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Nicki Minaj: A Father’s Worst Nightmare?

Nicki Minaj: A Father’s Worst Nightmare?

By Khalil Amani

I am inspired to write this blog after reading my hip-hop boss’s blog, Chuck Creekmur of over at concerning Nicki Minaj’s latest gimmick of showing her big ol’ bootylicious, phat-ass in a G-String for her song, “Anaconda.” (Side note: Doesn’t “Anaconda” supposed to be a ghetto symbolic term for the male genitalia? Is she hiding something from us? Maybe I'll consult with Sir Mix-A-Lot. I’m jus’ sayin’…) The picture has gotten my boss’s panties all in a bunch (I’m gonna try to unravel them without getting fired from, so-much-so that he had to pen an “Open Letter” to Miss Minaj out of fear for his daughter and black girls coming into womanhood. Mr. Creekmur’s letter was honest, fearful and painful. He expressed the fears of every dad—that is, that a father’s daughter could be influenced by the likes of Nicki Minaj and grows up with seemingly low moral standards and end up half nude (or nude) in somebody’s magazine, strip club or even worse—a porn flick.

I know firsthand Mr. Creekmur’s fear. Chuck! Let me talk to you as a big brother.

Straight-up! I’m the father of two daughters that grew up and became booty Urban Models and strippers! I’ve said this in a past blog and niggas “went it” on my ass (Pause!) in the comment section (couldja at least use KY Jelly next time?)—deconstructing my parenting, assuming that they might have been molested—all kinds of random-ass shit that trolls pull from between their butt-cheeks just to be heard. (I’m amused by it all!)

Yes! One of my daughters even worked at famed King of Diamonds in Miami. She was pretty enough to be featured on their billboard/ad truck below. Don't worry about which one she is! She's one of them! Save ya slick ass remarks for the comment section, 'cause a nigga ain't never said no slick shit to my face about one-a mines! I rides for mine and I'll die for mines!

But no! My daughters were raised in a normal family setting. As a matter of fact, they were born into a strict Hebrew Israelite household—observing such religious festivals as Passover, Feast of Weeks and Sabbath.

And once they became preteens and teens, they watched their dad (ME!) on TV ripping to shreds religious-types and heard him lecture at universities and colleges across the Midwest on Afrocentricity. Books were ever-present in our home—from Washington’s “Up From Slavery” to Dubois’s “The Souls of Black Folk.” These girls even saw their father in deep conversation with the great Kwame Toure aka Stokely Carmichael! R.I.P. (It gets no mo’ militant than that!) If ya don't know who Kwame Toure was, your black history is ass! "All Power to the People!" "Black Power!" Really doe!

(Yes! That's me on my young revolutionary ish! That's what my daughters saw!)

I say all of this to say that we as parents can do everything in our power to keep our daughters “off the pole” (as Chris Rock once joked), but ultimately it will be their decision to make that choice. Mr. Creekmur’s fears are well-founded and though he may keep Nicki’s crotch and butt-cheeks out of his daughter’s sight, nothing will guarantee the moral well-being of his daughter—or your daughter!

Like, what did Laurence Fishburne do to cause his daughter, Montana Fishburne aka “Chippy D” to whore herself out to porn—a child that grew up in the limelight of her famous millionaire father—or Mimi Faust from releasing a “homemade” porn video (wink-wink) on the day that her father passes away?

One might think this is a Nature/Nurture debate (and it might be!), but perhaps it’s just the fact that this younger generation of women doesn’t conform to the sexual rigidity of their mothers. Nicki’s supposed “hypersexuality” is only “hyper” because it is defined through the lens of men. She is viewed as going against the grain of what is considered normalitive.

As Mr. Creekmur readily admits, he doesn’t mind leering at another father’s daughter’s derrière—in this case, Nicki Minaj, yet he is fearful that his daughter could be the next “Nicki Minaj.” Herein lies the hypocrisy of the male species. The strip clubs are filled to the rim with guys leering, ogling, and salivating over our curvaceous black women, yet the 99% of men would prolly have a conniption-fit if their daughter became a stripper! Who among us men is not guilty of going to a strip club, masturbating to a skin mag/porn or even worse, employing the services of a prostitute?

Nicki Minaj is no more than “The Sex That Sex Produced” (as Malcolm would say about “Hate”)—cut from the mold of Sara Baartman aka “Hottentot Venus” and Josephine Baker and duplicated through Lil Kim—Nicki was created by the male species from the signs & symbols she’s received since she was “knee-high to a grasshopper.” I’m sure Chuck realizes that and thus, the tenor of his letter was not bashing, but seeking to understand the motives behind the booty.

Nicki is not a father’s worst nightmare. She may be a scapegoat for bad parenting and the ills of a decadent (hip-hop) society, but whose fault is that? Dare I say the consumers of such licentiousness? Men!

Having been down this highway of sweet-innocent-daddy’s-girl-daughter-turnt-stripper—to you Chuck, I say, cool your jets, take your high-blood pressure pills (if needed) and be there as a father and continue to turn your daughter on to great black women and hope for the best. And then, come what may, you can say with a surety what the old folks in the country would say, “I did da bess I cud!”

Ps. Do I still have a job Chuck?

Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Instagram @khalil_amani, Youtube @ yahweh 12

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