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On Cooperating with the FBI.

By Khalil Amani

From the moment I entered these YouTube streets and revealed my past cooperation as a federal informant for the FBI and subsequently entering the federal Witness Security Program—I’ve received nothing but backlash—a “deafening silence” of standoffishness from YouTubers and subscribers alike. (Shout-out to the few who rock with me!) I was painted as a “snitch” and a “rat” by the likes of everyone—from Sa Neter to Hassan Campbell to Michael Edwards—and even the guy who brought me into many people’s YouTube consciousness—Israel Doctrine—were taken aback by my openness and candidness and transparency at being a government informant. I was an anomaly, something that none of these guys had ever encountered in real life; a fucking FBI snitch!

Granted, a year later, Michael Edwards and Sa Neter have become cordial—even allies and friendly towards me and have understood my story in proper context; that is, that I was not your stereotypical “snitch”—out to bring down a black leader like the CointelPro era of yesteryear. For indeed, I was in the fight of my life! A fight for my children and a fight for my community.

No halfway “conscious” black person wants to go to the FBI against black people. I certainly didn’t want to do that, but black people—criminals in particular, count on black people abiding by the street code of “No Snitching” to carry out criminality in the black community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a criminal or a civilian; the “No Snitching” code—the “Snitches Get Stitches” mentality is so thoroughly ingrained in the psyche of black Americana that we can hardly make distinctions betwixt law-abiding citizens reporting a crime and criminals burglarizing and raping and murdering the black community. I fucking detest—I fucking hate that we’re still trying to define what snitching is—and niggas walking around here as though if someone raped or kidnapped or murdered their child they wouldn’t want the help of law enforcement to bring the perpetrator of their loved one to justice. This pseudo/faux/false mentality called “No Snitching”—some shit that the worst of black America—and the worst of black so-called “consciousness” have adopted from those miscreant Italian gentlemen is part of the downfall and decay of the black community!

We have to combat this crude and elementary “No Snitching” clause with another ignorant notion that’s floating around amongst so-called black-miliant-conscious types. A prime example is Conscious Community activist Herman Smalls—a “small" minded man who believes that under no circumstance should black people cooperate with the FBI against black people—positing the idea that black people are a nation within a nation, separate and apart from the laws of American Jurisprudence and should exact street justice—vigilante justice on those who offend black people. Herman Smalls had a lot to say about Khalil Amani’s cooperation with the FBI on Sa Neter’s show, so I’m just responding in kind. Before you start talking all that autonomous vigilante justice shit, get some bass in your motherfucking voice, because I don’t believe you! How you gonna be a big, beard-wearing, brolic motherfucker who speaks with a falsetto voice? If there's such a thing as “sounding gay”—that would be you Mr. Smalls! Telling people to “handle their business” (seek street justice instead of going to the authorities) is on some agent provocateur type shit!

Enter YouTuber Israel Doctrine.

If you’re in these YouTube streets, you are aware that Israel Doctrine recently called the FBI live on YouTube on another YouTuber—Hassan “Poppy” Campbell—and conveyed to them, things that he believes are conspiratorial crimes against a young Spanish man who was supposedly date-raped by hip-hop legend, Afrika Bambaataa—and then Hassan being the hitman who was supposed to “hit”/kill/assassinate the young Spanish man at the request of Afrika Bambaataa, thus a conspiracy set in motion.

The backlash against Israel Doctrine is split between those who believe he did the right thing and those who see him as a snitch and a rat—but Israel Doctrine, fighting back against the “rat” label has embraced the word and flipped “rat” to R.A.T.—an acronym meaning, “Real Autonomous Threat.” (I gotta give it to him! As a wordsmith myself, that was a dope response to an otherwise scathing label heaped upon his back! I wish I had thought of this 32 years ago!) In his mind, he is a freethinker—a “threat” to those that would commit criminality and expect people to remain silent. In his mind, “Autonomy" and singleness of thought is the “road less traveled”—having one’s own thoughts to do the right thing, despite the current thinking of the masses on snitching.

But as a former informant, I caution anyone who calls the Feds. There are levels to this shit! For starters, be ready to stay the course! Cooperating may take years, so patience is a must. Once you're in, you're in. To back away from cooperating will put a target on your back and you might get handled as a hostile witness and become part of "said" conspiracy. 

One telephone call to the FBI doesn’t make you a government informant in the truest, strictest sense. A phone call to the FBI simply creates a dossier—a file on you and “said” criminal activity. The title, “Government Informant” is reserved for those who actively participate in ongoing interrogations, investigations and providing further information about illegal activities. Furthermore, there are levels to informing. Doing a live YouTube show calling the FBI disqualifies the informant as a “Confidential Source” or “Confidential Informant” aka “CS” or “CI” because the world (or at least those in these YouTube streets) are well aware of your business with the FBI. 

