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Not Hiding In Hip-Hop: Gay & Lesbian Rappers…“Out” and “Proud!”

Not Hiding In Hip-Hop: Gay & Lesbian Rappers…“Out” and “Proud!” By Khalil Amani

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding the release of Terrance Dean’s book, Hiding In Hip-Hop, I think it is most apropos to expose mainstream hip-hop audiences to some real, live, “out,” and openly Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender (LGBT) rappers. You talkin’ about “keepin’ it real?” Unlike those D/L brothas and sistas who’ve gone on to mainstream rap success—those rappers who we’ve all speculated about their sexuality—those rappers and athletes whom Terrance Dean claims to have boinked—these are young people who ain’t fakin’ da funk regarding their sexuality. Unlike the spineless D/Ls who feign straighter-than-an-arrow for the sake of the music industry, these gay and lesbian rappers have balls unparalleled in the annals of musical history! So let me save you twenty-five bucks by telling you that Terrence Dean is no Superhead! Not one single solitary rapper or athlete is “outed!” Just a bunch of speculation and innuendo! Phuck that shyt!

You can argue all you want about gays in hip-hop—about not letting them into the “Good Ole Boys Club” of mainstream, cock-sure, male-dominated, homophobic rap world, but you’d just be contradicting the very essence of hip-hop—that is, giving a voice to the voiceless—exploring a world of love, loss, pain, hate, and coming to terms with sexuality as second-class citizens through rap music. And whether they are eventually accepted into the mainstream rap world based on their talent is irrelevant! They’re here! They’re queer! And they’re out! And they just don’t give a flyin’ phuck what you think! You just gotta love their courage and boldness!

I’ve heard these hetero hip-hop heads talk about gay rap! Ignorantly, sarcastically, smugly and rhetorically they ask, “Can these gay rappers even rap? Maybe there’s never been a mainstream gay rapper because their raps are garbage!” as if every hetero rapper on the radio is lyrically gifted! To them I say, “Have you ever taken the time to listen to any gay or lesbian rapper’s CD?” No! Caushun, perhaps the most visible/famous homo rapper that had his “15 minutes of mainstream fame,” getting a little shine on B.E.T. is probably most heterosexuals’ answer to gay hip-hop. A true flaming fag with limited skills and subject material! He has been exposed as the “Milli Vanilli” of homo-hop. Kimora Lee Simmons (ex-wife of Russell Simmons) signed him to her Baby Phat record label. The rumor is that Caushun neither wrote, recorded nor rhymed live. He never put out an album. He was the face behind the farce! A public ruse! A fuckin’ gimmick! That ain’t gay hip-hop/homo-hop! Let me refer you to some real homo rappers!

We’ve heard of someone named “Misdemeanor” (Missy Elliot), but have you heard of someone named “FELONi?” There ain’t a better straight woman rapper out here who she can’t go rhyme for rhyme with! You can take words like “lesbian,” “woman,” and “feminist” from this rhyme-sayer’s name and sit them in the corner! She is a true MC in the purest form. Her CD, A Woman’s Revenge is one of the best rap CDs I’ve heard in years—a CD where every song is bangin’—no filler bullshit—and thank God, no special guest appearances from lesser popular rappers! Thirteen tracks of pure fire—all FELONi—A “Five Mic” classic CD! Definitely a homo-hop/rap classic. On her opening song “No Fear,” she comes right at you rapping, “My mama never had a good man in life, for all you muthafuckas wantin’ to know why I’m a dike!” On her title track song “A Woman’s Revenge,” a spoken word piece, she raps to the men, “Try to change your world ‘cause pretty soon no girl will be willing to bow down and suck your dick—especially after she—suck my clit… this is a New World Order and it involves some of your daughters.” On another tract FELONi raps, “If hip-hop is here to represent the black collective, then what the fuck is it about MY black perspective?” Fuck what you heard (about gay and lesbian rappers)!

And this cat Deadlee, the “gayngsta” rapper—another homo rapper who summons the spirit of Ice-T’s CD Body Count. His CD, Assault With A Deadlee Weapon—a groundbreaking record, courageously contrived to dispel the myth of the soft, effeminate homosexual man. His rap style blends rap, rock, R&B and spoken word, woven together to fit his uber-hyper-masculine persona. And at the same time Deadlee exposes us to the woes of growing up gay in a masculine world with cuts like the soul-bearing “Good Soldier II,” which conjures up the ghost of Otis Redding with its heart-wrenching backup vocals. Deadlee raps, “Dissin’ faggots blindly, I’m doin’ you the same! Unless you change the rules in this fucked-up rap game. Realest nigga after 50 Cent, you lookin’ tame. Homo-thug for life G-A-Y-N-G…bang! Crucified for the truth, like Jesus I will hang. When the faggots strike back, I will take the blame. Sunday, bloody Sunday, they killin’ in my name. Spell it! D-E-A-D-L-E-E… for all the years of shame!” Again, fuck what you heard about gay rappers! Check the technique!

