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Michael Edwards: Sa Neter’s Hypocritical FBI Agent!

Michael Edwards: Sa Neter’s Hypocritical FBI Agent!

By Khalil Amani

This is YouTuber Michael Edwards. Like Khalil Amani, he too, is an admitted government informant. The difference is that Khalil Amani has no qualms telling you that he once worked for the FBI. Michael Edwards has been "caught with his finger in the cookie jar," while trying to expose Khalil Amani! We find that he too, went to those people! (The FBI) Now read! 

I’ve admitted to being a government informant. That’s old news to the people who know me. They know my story. I have been very candid and transparent about what happened 35 years ago. You can Google me, read newspapers about me, read books about me and/or go on YouTube and see interviews of me detailing my life in the Yahweh cult and having to enter the Federal Witness Protection Program. It’s all there!

Moving right along!

We know that Poppy’s mentor is a snitch—Troi Torain aka Star of YouTube, whose show, “Snitch Network” advocates snitching. Poppy has said that he doesn’t run with rats and snitches (Is there really a difference?), but his actions betray his words. Poppy has a “hands off” policy regarding Star—presumably because Star helped him get his message out about Afrika Bambaataa, even though we now know that Star didn’t give a fuck about Poppy by putting his video out and Poppy begging him to take it down through Mickey Bentson and Ahmad Henderson. Star said, “Fuck you Poppy! Your video is staying up!”


More recently, YouTuber and conscious community frontman, Sa Neter hosted a show on government informants and rats and snitches. He plastered my face all over his screen as an example of today’s snitches. I wasn’t mad at him though. (And I don’t believe in “flagging” channels, except where threats over life and limb are concerned.) I get what Sa Neter was trying to prove. I’ll give him a C+—satisfactory for his efforts—but I can teach him a thingy or two about how this government informant thing works.

Here is my problem with what Sa Neter was trying to prove. During the show, a caller, another YouTuber named Michael Edwards called in and put in his two cents on government informants. This show was to call attention to the many government informants among the ranks of different conscious community organizations—the Kemetic community, the Hebrew Israelites, the Moors, the RBG’s, etc. In the eyes of the government—they are one—however they may fancy themselves to be different from one another. In the eyes of the government, they all harbor extreme identities and are separatist groups.

After all the hooping and hollering and false equivalencies—and the false narrative put forth by Poppy (who has never read the paperwork on Khalil Amani or the Yahweh cult!) regarding my government “shit-uation”—after lumping my story in with some dude who was on the FBI payroll as a certified snitch (because he cooperated with the government to lessen his probation)—guess what? Sa Neter has a government informant in his ranks! If I’m lying I’m flying! His name is Michael Edwards, the same caller who was doing his best RBG impersonation!

Definition of Government Informant: According to Wikipedia“The term is usually used within the law enforcement world, where they are known as confidential or criminal informants (CI). A person who provides privileged information about a person organization to an agency. Any citizen who provides crime related information to law enforcement by definition is an informant. Informants are often regarded as traitors by their former criminal associates. Whatever the nature of a group, it is likely to feel strong hostility toward any known informers, regard them as threats and inflict punishments ranging from social ostracism through physical abuse and/or death. Informers are therefore generally protected, either by being segregated while in prison or, if they are not incarcerated, relocated under a new identity."

You got it? By definition—most of us have been informants! LOL! If you’ve ever told a police anything—small or great—whether you heard the neighbors fighting and called the police or witnessed a traffic accident and gave an account to the police—you were an informant!

But back to Sa Neter…

Sa Neter’s whipping boy—Sa Neter’s sycophant (brown-noser)—Sa Neter’s do-boy—Sa Neter’s junkyard dawg—Sa Neter’s YouTube goon—when Sa Neter wants to “throw rocks and hide his hands”—he sends this fuckboy, Michael Edwards to do his Internet bullying! They play “good cop bad cop” (Or, "Monkey in the middle") on these Internets! Sa Neter is the good cop and Michael Edwards is the bad cop—the person used to adjust motherfuckers—at least, that’s what they think they are doing. But get this!

Michael Edwards, just like Khalil Amani is a government informant! I own mine! Now its time to make Michael Edwards own his! Michael spent all day making YouTube videos, shamelessly rehashing Khalil Amani’s admission as a government informant. (Can you say, “ad nauseam?”) It’s almost nauseating. What more is there stood to be gained by showing clips of a man who owns his past? Khalil Amani got his “Eminem” on years ago, letting the “cat out the bag,” getting the “skeletons out of his closet”—so Michael Edwards is simply repeating to an audience what has already been said. His videos have ZERO sting! LOL. Really doe!

But Michael Edwards is a government informant as well! On Sa Neter’s YouTube show he suggested that Khalil Amani should’ve “been a man” and “got his guns” and went down to the Yahweh temple and shot it out with the Yahwehs to free his children. Khalil Amani was blasted for using civil jurisprudence and employing the FBI to help him free his children from the grasp of a murderous and pedophilic cult. Sa Neter, with a shit-eating grin on his face cosigned Michael’s rhetoric.

But Michael Edwards is a government informant as well! When another YouTuber put Michael's information on these Internets—put his address and a picture of his house on the Internet, what did Michael Edwards do? Do you think he "got his guns" and jumped in his car and ran across the Interstate to find the culprits? Do you think he jumped on a flight and “went to see a man about a dog?” (Looked for the perpetrator)? No! He ran straight into the arms of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION! The fucking FBI! Yes he did! He said (and I quote!)—“I wanna inform you that I have contacted the FBI—in my state—I’ve contacted IC3—You should know what that is—you doing Internet terrorism, you should know! And I have also contacted the local authorities. I’ve taken measures and steps with YouTube and my lawyer…. all of y’all are going to go to prison! …The FBI are gonna contact Omar Goodall…"

Now get this!

Khalil Amani became a government informant after threats on his life and not being allowed to be with his children from arguably the most militant and murderous cult in the United States—definitely the most violent Hebrew Israelite group in American who had killed at least seventeen (17) people by decapitation, slicing ears off and other sadistic and medieval methods—and Michael Edwards becomes a government informant after ONE unknown Internet troll puts his whereabouts on line! LOL! You can’t make this shit up! How easily do we forget! Or does he think we won’t uncover his words? I think I’m gonna steal Star’s phrase, “The Hater misses nothing!” I don’t miss too much on these Internets!

This is the hypocrisy of Michael Edwards—to post videos of a confessed government informant—to go on Sa Neter’s platform and talk all that rah, rah shit about what Khalil Amani should’ve done 35 years ago as a 25 year old man and here he is at 38 years old going to the FBI over a simple Internet address outing! This fuck-nigga is scarier than Khalil Amani! lol

Sa Neter! We’ve gotta do better! Michael Edwards is far worse than Khalil Amani as snitching goes—as government informers goes! After Michael Edwards got on your show and talked about Khalil Amani being a government informant—how well do you think he would’ve been received if your audience had heard this audio? Play the audio Stu!

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