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My 5-Star Chicks: My daughters.

Most fathers would have a problem with knowing that their daughter/s is/was a stripper, video model or in Playboy Magazine. Well I’m not! The nude body is the work of the Creator—Yahweh, God, Allah, or Jehovah, whichever name you fancy. God made a naked Adam and Eve and the Bible says that “everything which God made was good!”(Genesis 1) There was no shame in nudity in the beginning. Nudity, as “shame” is a biblical principle, rooted in the Old Testament’s hatred of the Goddess religions, which proliferated in the Ancient Near East. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all “shamefully” taught that nudity and nakedness for women are shameful. This is why sex is viewed in a negative light. You ever heard your mama say, “Put some clothes on and stop ‘showing your shame!’?” How about the sex act as “doin’ the nasty” and "bumpin’ uglies?” The penis and the vagina are ugly? Sex is ugly?

The same argument that the Bible makes against homosexuality can be made for nudity and women. The supposed laws condemning homosexuality and the second-class citizenship of women as “property” (see Ten Commandments) is rooted in the subjugation of women and religious freedoms to worship the Creator as one sees fit.

I am of the very educated opinion that nudity, as presented in print media, film or performance (dance) is “art” and should be viewed as such. I don’t buy the “objectification/exploitation of women” argument here in America. In other (Third World) countries—yes! But in the good-ol’ US of A—for the most part women are making conscious decisions to use their bodies as a tool of empowerment—for financial gain. (By-the-way, I’m a proponent of legalizing prostitution—decriminalizing sex between consenting adults for monetary gain, along with legalizing marijuana.. and no, I don’t smoke the ganja.)

Some months back, I wrote a blog and introduced a very tasteful photograph of one of my daughters sporting a bikini. Negroes went coo-coo! They accused me of incest and lusting after my own seed and questioned my morals. The fuck? Not only are they dismayed that I advocate for gay heads doing hip-hop—he’s proud to show his daughter in a bikini! Wow!

Religion has fucked us up! Brainwashed and don’t even know it!

To them I first say, “Fuck you!” Secondly, I am proud when I look at my daughters’ beauty and think to myself, “This is what God blessed me to create!” Hell fucking yes! And then they have intelligence to match their aesthetics! Awesome combination—every man’s and woman's dream—beauty & brains! And #3—my daughter/s (and many other strippers) have morals and do what they do because they are sexually liberated. Dance, for many exotic dancers is a means-to-an-end—a celebration of womanhood, sexuality, and youth (and a quick way to make lots of money!)

There have been songs, which spout the philosophical beauty of the feminine form. “Shake what yo’ mama gave you!” “Use what you got to get what you want!” “She’s a brick house… 36-24-36 what a winnin’ hand!” “I like big butts and I cannot lie!” “Pumps and bump.” “Pretty young thang.”

Musically, we celebrate curvaceous women—voluptuous women—as long as it aren’t our daughter! We will spend our whole paycheck at the strip club, and then, turn around and hypocritically disown our daughter if we find out she’s a stripper!

I find it interesting that Americans are so uptight about nudity. We fancy ourselves “enlightened” and “liberated,” but really, we are very close-minded when it comes to sexuality and nudity. We are completely brainwashed to believe that there is something vile about showing one’s nude body in all of its beauty. Chris Rock joked that it was every father’s duty to “Keep our daughters off the pole.” Lol. (From becoming a stripper). The hypocrisy is that most heterosexual men, at one point and time in their lives, have visited a “Gentleman’s Club” and have taken their hard-earned money and “made it sprinkle (rain)” (or put money in a stripper’s G-string)—taking money out of the mouths of his wife and children for the expressed purpose of his own sexual gratification. On many occasions, the night before a man marries the love of his life—his soul mate—he can be found in the strip club with his boys getting lap dances for his bachelor party. And if his boys really wanna send him off right, he might get to go in a private room and play “Battleship”—he lay down and she blows him to hell!

As long as it is not our daughter on the pole, we feel justified in our actions. Hypocrisy! Well I am proud to say that I have two daughters that have been on the pole—two daughters that understand the primitiveness of the male mind—two daughters who understand that there’s nothing inherently wrong with “nudity”—two daughters that are sexually liberated and know who they are as black women—two daughters that don’t have to hide what they do from their father for fear of being ostracized and excommunicated from the family!

In the new issue of DJ Kayslay’s “Straight Stuntin Magazine” catch my article “The Video Vixen: Hip-hop’s Mary Magdalene”—a more in-depth look at the role of the video star and how hip-hop uses her.

In the meantime, meet my 5-Star Chicks—my daughters!

(Turi, my daughter who's appeared in several magazines, featured in Trina ft. Ludacris video "B R Right" and MTV's VMA's with Fat Joe for "Lean Back."

(My daughter Tara, a dancer at Atlanta's famed "Strokers Gentleman's Club."

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