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President Obama: "You Gon' Get This Work!"

President Obama: "You Gon' Get This Work!"

By Khalil Amani

Rather than write some long drawn-out blog on this year's Presidential election-- even before the numbers have been officially tabulated--President Barack Obama just won his second term as the President of the United States! As battle rapper Loaded Lux coined the phrase, "You gon' get this work!"-- so it was. Obama gave his foe, Mitt Romney that "work."

As long as the Far-Right Republican wing threatens the health of women--does not address America's ever-growning gay/lesbian population--threatens universal healthcare and disconnects from minorities--the outcome will be the same! We are not going back to the "good ol' days." This is the recipe for losing an election.


I knew all along that President Obama would win, but instead, I went on Facebook and Twitter playing the defeated Negro role, posting such coonery as: "If Romney wins--I'm getting a few part-time jobs selling flowers in da club, wiping windows at the red light and selling burritos on the 16th Street Mall. If Romney wins--no mo' slang, ebonics and jive-talkin'! Going to start articulating "FOUR" and not "FO'!" If Romney wins--I'm divorcing myself of all my Negritude! Won't be no pounds, high-fives, holding my nutsack when I'm talking and hanging out at hip-hop clubs with big booty bitches! If Romney wins---I might've ate my last piece of fried chicken last night! If Romney wins--I'm turning into the biggest sycophant (brown-noser) evaaar! I'm bringing the CEO of my job an apple everyday! If Romney wins--I'm sitting at the white folk lunch table and I don't want none of you Negroes speaking to me when they're around! Text me!"


Oh, I was on a roll! LOL! But I believe that the American People saw through Mitt Romney's facade and did what needed to be done. Put Barack Obama back in the White House to finish what he started. 


So congratulations Mr. President and let's get this deficit down and people working. One love! Khalil Amani.

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