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Pastor Mase a Coke Boy? Say It Ain’t Soooooo!

Pastor Mase a Coke Boy? Say It Ain’t Soooooo!

By Khalil Amani


Religion is a strange thing! You’ve got Bishop Don “Magic” Juan—a former pimp turnt preacher/bishop (side-eye…) who still gives it up to the pimpin’ game. Then there’s rapper Shyne Po who has outwardly converted to Judaism—rockin’ the traditional orthodox black suit, black hat and Shirley Temple curls, all while rapping that he can have Game’s killed wig pushed back from afar—and now Pastor Mase—a rapper who was hot back in the 90’s and then God spoke to him one day while he was eating a tuna fish sandwich (that’s a Richard Pryor joke to you young folk)—Mase dropped out of the rap game and became a preacher under the good Reverend Doctor Creflo Dollar.

(Pastor Mase, a one time rapper with P Diddy's Bad-Boy label)


But this Mase fellow has been straddling the “God & Mammon” fence from the first! After several interviews where he’s denounced hip-hop/rap he couldn’t stay away. First, hanging out with 50 Cent & G-Unit and dem, acting like he was gonna sign with 50 Feddicent! I raised one eyebrow when I saw the preacher-man hanging with Feddicent’s notorious crew. But alas! That didn’t come to fruition! He went back to Gawd!

(Pastor Mase, toying with signing to 50 Cent's G-Unit label. Yes! He's a preacher here!)


Mase has been a shifty, jack-leg preacher at best! The Good Book says that a preacher “…must be blameless… sober, of good behavior… he must have a good report of them which are without lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.” (I Timothy 3:1-7) Pastor Mase been slipping, falling, and busting his ass on the "pavement of reproach" since he claimed to have God in his life!


Niggas have been whispering about this man’s lifestyle from the gitty-up! Rumors of him pulling a “Teddy Pendergrass/Eddie Murphy” (depending on what generation you’re from)—that Pastor Mase was pulled over by the cops with a trannyTransgender person ridin’ shotgun. Whatever!


But this right ere? This right ere! Pastor Mase coming back to the rap game for a record third time under French Montana’s Coke Boyz umbrella? Ah hell nah! Officially, I ain’t seen the paperwork or some official response, but French Montana has stated that Pastor Mase is on his upcoming album, so it’s not a stretch to believe that an official signing is in the works!

(Pastor Mase with French Montana & Coke Boyz gang. He will be on French's album.)


Now get this! Pastor Mase used to roll with 50 Cent and now he’s rolling with French Montana. French Montana is in the middle of a heated beef with—you guessed it!—50 Cent! How ironic is it that French Montana, a rapper known for rapping about that white stuff (cocaine) has partnered up with the pastor—who was once affiliated with French’s new rap nemesis, Feddicent!


But damn that! Pastor Mase a Coke Boy? Say It Ain’t Soooooo!


How is a preacher, rapper or not, gonna team up with another rapper who peddles musical dope to boys and girls? How does or how will Pastor Mase justify his Christianity with his dope-boy image—being a French Montana flunky and all? As a preacher, he’s read “be ye unequally yoke together,” “you cannot serve two masters,” “come out from among them,” and “ye cannot be lukewarm. I will spew thee out of my mouth”—and all that other religious garbage that keeps Christians out of the clubs on a Friday night. Rev. Chickenfoot Pastor Mase is on some foogayzi ish right about now! He will have to scripturally dig deep to pull this off without looking like a backslider, but one thing I know about religion in general and Christianity in particular—you can twist them damned scriptures to fit your lifestyle and all will be good!

I ain’t no judge of how another man worships God. To each his own! Go ‘head Pastor Mase! Do ya thang! Just remember the biblcial edict, “God will not be mocked!”

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