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Mysonne, The N.Y. General: I Could Lead The Way (The Mixtape)


Mysonne, The NY General: I Could Lead the Way (The Mixtape)

By Khalil Amani


Once in awhile, a rap mixtape comes along that really get my juices flowing. And so it is with Mysonne’s mixtape, “I Could Lead the Way.” Now I understand his displeasure and disgust with neo-rapper Lil B! Mysonne is on some other ish—and he wants the rap world to follow.

(Rapper Mysonne, The N.Y. General)

Mysonne and I had some “Twitter beef”—no, it wasn’t beef, but rather a gentlemanly disagreement about the merits of Lil B and his music. Lo and behold, I met Mysonne two weeks later in Miami during Memorial Day Weekend. See? This is why you should watch what you say on the Internet all you bloggers and celebrity stalkers. Mysonne could’ve whipped my ass had I been disrespectful on Twitter, but instead, we popped bottles. But the reality is—I’m one of the few bloggers that can actually go out amongst the hip-hop populace, because my modus operandi isn’t to diss folk to gain attention. Meeting Mysonne was my blessing.

                                                            (Rapper Mysonne & blogger Khalil Amani in Miami)

Mysonne is not just another rapper. Nay! He is an introspective thug—a lyricist cut from the cloth of the great New York emcees that preceded him. With the street cred of Bang Bang Boogie and industry backing of The Game’s Black Wall Street, Mysonne is set to take this rap shit by the horns! He’s got all the gifts to lift New York out of its Rip Van Winkle/R.E.M. sleep and take back the throne of rap.

The great thing about Mysonne’s gift to us is that it is not feature-heavy. Mysonne makes the CD, not his guest spots! You get the mind of Mysonne—straight, no chaser, and when he does bring in the big guns they compliment his flow seamlessly—from Fred the Godson to Jadakiss, Styles P, Nore, Red Café and newcomer Ralph Random and rap battle veteran Goodz.


This is a must-have mixtape for rap purists. It is a mixtape that is as good as or better than a lot of CDs! One of the unique qualities of his CD is that it is filled with original beats that are bangers. I literally liked every song! Mysonne gives us 17 great tracks of original music and then shows us that he can get with the current rap scene and “goes in” on bangers like Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard,” Rick Ross’s “Tupac’s Back,” YG’s “Racks On Racks,” Rihanna’s “What’s My Name” and Miguel’s “All I Want is You.”

The first joint, “Lead the Way”—Mysonne sets the tone and mission of his music. He lets the haters know that his “opinion” is not hate, but free-thought, based on morals and principles. With punch-lines like “The reality is our salaries done messed up our mentalities…” Mysonne places himself within that movement of great black leaders—Moses, Martin, Malcolm, Huey P., Tupac …Mysonne, the 5-Star General. Like Tupac, Mysonne is an intelligent thug, seeking to bring sanity to hip-hop while staying true to the streets.

Coincidentally, the hottest song on “I Can Lead the Way” is a banger called “Burn”—carrying the torch of Usher’s “Let It Burn” into the Stratosphere by paying homage to hip-hop DJs far and wide, while reclaiming New York as the Mecca of hip-hop. This song is reminiscent of Eminem’s “Stan”—an eerie opus, which features a woman singing in the background over a hard slow beat. The shit is pure fire! If they ain’t rockin’ this shit on New York Hot 97 and 105, they really fuckin’ up! This is a radio hit! Mysonne cleverly raps, “Usher said, ‘Let it burn,’ so I’m-a let New York burn, burn… my city shitty, sometimes my city Diddy, sometimes we cock hammers and get to the nitty gritty.”

On the song “Sheesh,” Mysonne gets his braggadocio on, exhibiting his sense of humor rapping, “When I step in the building, my aura, it be on a million …the gays, I got them amazed, they be like ‘Sheesh!’”

Don’t sleep on this cat Mysonne! I don’t be endorsing every rapper that I meet, but Mysonne is the truth! We mythologized the likes of Tupac, who had no real street cred. Well here’s a cat that has street cred, a real rap sheet, real gang affiliation and social awareness unparalleled in today’s hip-hop scene. Mysonne is what the game needs—realness! Mysonne is cosigned by the biggest names in New York hip-hop, as well as West Coast rapper The Game. Catch up with him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and

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