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Raekwon, The Chef’s Soup de Jour? Homophobia!

Raekwon, The Chef’s Soup de Jour? Homophobia! By Khalil Amani

I love Wu Tang Clan! I love Raekwon’s music! But I don’t like his ignorance/homophobia! A little while ago, Shade 45’s Angela Yee interviewed Raekwon “The Chef” and that female/lesbian Snoop from HBO’s The Wire. In the course of interviewing Snoop, they got into a discussion about homosexuality/gay people in the industry. This is what Raekwon had to say: “My mouth too small to suck a dick… we don’t play those homo games over here homie… how do muthafuckas convert over to do some shit like that? …females, you know, they gonna do what they do. I ain’t gonna front. I can’t stand fuckin’ homos!… Get the fuck away from me! Immediately!”

(Rapper with Wu Tang Clan Raekwon, The Chef)

Let me start with Snoop (the lesbian chick’s) ignorance! How are you gonna sit there and allow Raekwon to “bark” (your word) on people who have the same sexual orientation as you? How can you justify lesbianism and cosign the dissing of male homosexuality? You said that a gay person (i.e. male) should be “barked on” if they, according to you, “step out they character”—meaning, try to speak, flirt or push up on someone who isn’t gay—like Raekwon. Do you really believe that a gay man that flirts/makes a pass at a straight man should be “barked” on? (Again, your word) And just what do you mean by “bark?”—to shout at, curse at, threaten, or beat them the fuck up? You ignant lil heifer! You uneducated bovine! Why would any straight man wanna “bark” (curse/disrespect) a gay man for asking, “How you doin’?” A straight man who is secure in his sexuality will simply tell a gay man, “Yo! I’m straight playa” and keep it moving. No need to be insulting, disrespectful or physical—unless you’re hiding something (wrestling with your own sexuality/DL-ness) or trying to protect your pseudo manhood, which you feel is wrapped around your teeny weenie.

(Lesbian actress from HBO's The Wire, "Snoop.")

It is people like you, Snoop, that cause the “Matthew Shepards” of the world to be murdered! We’ve all flirted to unwanted ears and had to deal with rejection! Sometimes the person you are attracted to is not attracted to you! Most heterosexual men and women don’t curse out people because of unwanted advances. They tell the person “I got a man” or “I’m cool” or just smile back and keep it moving! But if a homosexual man makes advances toward a straight man (usually because they don’t know that person’s sexual orientation), they’ve gotta get cursed out—or even worst, beat up—or even “worser,” murdered? The fuck? A homosexual woman condoning the dissing of homosexual people by “barking” on them if they “step out they character?” Snoop! You’re one crazy Negro bitch! You are a historically illiterate black woman who is devoid of any knowledge of the struggles of black people, black women, and gay people!

A dog will bark at its prey first and then attack! A homophobe will curse at a gay person and then attack!

Should straight chicks “bark” on you when you’re at the club tryna get some straight poonanny? I mean, you did say you hang in the straight clubs, so it is an assumption that you like straight girls who you hope to “convert” (Raekwon’s word) to lesbianism. I’ve heard about a lot of you butch chicks! You love to turn straight chicks out!

And what do you mean, “Ain’t no homo shit over here?” Newsflash! You are a homosexual woman Snoop! You saying, “Ain’t no homo shit over here” is like a self-hating black person wanting to argue that Obama is not “all black!” (In America, he’s a black man! If you don’t believe it, let Obama break into a white person’s house and watch how they describe him! Do you think they will say, “I think he was a Bi-racial man?” Hell-to-the-naw! Lol!) Do you think that America looks at you as something other than a homosexual woman—just because hip-hop heads and men, in general, don’t mind seeing two women bumpin’ uglies? (Having sex) Why would you exclude yourself from your male homosexual brethren—like those are “homos” and I just like women? The fuck?

