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On Killing Cops: When “Chickens Come Home To Roost!”

On Killing Cops: When “Chickens Come Home To Roost!”

By Khalil Amani

We are living in tumultuous times! As the cartoon character Yosemite Sam would say, “What in Tarnations is going on?” It would seem that violence in America is at an all-time high, even though the statistics say that since President Obama has been in office violence has actually decreased—dramatically! But if you let Donald Trump tell it, America is on the brink of anarchy. (This numbnut is the ultimate demagogue.)

What happens when the protectors of our civil liberties become our enemy? What happens when those who are sworn to uphold the law become lawbreakers? On its face, it seems that there are police who are openly and unabashedly killing black people for the smallest of infractions or for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We know the names of the victims Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, etc., etc., etc! In fact, in the first 6 months of 2015, 465 black people were killed by police and 491 black people were killed by police in the first 6 months of 2016!

Now some wanna obfuscate—talk about black-on-black crime. Indeed, that is a major problem, but we expect more from people whose job it is to “protect & serve.” We hold them to a higher moral playing field and when that trust is broken, all hell will ensue—so-much-so that we are now at a juncture in police/citizen relations that some black people feel so desperate—so hopelessly at a loss for justice that they feel the need to take the law into their own hands and kill cops.

Malcolm X once commented on the assassination of JFK by saying that this was a case of the “Chickens coming home to roost.” He meant that all the violence that America had given is now being given back to her. That same sentiment is being echoed throughout black America and while we may not condone killing innocent police—while we may not advocate violence to bring about social justice—we understand! Outwardly, we may be politically correct and say “violence is not the answer.” “Shooting cops is wrong.” We may say all of these things, but inwardly, many black people are so frustrated that indeed, they understand the black man who extracts revenge on police in the worst way! Black people are numb to the killing of police, because America seems not to care about the rogue forces in blue who slaughter black lives at the blink of an eye.

The oppressor will always tell the oppressed “violence is not the answer.” Why of course! That is the American way when dealing with the marginalized of society. People like Martin Luther King Jr. bought into the ideology of nonviolence—hook, line and sinker, even though he had to revisit Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of “Satyagraha” or “insistence of truth” through nonviolent protest. Yet, Bro. Malcolm had a different answer—“The Ballot or the Bullet.” You’re either gonna vote in some laws to protect the civil rights of the Negro or we’re gonna bust guns in the spirit of white America’s answer to handling problems here & abroad. The Black Panther Party would later echo Malcolm’s sentiments by brandishing guns in public—open carry.

For 8 years I have stood mute on criticizing President Obama simply on the grounds that I’m “too black” to put a black man down to white people who have had 43 white presidents before Obama who have done some fucked up things to black people. I will never see another black president in my lifetime and I’m sure the ancestors are ecstatic beyond all measure to know that after 150 years up from slavery a black man leads the nation that once enslaved them—that a black man is the most powerful figure in the world! With that said, I don’t agree with President Obama’s assertions that killing cops is a “cowardly act.”

As I understand America, she is in no moral position to call anyone “cowardly.” It’s always “cowardly” when someone strikes at America, but when America strikes at others it’s “patriotic.” Why the double standard? Was it a “cowardly act” when Nat Turner killed 63 white people in an attempt at freedom for the negras? From the standpoint of Antebellum America it probably was. Was it a cowardly act when John Brown went on a killing spree at Harper’s Ferry? Sometimes killing is necessary and no one knows this better than America!

A cowardly act of terrorism is when the United States dropped an Atomic Bomb on Japan and killed 195,000 Hiroshima & Nagasaki citizens that had nothing to do with what happened in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii! How does a country justify the mass murder of civilians? President Obama knows it was an egregious thing that America had done to the Japanese people! That’s why he became the 1st president to go to Japan and try to make amends for our terrorism without saying those dreaded two words, “I’m sorry.”

Violence in America is as American as apple pie! Violence founded America and violence built America! How violent it was to transplant a whole people (Africans) from their homeland to become the slave labor of another people? How violent it must’ve been to wipe out the whole indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere (I’m talking about so-called Indians!) in the name of Manifest Destiny and God’s Providence? (Have you ever seen a whole Indian family dining at Red Lobster? Hell no!) Patrick Henry once said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” When a black person resorts to killing cops over the killing of black people this may very well be their mindset. Fuck it! If I gotta die, let me die for my people! Yet, in this politically correct climate—in our chicken-shitness we have to say the obvious clichés—violence solves nothing. Says who? Violence has solved a whole lot of shit for America, here & abroad!

Am I condoning killing police? Heavens no! But like Chris Rock who once commented on O.J. Simpson allegedly killing his wife—“I understand!” And many black people understand. When “Black Lives (truly) Matter” so will police lives matter! Killing police may not be the answer, but somebody needs to understand “cause & effect,” “what goes around comes around,” “he that killeth by the sword shall be killed by the sword,” and “for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”

Black people have been dealing with crooked & corrupt police from the beginning! It is only now, with the advent of cell phones and Social Media that these egregious cop killings are given light—instantly! Again, I say black folk have been dealing with racist cops killing black people in our hoods all over America—and beyond. It is no wonder why even Bob Marley sang, “I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy!” Marley explains that he shot the sheriff in self-defense and now they were trying to frame him for killing the deputy. Likewise, the shooters of police are of this same mentality—they are killing cops as self-defense—for murdering black people.

Alas! Police have to stop killing black people! Police have got to deal with their rank & file and weed out their own corruption. Until then, chickens will continue to come home to roost. When there’s no justice, there’s no peace!

Khalil Amani, old-head, raconteur for DJ Kay Slay's, Straight Stuntin Magazine, and any website that wants to pilfers his words. IG @Khalil_amani, FB, Twitter @khalilamani

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