the narrative put forth by Israel Doctrine and backed up by (white) hip-hop writer Dave Wedge—who wrote a powerful piece on the Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa, Poppy, Ronald Savage and myself.

Dave Wedge wrote this article, "Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now?" Below, Wedge wrote this of Khalil Amani

"Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a Colorado-based writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa. Amani, the author of a book about homophobia and homosexuality in the rap industry, wrote an article in April 2013 claiming that Bambaataa was stabbed by a man he had allegedly sexually assaulted. The story, which was picked up by the Drop and other hip-hop sites, claimed that Bambaataa had drugged a man and performed oral sex on him without his consent. According to Amani's report, the man woke up, realized what was happening, and stabbed Bambaataa. A top Zulu member, reportedly with Bambaataa at the time, was also allegedly cut with the knife."

Poppy got this work for alleging that homosexuality is gateway sex to pedophilia.—and that homosexuals supports NAMBLA’s pedophilia. I destroyed those notions! And then I went on to show that the Moorish Zulu Nation has indirect ties to NAMBLA by way of one of NAMBLA’s writers, a Moor named Hakim Bey! Victim or no victim, you can’t go around spouting untruths—lies! Poppy Cock beez spitting poppycock! (I love this pun!)

Michael Edwards! Do You Wanna See How Big My Dick Is? Do you wanna see if your dick is bigger than mine? I’m pulling mine out right now! I mean, since you’re inquiring about my sexuality—since my old ass is obviously attractive to you—since I’ve piqued your curiosity I have to ask. Even though you already know that I’m a married man—a father of five chirr’ren and nine grandchildren, you’re posting about my sexuality in hopes that others will join your curiosity. (I’ve fallen into more pussy accidentally than most men fall into on purpose!)

I see you in the comments asking about my sexuality. LOL. Next you're gonna be sliding into my DM! Now I understand Yo Gotti’s, “It Goes Down In The DM!” Asking me if I’m gay and knowing the answer only begs one conclusion; That you’re a downlow brotha on an Internet prowl/quest for some downlow boy-pussy action! Tain't nothin' happenin' over here homie, and you ain't my homie, homie! Slide in Poppy’s DM.

You Michael Edwards, like Poppy, want to question my sexuality because I rep for gay rappers and gay people. The nastiness is next-level, but I know how to jawn back on niggas like Poppy, who said to me, “Oh I understand. I insulted the gay community and you just so happen to suck dick. My apologies. I did not mean to offend you. I have no problem with you sucking dick. I’m sorry. You can take every piece of cock up your ass that you want to. My apologies.” Watch this retort! Why of course! What else could Poppy possibly say to me besides claiming that I suck dick? LOL. How ironic that a man who’s felt another man’s burly beard rubbing up against his pubes—felt another man’s lips rapped around and engulfing his penis—has climaxed in another man’s mouf would call me gay? (Does Bam deep-throat? Asking for a friend.) Projection is a muthafucka! Calling me "gay" and "faggot" is an old charge, dating back to 2007. Sigmund Freud would have a field-day deconstructing the mind of a Michael Edwards, who is curious about another man's sexuality. Let's be original, eh?

You want beef with me? Okay! I only mentioned your name in a previous blog (with others) who don’t give a damn about gay people’s civil and human rights and what did you do? Make a video cosigning that you don’t give a damn about gay people’s civil and human rights. We were on the same page, so why did you have to call me a faggot? Why the mean-spiritedness? I swear you Bible-thumping types can be the worst kind of human beings!

Michael, the R.B.G.—Rude, Boring, and Gratuitous.—Rude, because you’re an uppity fuck, boring, because your content is yawn-worthy and “gratuitous,” as in unwarranted, uncalled for and lacking good reason. You like to get into gratuitous beefs with everybody! You have YouTube beef with Israel Doctrine, Conscious Speculation, Javen Bullets, Hassan Campbell, Shame TV, Kev Gillz, ISUPK, 6Th Dynasty, G Consciousness and Sa Neter. Why do you dress up Shame TV as gorillas and apes like white people have perceived us? You are buying into the white supremacy mindset of Africans as monkeys! Shame on you Michael Edwards for trying to shame Shame TV! I don't agree with all that they say as they may not agree with what I stand for, but isn't this the beauty of a free society? 