Israel Doctrine and Hassan Campbell—both men in their early 40’s—both men with supporters and followers and subscribers to their YouTube channels gives them the push and encouragement to do what they might not otherwise would ever do, as it relates to dealing with the government/FBI. No matter what the critics and naysayers say, they will be succored and comforted by those who support their actions—in Hassan’s case, some 90,000+ YouTube subscribers that may be his real “followers” or "looky-loos” of the Khalil Amani ilk—who simply subscribe for the fuckery and to keep my ear to these YouTube streets.

I say these things to say this.

Thirty-two (32) years ago—when a young 26 year old Khalil Amani stepped to the FBI—there was no Internet or YouTube. I had no “followers” or “subscribers” or backing. Not even my family rode for me! I was a lone wolf—a real R.A.T.—a “Real Autonomous Threat” to the cult in which I had given five years of my life to. Let that shit breathe for a moment. Woo-sa!!!!

I wasn’t middle-aged—40. I was 26—going at a cult who had an estimated 5,000 members who had killed/murdered at least fourteen (14) people by beheadings, stabbings and shootings! I had to be either crazy as fuck or had balls of steel! These were some lonely times, even frightening times knowing that at any moment a cult member could pull up and put two hot ones (bullets) in my head. The Witness Protection Program would come much later---eight (8) years after I initially stepped into the Miami FBI office. During those years, I walked around Miami with an FBI issued beeper and a carry & conceal permit in my pocket for my 17-shot Glock 9mm gun. 

After my ordeal, I had the nerve to openly write a tell-all book—and another book, newspapers and TV—that I’m a government informant and fuck what you think—all of this before this Social Media era wherein YouTube subscribers can align themselves with your cause.

I’m just trying to put some context on what some are calling "heroics" and some are calling "snitching." Rock with me.

When it comes to this Afrika Bambaataa narrative, I’m #TeamStar and #TeamLeilaWills—even while cosigning Israel Doctrine’s narrative of what really went down with Afrika Bambaataa—and even still—I’m willing to work with Hassan Campbell, if he can stomach dealing with a former FBI informer who big-ups gay people. I’m all about calling Afrika Bambaataa on the carpet for what he did to Hassan Campbell and Ronald Savage and many other men when they were young kids.

As for Hassan Campbell—as much as I’ve written negatively about him in response to him calling me a rat—and tallumbout me and my mama’s misadventure when I was a 10 year old kid—I have a soft spot in my heart for him, because, rather he wants to accept it or not, we have so many things in common that it’s almost scary! Like, for instance, he has a daughter and son—both named “Khalil” and “Amani”—like, his mother’s name is “Wanda,” which is my wife’s name—like, Hassan’s birthday is the same as my wife’s birthday, September 3rd, like, Hassan was in a cult like me! Like, Hassan had a “father-figure” named Afrika Bambaataa and I had a “father-figure” named Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Like, Hassan having a transgender daughter and me being a gay rights advocate. Like, our names being forever be linked together via this Afrika Bambaataa narrative---through print media and film.

Crazy as it may seem, I understand Hassan’s love for Afrika Bambaataa, even after his supposed molestation, because, as a cult survivor myself—breaking away from loving the cult leader can be a daunting task that can take many years to fully realize. I understand Hassan’s self-diagnosed “Stockholm Syndrome” claim, because, even as I became the unofficial spokesman for ex-Yahweh members—even though I wrote hellaciously against my cult leader, Yahweh Ben Yahweh—even though I did my best to help put that man in prison for crimes against women, children, the community and myself—I still have a certain amount of respect/love for that man because of the things he was able to accomplish. I mean, after all, Hitler built the Autobahn, but he was still a creep at his core. Such was the case with Yahweh Ben Yahweh and such was the case with Afrika Bambaataa to someone like Hassan who rationalized Bambaataa as—“the uncle that paid your way through college, but molested you.”

A day will come when Hassan will come to his senses and realize that much of the turmoil in his life is self-prescribed; that people are going at him, not because they are jealous of his YouTube popularity, but because he has let the idea of "Keeping it funky" become a sort of bad-boy bully-pulpit pranksterism without filter or care for others. We cannot wholeheartedly accept the idea that a victim of child molestation can come before us and spew some of the most injurious words our ears have ever heard against children; for no victim of child molestation should ever utter words, out of anger, literally, hypothetical or in any context as "sticking heavy dick" in children. This was Hassan's greatest faux pas (misstep)! His second faux pas was recounting the story to execute/hit/assassinate the young Spanish man (who was molested by the same man that molested him!) without showing an ounce of remorse or contrition. Like Khalil Amani, who, in his book, recounts the unsavory things that he did as part of the Yahweh cult and has regretted, never once do we get "regret" from Hassan's mouf. We get his war stories, his street crimes, the bragging of being charged with three murders, the threats against people, the waving of knives on these YouTube streets.

