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My UFO Encounter...

By Khalil Amani


How vain and how arrogant we humans are to disbelieve that there aren’t other life-forms in the Universe! Looking at the “known” Universe and the earth’s place in that great cosmic abyss—how can humankind really think that they are alone—a "god” who claims to be the architect of worlds seen and unseen! You mean, after creating humans He stopped there? And so, for posterity (future generations) I write this blog and to put into evidence, my UFO sighting as fact—with the many UFO sightings seen around the world everyday, all day.


I’ve always believed that there is life beyond planet earth. I’ve always believed that the UFO phenomenon is real, but secretly wondered why UFOs never land in the hood or are seen by black folk. UFOs seem to visit rural places like Iowa and European countries. It is as if the comic was right; “If a UFO lands in the hood, they gettin’ straight jacked! Nigga’s gonna take his spaceship and put some rims on that shit!”


But all jokes aside, I had my first real encounter with some UFOs! Now, now! Before you think the old man’s lost his marbles, hear me out and let me show you what I captured on film. Here’s my story.


I live in Miami and work on Miami Beach at Mt. Sinai Hospital. A few of you know that I’m basically temporarily homeless. I’m about to move back to Denver to reunite with my wife. (I took a job in Miami with hopes of relocating my wife after we sold our home). I’ve given up my apartment and for the last few weeks have been living between my car and my work—a very temporary situation. My routine is to park my car in the employee parking-lot at night, which overlooks beautiful downtown Miami from across the bay. My car seat reclines into a supine position and I stretch out. Most nights my windows are down and the breeze off the bay acts as an air-conditioner. I don’t worry about someone walking up on me because the parking-lot is gated and you need an employee badge to access it.


On August 13, 2012 (my dad’s birthday), about 9:00 p.m. I left the hospital patient family waiting room where I had been watching Love & Hip-Hop’s Steebie J and the coonery I’ve become so fond of. I was headed to my car to get some zzzzs. On this particular night I decided to back my car in—up near the main access road, which separated the bay from the parking-lot. But before I retired I decided to sit on the edge of the bay and just look out at the water.


Remembering, as kids, how we used to throw rocks in the water and count how many times we could make a rock skip over the top of the water—I grabbed four rocks and commenced to skipping rocks across the water. As I let go of the fourth rock and watched it skip across the water I turned to my immediate right and began to kneel down to gather more rocks when brightness caught my eye!


“What the fuck!” I said out loud. In the sky at the 2:00 position were three circular lights forming a pyramid! “Ah hell nah!” I said out loud again. For about ten seconds I stared in sheer disbelief at what I was witnessing.


The sky was clear this night; nary a cloud anywhere. This was no airplane, weather balloon, shooting/falling-star, meteor or anything I had ever seen in the heavens and I’ve seen a few strange things, but nothing as magnificent as this! These three orbs just hovered in the sky, perfect ciphers, which radiated light.


Within that 10-second period I gathered myself and ran for my car, which was only about 20-feet from where I stood and grabbed my camera. I knew exactly where my camera was, because I had used it the previous week in Washington, D.C. at the Urban Model Awards. It was tucked away in my laptop bag. Mind you, my camera was a $100 35 millimeter camera—you know, just good enough for taking pictures of hawt chicks in the club for Facebook or some other random stuff; not for taking pictures at night, in the sky, at a distance, but what the hey! If I didn’t try to get this on film most of you Negroes & naysayers would surely think I’m lying because I ran out of clever shit to write about.


Within 30-seconds I was back at the edge of the bay and began shooting what I believed were UFOs glowing in the near distance. The first picture I took I did not zoom in. “ZOOM IN KHALIL!”I heard my mind screaming at me. I zoomed in all the way. Snap, snap, snap! And then—and then, for some unknown reason my camera went into a “5-second delay” format. I have never programmed my camera to do this function and wouldn’t know how! Shit!


Right about this time, the three orbs began to reposition. The top UFO moved out of the triangle position and dropped down forming a straight line with the other two UFOs. When I say “UFO” I mean just that—Unidentified Flying Objects—perhaps man-made, perhaps extraterrestrial, but nonetheless, unidentifiable to my eyes.


Once the straight line was formed, the middle UFO merged left and became one with the other UFO. I was able to take two more pictures as the UFO joined with the other UFO and then my camera—the goddamned camera went dead! Battery depleted! How could this be? As I said, I had used my camera just a week prior to this sighting and had only snapped about 35 pictures total! My camera is capable of taking well over 200 pictures and here it is dying on me on less than 50 pictures? This is some bullshit!


I’ve heard about UFOs causing electrical interference. All I could do is stand on the bay’s edge and watch as the UFOs were there and then—suddenly, not there. They literally disappeared before my eyes. They didn’t race off into the night sky. They went POOF!


Heart racing, head shaking, I stood there for a few minutes after they left to take in what I had just witnessed. Was this real? Did these UFOs just show themselves to a nigga? Why had I been allowed to see them? Who else saw them? I hope my camera caught something so I won’t look like a liar when I tell people about this encounter.


After a few more minutes I moved my car. Why, I don’t really know. Perhaps to a safer spot (like they couldn’t get at me under a tree!) After that, I went back to a patio area where I could get hospital Wifi reception and downloaded my pictures to my computer. While they downloaded I put a call in to Channel 7 news weather to inquire if anyone had called in about the sighting. They said no one has called them.


After the pictures downloaded and I was able to enlarge them, there they were! Grainy and out of focus, but they were there! Just as my eyes had witnessed! They were there!


How does one hold an experience like this in? I couldn’t. After calling my wife back in Denver and relating my story I immediately posted them on Facebook—to be scorned or validated—and on cue, both mentalities were represented. I guess I can’t really blame people for ridiculing my claim to have seen UFOs. Hell, I’m skeptical of those claims by others, but now I have a newfound perspective—having been a witness to their presence.


The next day I contacted MUFON(Mutual UFO Network), one of the world’s foremost authorities on UFO activity. I went to their website and downloaded my pictures and filled out a sighting form. That same evening I was contacted by a field officer and she interviewed me. That is my story.


On my dead mama, this is the truth! Fuck the jokesters and those thinking I’m lying and those of you who will justify what I saw so you can sleep well at night. You just had to fucking be there to understand the magnitude of my ordeal! I am forever changed by it.


Now you judge for yourself and whatever conclusion you wanna make, go for it!


Picture #1

Unexplainable circular white spots, very close to where I'm standing, which are not on my lens. Orbs not shown because I have not zoomed in yet. The lights on the bottom are land--Miami.

Picture #2

(After I zoomed in, there they are! Three [3] UFOs! Land at bottom)

Picture #3

(UFOs moving to different position)

Picture #4

(One UFO merges with UFO on left. Notice Tail or trail...)

Picture #5

(Three UFOs become two UFOs)

Picture #6

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Comment by Lisabeth on November 11, 2012 at 7:06pm

i read this last night,,, i agree totally with what you saw. indeed it was a UFO X3,,, i'm also thinking, yes, they cut off your camera, notice though, they allowed you enough for "evidence" that was verified.
expect to see more,,, ijs

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