They say, "No man is an island," but in this YouTube land, Michael Edwards is an island; a man with no allies, an Israelite without a congregation, a rebel without a cause and a YouTuber without an original voice.

Thus, Michael Edwards has become a mirage on YouTube’s Desert Island. Who really rocks with this brother? What Hebrew Israelite camp is he affiliated with? What even qualifies him to be a speaker amongst men? The only thing I get when I look at the body of Michael Edwards's work is a man who will flip on you without provocation or over the simplest of disagreements. My Gawd! He flipped on Sa Neter!

Mirage: An optical phenomenon, especially in the desert or at sea, by which the image of some object appears displaced above, below, or to one side of its true position; something illusory, without substance or reality.

Like the old 70’s TV show, “Fantasy Island,” Michael Edwards is alienating himself from many good YouTube people just for clickbait and something to do. I suspect he'd beef with Tattoo jus’ ‘cause dude is a “Little Person.” When Michael calls Tattoo a “midget,” I hope he gets a swift kick in the balls! LOL!

I thought Michael was Sa Neter’s understudy. He and Sa Neter played the “Monkey in the middle” game, tag teaming Kev Gillz—a YouTuber with insults. I just so happen to like the guy! It takes a confident man to let y’all diss him to his face and all he does is half-heartily laugh through his primo smoke! I actually left that video thinking that Sa Neter and Michael Edwards were the monkeys! Smoke your Kush and sip your Koffee Kev Gillz! Westside up! (Oh, and by the way, Wack 100 and The Game are the homies, so whatever Michael was tallumbout way back in May—hit me up if there’s a problem! I’ll get Wack on the phone quicker than Michael can recite the 10 Commandments!)


Jus’ ‘cause I represent for my gay, lesbian, bi, transgender homies don’t mean you’re dealing with some soft fruitcake! I’m connected in these streets, in the music industry and in the government! I don’ already told you niggas that I’m an agent—which leads me to my next point—Michael Edwards going to the FBI for fear of people putting his personal information on these Internets and people threatening him. C’mon son! The government is here to protect you, but much of the heat coming your way is instigated by you—you ol’, “Throwing rocks and hiding your hands” Negro!

I’ve given Poppy some great advice—turn government informant and get to snitching on Afrika Bambaataa and enter the Federal Witness Protection Program—as I did 30 years ago for helping put another pedophile away—Yahweh Ben Yahweh. There is life after these streets! Maybe the day will come when I’ll have to walk you and Poppy into those people (the FBI).

Just a few short weeks ago Michael Edwards had so much theoretical Sa Neter dick in his mouf! Now he’s dissing him? I really thought Michael was Sa’s #1 soldier—sorta-kinda like how Poppy was Bambaataa’s #1 soldier. Now you’re shouting out “In The Black Media?”—Sa Neter’s rival? What does your book say? “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8) AND “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth” (Revelations 3:16). This is you Michael Edwards!

I give every YouTuber a chance to be friends—to be cordial with Khalil Amani. We don’t have to agree. We just have to be respectful. Israel Doctrine is to blame for you knowing Khalil Amani. For it was he, in unravelling Poppy’s warped narrative on Afrika Bambaataa, who searched these Internets—high and low and walked through the graveyard of Internet posts and exhumed Khalil Amani—and brought him into this Bambaataa “shit-uation” as thee first media personage to “out” Bambaataa!

Michael Edwards first disrespected me with a “faggot” comment and now he’s being aired out by one of the illest with a pen. If you hear Lexx Vortex tell it, Michael Edwards is such a shit-stain on the Conscious Community that he'd like to (and I quote) "Like Michael Edwards. That's a dude you just gotta tie up and whip like one of the old slaves. With a cat-o'-nine tails with this sharp metal on the end of 'em like they used to do to the slaves and just whip him until he dies!" Sounds like Lexx is a shit-stain too, but damn! 

At the end of the day, inquiring about a man's sexuality is sexual voyeurism bordering on D/L-ism. I've shown you my (figurative) dick (work)! Now pull out yours and let's see what you're working with! As Conscious Speculation told Nature Boy, "My dick is bigger than yours!"

Khalil Amani is gay hip-hop's "Straight Advocate." He writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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