Gay rappers can be seen on MTV's Logo channel. They've been written about in Spin Magazine, LA Times and DJ Kayslay's Straight Stuntin Magazine (thanks to yours truly!)

Introducing some gay, lesbian, Bi, and transgendered rappers that are knocking on the door of mainstream hip-hop and bringing their A-game.

170+ Gay & Lesbian Rappers You Should Get To Know!

Aggracycst, Alicia Leafgreen aka White Lesbian Rapper (WLR), AloneStar, Anaturale, Anye Elite, Aquariz, A.R.K. The God Given, Aron Price, Ashley Breathe, Athens Boys Choir, Baron, Benni E, Ben Rich, Best In Da Game, Bigg Nugg, (Bone) Intell, BQE, B.O.I. Sha, Bry’Nt, Captain Magik, Cazwell, Chewy, Code Red, Corey Houlihan, DaLyrical, Damashai, Da Starr N Ice Show, Deadlee, Deep Dickollective (Juba Kalamka, JB Rap, Buttaflysoul, Baraka Noel, Marcus Rene, Solas B. Lalgee), Delacruz, De la Erika, Diamond Diva, Dion-Punk of Da South, DJ Baker (Da Doo dirty Show), DJ Delon, DJ Johnny Turok, Double-K.I., DownLow, Drew Mason, Dutchboy, Dyamond Theory, Eddy J. Free, El-Don, E.N.V., Ericka Kane, Fat Rat, FELONi, Filf Dos, Fine$$, Foxxjazell, G-The Misfit, Glorian Night, God-dess & She, Grand Royal, Granthm, Hanifah Walidah, Hissy Fitt, Hollywood, Houston Bernard, Hpnotiq, Illicitlife’s Triple Threat (Nik, Sparksfly, Alsace Carcione, Krys. S, Shawty B, Syncere, Uncut), Humility's Hand, Jane Bang, J Blakk, JenRO, J Night, Johnny Dangerous, Jonny Cash, J.r. The King of Gay Muisc, Julie Fucking Potter (JFP), Jwahari, Kaoz, Katastrophe, Katey Red, Keith Matador, Kel La Chelle, Ken Dahl, Kimistry, Kin, King Jabbar, Kiyle, Knymac, Lady L.U.S.T., Lady Mobsta, Lady Twist, Last Offence, Lester Green, Lisp, Lola Mazarati, Lucky Rudy Ru, Maasen, Mack Mistress, Madam Krook, MC Mid One, MC Pradah Black, Medino Green, Mélange Lavonne, MC Envy, MC Flow, Memphyz, Mirage, Miss Money, Miss Teary, Mistermaker, Money The B-Girl Wonder, Morplay, Mz. Dyzihre, Mz. Fontaine, Mz. Jonz, Mz TungWork, Nano Reyes, NAR, Nefertiti, Neiko aka Peachez, Nfamous the Kid, Nicky Click, No Mercy Elite, Operator Burstup, Original S.L.M., Out Mobb, Pam Jones, Peggstar, Phat Family, P-Nice, Pretty Boy, Pretty Thugs, Prince Cat-Eyez, Protégée, Psycho Sexy Martinez, QB of da Midwest, Q-Boy, QPid, Ricoshade, Rigomortis, Salvimex, Sanchez, Scarletto, Scream Club, Sgt. Sass, Shante Paradigm, Shorty Roc, Shugah Bair, DJ Sirah, Sissy Nobby, Sissy Rich, Siya, Skim, Smut Stud, soce-the elemental wizard, So Gayngsta, Solb, Solomon, Sonny Lewis, Stevia Smoke, Storietella the Female Beast, Sugur Shane, Swanny River, Team Gina, The Original, The Original Woman-Nitche Ward, The Phenom, The Qure, Thuggie Taylor, TJ Cass, 3X Ladycrew, Tim’m West (formerly D/DC), Tomboy Fresh, Tori Fixx, Tru Bloo, Trudog, Twizza, Unecc, Verbal Science (VS), Veto Ali, Vicious, Xero, Ya Gurl Te.rr.or, Yega Masta, Young Shon, Yo Majesty (Jwl. B & Shunda K.), Yung Eso, Yung Shortee, Zero-D.

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Comment by Q.B. Of Da' Midwest on February 11, 2010 at 9:17pm
thanks 4 da' shoutout... i really admire ur work and what u stand 4, the real STARS got yo' back!!!
Comment by Khalil Amani on February 9, 2010 at 7:42pm
Just imagine how powerful we'd be if EVERY GAY RAPPER was on the same beef, suppporting one another. I wrote this blog to show people that there are A LOT of LGBT rappers on the scene and that, indeed, there is a MOVEMENT taking place. Everyone should TRY to embrace everybody, putting old beefs aside and really make an effort to be UNITED.

There is POWER in NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Comment by B.O.I. SHA on February 9, 2010 at 3:51pm

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