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On Gay Rights Pimping Civil Rights...

On Gay Rights Pimping Civil Rights...
By Khalil Amani

From Khalil Amani’s book "Hip-Hop Homophobes..." (

To those black heterosexual pseudo intellectuals who argue that the Gay and Lesbian Movement is "Pimping the Civil Rights Movement"—trying to equate the Gay/Lesbian struggle with black folks’ struggle—let me add my two cents. Black struggle is not the first struggle! Just read your Bible! The Israelites endured 400 years of slavery at the hands of the Egyptians. Race and class struggles are documented throughout history. So black folk ain’t got a monopoly on struggle! Black struggle is not the litmus test whereby we judge the validity of all other struggles! Human and Civil Rights against any group of people is wrong! And any group of people who feel violated by society has the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to lift up their voices in protest and shout to the hills and mountaintops their grievances. This is Manifest Destiny!

"Six million Jews died in the Holocaust!" "So! Fifty million Africans died in the African ’Hellocaust’!" It is a self-serving and ignorant debate/argument/polemic! Such bullshyt! Arrogant-assed self-serving black folk acting like their struggle is the only valid one! Got the word "struggle" in the corner like a kid who doesn’t want any of his friends to play with his toys! He doesn’t want to play with it until someone else wants to play with it! "Mommy, mommy, Johnny’s playin’ with my toy!" That’s how a lot of black folk treat struggle—like it’s theirs and theirs only! Every nation has had to deal with some funky "shit-uations!"

If anything, black folk should be on the front line of the pro-homosexual movement! As one oppressed group to others, black folk and women should be most empathetic towards gays and lesbians, having been oppressed themselves. We should not have the mentality that "my struggle is greater than yours," "you choose to be gay or lesbian, I was born black!" and all of the other asinine debates about whose struggle merits more attention. All struggle deserves maximum attention!

The Abolitionist Movement, the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Power Movement, the Feminist Movement, the Gay Rights Movement, Feminist Theology (Radford-Reuther), Black Liberation Theology (J. Cone), Latin American Theology (G. Gutierrez)—it’s called evolution and revolution people! Humankind is EVOLVING and addressing the ills of society. Whether they be secular or religious, the learned amongst us are rethinking the ideologies of the past. It ain’t about what group is "copying" another group’s platform to further their own agenda. It’s about a free and democratic First World society that is constantly reevaluating its policies towards all of its citizenry and challenging those policies that are clearly in violation of human and civil rights. In times past, there was a belief that black people were not fully human—perhaps 3/5th human. We, as a society killed that myth! There is a longstanding belief that homosexuality is an abomination against God—we’re working on killing that myth.

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