"Wakanda" child molestation victim is this? "Wakanda" child molestation victim would become so incensed and so enraged at another YouTuber that he would strike out and lash out at another man's children with hypothetical acts of raping them? No! No! No! Hassan does not give any right-minded person the space to sympathize and empathize with him when he speaks so reckless! "Wakanda" child molestation victim comes before us and further calls children "ugly" and "fat" and other demeaning names? "Wakanda" child molestation victim comes before us and tells us about his transgender child and disrespects her by describing her "big titties" and calling her a "cupcake" while, at the same time telling us that the child, which sprang from his loins--his firstborn child was molested in childhood as well. Where is Hassan's sympathy and empathy for the child that was left out in this concrete jungle to be abused? A true "Child Molestation Victim Advocate" is an advocate for all children, however they sexually identify and Hassan is no one that he can arbitrarily change the rules of child molestation to fit his small world-view on human sexuality and discount transgenders and gays, simply because he is trying to dispel the notion that in his own DNA reside some homosexual pathology. 

Hassan's YouTube subscribers/followers know that Hassan is no advocate for child molestation victims when he goes after other's children! They have to know better! Some of his followers, like Wax Dawg, Derrick Williams and those other wrench-wielding would-be maintenance men and women are simply riding the Hassan train and have never felt this important and semi-famous in their pathetic lives. They love being seen and known and having Hassan shout them out. This is the highlight of their mundane existence--being a sycophant (brown-noser) for an abrasive character like Hassan Campbell; for Hassan has given their lives meaning. 

Hassan has become a YouTube star who has become drunk on his own hype! A YouTuber that views his fast-growing channel as a sign that he is doing the right thing and that we are jealous of his success. Never once does it cross Hassan's mind that his YouTube channel is rapidly growing, not because his message is heart-warming and truthful, but because his channel has become a "WorldstarHiphop" of sorts where people can anxiously tune-in for a healthy dose of fuckery, tomfoolery, coonery, misinformation, exaggeration, soap opera-ism and shock-talk.   

Hassan continues to call Khalil Amani a “rat,”—even while he himself cooperates with the FBI—openly!—On two occasions—showing us his FBI business cards and calling the FBI live on YouTube in response to Israel Doctrine’s YouTube FBI call, but another YouTuber, King Earner said that Hassan is “100,000 times worse than a rat!” after hearing the audio of Hassan talking about "sticking heavy dick" in YouTuber, Kev Gillz’s children. For that alone, I’m gonna restore King Earner’s once snatched “honor” with that first video big-upping Hassan.

Might it be time that we all—as black people come to terms with cooperating with the FBI? Just as “No Snitching” is part of the black community—might it be time to finally remove the stigma of talking to the authorities against criminals—whether they be street criminals or religio-black consciousness leaders who rob, rape and kill us in the name of black ideology. Snitching and talking to the FBI—or even threatening to talk to the FBI has been in the moufs of Hassan Campbell, Sa Neter, Michael Edwards, Troi “Star” Torain’s “Snitch Network” and Israel Doctrine. From black FBI informant, Darthard Perry to Rev. Al Sharpton to Khalil Amani—cooperating with the FBI is part of our “shit-uation” here in America. Sometimes our cooperation with the FBI has been malicious—as in those blacks who helped bring down the Black Panthers (and other groups) for no other reason than to do the government’s dirty-work—and sometimes our cooperation with the FBI has been for good reasons with honorable intentions—as with what Khalil Amani had to do 32 years ago with the Yahweh cult—and his actions are justified by the community in which he lived in the 1980’s.

Khalil went to the FBI thirty-two (32) years ago. What does Khalil think about Israel Doctrine calling the FBI on Hassan Campbell? I think that a man has to do what is in a man’s heart. If his claim of conspiracy to commit murder pans out, then he is justified. This will move him from being a “rat” to a “R.A.T.”—“Real Autonomous Threat.”

But the flip-side of the coin is that a person like Hassan Campbell has to know when enough is enough. What he calls "keeping it funky" has him in a bad space. You cannot continue to hypothetically or otherwise threaten the lives of people over these Internets and expect not to be checked! And then become teary-eyed when you know you can't really act out like you did circa five years ago when you received a picture of the young Spanish man to go kill. Israel Doctrine isn't the only one informing on him. Like Khalil Amani was 32-years ago, Israel Doctrine now represents the face of the conspiracy to bury Hassan under the jailhouse. 

Khalil Amani is"Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Look for upcoming features on Mr. Amani in February 2019 on Oxygen Channel and People Magazine! Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking“Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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