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Mickey Skillz Has a Credibility Problem

Mickey Skillz Has a Credibility Problem!

We bloggers are very opinionated fellows. We are the conscience of our movements. We spilled the “tea” as the gays call it, and sometimes we rag on each other in the spirit of friendly (or unfriendly) blogger one-upmanship.

Take gay hip-hop blogger Mickey Skillz.

(Easter-suit-wearing gay blogger Mickey "McDonald's" Skillz. The most "skillfull" burger flipper!)

He recently posted another one of his sorry-ass blogs (@ where my name came up. My name stays in his blogs more than coke in Twizza's nose! He didn’t call my name outright, but those of us who follow this gay hip-hop bullshit know who he was referencing. He said, and I quote “Even that ole' ass man who writes at least 3 long winded blogs a day ...approached me about doing a blog with him to talk about Bry'nt's ex lover putting him on blast in a youtube video.(Seriously?!)”

(Who the fuck spells "old" like ole'? Ole' [olay!] is a Spanish word that bullfighters use! If you wanna be cute spell it ol or ol')

Point one: Thank you for pointing out my literary saaviness about writing three blogs a day! That takes hella imagination! Unlike the rest of the so-called "bloggers" at, which put out one blog every four months and blame it on "having a life" and "busy" (LOL!) (One blogger hasn't "blogged" since May of 2009!) FACE IT! The real problem is you have no writing ability, no creativity and no imagination, so writing ONE BLOG is a monumental task, kinda like when your teacher told you to write a five-page essay and you shitted in your drawhs! Now you wanna call yourself a "blogger" (writer!) Yeah, right! Don't hate me because I don't have to work from "can't see mornin' to can't see night" and have time to "get it in!" I went to school, finished high-school and college and have a career! Just because Mickey Skillz works at McDonald's during the morning rush hour and Pizza Hut on the weekends, don't get mad at me for having time to really WRITE!

Point Two: The only way that he would know if anyone was reading my blogs is that he’d have to come over to my site, which, indeed, he has, and see who’s commented. So he’s admitting that he’s slummed over here to check on me, even though he (and many others) won’t leave a comment. They don’t want to leave any clue that they secretly read my shit!

Point Three: This “Incognegro” said that I "approached" him about doing a blog on gay rapper Bry’Nt. I say he’s a muthafuckin’ bald-faced faggot-ass liar! Take it any way you want! And to prove he’s a muthafuckin’ bald-faced faggot-ass liar here is the tweet he sent me on Twitter regarding the blog on Bry’Nt!

The first entry is him answering my Twitter question and telling me that he's gonna blog about it. The second tweet is Mickey Skillz Tweeting me about BryN't's fall-out with his lover.

See Mickey Skillz! It says "MICKEYSKILLZ@KHALILAMANI!" fuck-boy! You now have a credibility problem! How many other lies have you written? Let’s face it—once a liar, always a liar! This dude has no life and is a virtual, cyber nobody! Lol! He claims he writes for Ozone Magazine. I personally know Julia Beverly!

(Khalil Amani with Julia Beverly, owner of Ozone Magazine)

She doesn’t know any Mickey Skillz! He claims he’s from San Diego. I called my homeboys up and they searched San Diego far and wide—South East, Logan Ave, National City, Chula Vista and couldn’t find hide-nor-hair of this incognegro! He claims he goes to Miami and hobnobs with industry folk! Ain't a picture of nary palm tree on his Myspace page! How do you go to Miami (South Beach) and not take ANY pictures?

Khalil Amani on South Beach, Florida, a 305 representer!

He claims to know a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend in the music business. No he doesn't! It's all smoke & mirrors! If he was somebody we'd see some evidence of his involvement in hip-hop. He hasn't shown us one IOTA of proof that he's really 'bout it 'bout it as Master P used to say. A fraud from the word go!

(Khalil Amani with WORLD-FAMOUS DJ Kayslay. I write for his magazine!)

This nigga Mickey Skillz don't know anybody! Never met anybody! Ain't affiliated with nobody! Gay hip-hop heads are being duped and conned by this nobody-of-a-blogger who can't produce ONE PICTURE of himself with anyone of note. It is not a coincidence that VIRTUALLY NOBODY in the gay hip-hop world has seen or met the mysterious Mickey Skillz! Why? Because even he's ashamed of how his life has turned out! lol! His life has been one great big EPIC FAIL! I mean, come on! "Asshole-blogger?" Is that your "Claim to Fame?" As Ed Lover would say, "C'mon son!" Just look at the Flea Market Easter suit and you know he ain't got his shit together! lol!

(Khalil Amani with reality star Ray J)

(Khalil Amani with Kanye West)

(Khalil Amani with video vixen Lia Cha ft. in 50 Cent video)

(Khalil Amani in Spin Magazine)

(Khalil Amani on cover of Straight Stuntin Magazine)

(Khalil Amani... author!)

(Khalil Amani to Mickey Skillz... eat dese [old] nutz! Nix that! Forgot you were gay. You'd love to do that!)

Mickey can't see me in this hip-hop shit or with his pen-game! Truly, "asshole" must be your "skill."

Trust me when I tell you this is his life—writing blogs, but the problem is it takes him a looooong time to construct one! The only reason he didn’t follow through with the BryN’t blog was because he peeped mine and saw how genius, well-written and humorous it was and decided he better not post his rag-tag-of-a-blog next to mine! Lol! And then he concocted a new blog and lied and said I wanted to do a blog with him! Well now you have the proof of who solicited who! Eat crow Negro! (Hey! That rhymed!)

"To Thine Own Self, Be True..."

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