Angela Yee asked Snoop if she knew any gay rappers. Instead of mentioning the many outwardly gay/lesbian rappers like Deadlee, Bone Intell, BryN’t, Lola Mazarati, Prince Cat Eyez, Foxxjazell, Medino Green, Drew Mason, JB Rap, Mack Mistress, AquariZ, Anye Elite, Benni E, Soce, King Jabbar, Kin4Life, Shunda K, Captain Magik, et., etc., etc.—instead of mentioning (plugging) the whole Out/Gay hip-hop Movement—Homo-hop—she chose to hone in on so-called in-the-closet-down-low famous rappers, who may or may not be gay. (It’s time-out for speculating about who’s the gay rapper! If Terrence Dean didn’t have the balls to bring them out of the closet, fuck it! His book was one big FAIL! Shout-out to Karrine Steffans!)

Did you know that there are openly gay rappers who ain’t afraid to say they’re gay?

Snoop had a chance to uplift gay hip-hop heads (being gay herself), but instead, got down on her knees and groveled in the already-charted waters of homophobia. She sold out to hip-hop’s uber-hatred of gay people—a Benedict Arnold to her own gay comrades! Good looking out Snoop!
A week before DJ Kayslay had me and five gay rappers on his radio show, this chick Snoop was on his show, where my name and the Out/Gay Rap Movement were mentioned. This is what Kayslay personally told me! Snoop is very aware of other gay rappers, but, instead of big-upping the Movement and letting mainstream America know that there are gays actively doing hip-hop and entertaining mainstream crossover, she fell prey to the buffoonery and coonery and fuckery of Raekwon, The Chef, who served us up his favorite dish—a special soup de jour of homophobia! Oh how delicious! Not!

I think Raekwon had you shook my sista!

Raekwon! As intelligent and lyrical as you rap, why would you stoop to such ignorance? You’ve been all over the world! Hasn’t your worldview expanded yet? Why must you indulge in the homophobic ignorance of society, the church, the ‘hood and folk who just don’t know any better? What is your excuse for being a shit-stain on the Petri-dish of human evolution? Why must you wallow in the cesspool of the last bastion of human ignorance—homophobia? Let a brotha know!

You said, “My mouth too small to suck a dick.” I say, “There are a lot of small-dicked men in the world!” How do you know your mouth is too small to suck a dick? Is this supposed to tell us that you’re straight? You’ve implied, by extrapolation, that you’ve tried to suck a dick and it didn’t fit. Is this what you’re subtly telling us while you’re trying to be flippant, funny and hetero? And really, I’ve seen your mouth! Indeed, you could handle a sizable phallus! Just say, “Ahhhh!” And by the way, didn’t you star in a movie called “Black and White” where you played a character named Cigar—the same “cigar,” which Sigmund Freud referred to as a penis? Ah-ha! So you have sucked dick! Hmmmm?

Raekwon asked the question about male homosexuality, labeling it a “conversion,” as if boys are born heterosexual and mysteriously “convert” to homosexuality, and quite a few of us believe that gay people “choose” their sexuality—as though every straight person, one day, sat down and consciously pondered the question of sexual identity and “chose” to be straight! Such B/S!—Raekwon has no problem with lesbianism, citing “females, you know, they gonna do what they do.” He can say this because, he too, like most men, enjoys women making out with women. I don’t ever recall a straight cat saying that two women getting freak-nasty were disgusting! Have you?

Raekwon acts as though the male and female brain function totally different. He can understand chicks wanting to lick-it-like-they-like-it, but he questions two men wanting to love one another. Why the double-standard? I’ll tell you why! Because—to most heterosexual men, we find pleasure in seeing two women making love! We are turned on by lesbianism! Our greatest fantasy is the elusive ménage-a-trois (I can proudly say I’ve been there, done that—many times! Ha-ha!) There is nary a porno video or smut magazine that doesn’t have a scene or layout of two women getting busy! (So I’ve heard!) We, straight men, are biased to lesbianism, yet hold a disdain for gay man love. Why of course! We hate it because we are not turned on by it. And some of us (the straight cats that protest the most) are turned on by man-love, so they make the most outlandish comments like, “My mouth too small to suck a dick. I ain’t gonna front. I can’t stand fuckin’ homos!” (Raekwon’s commentary on homosexuality) Was that really necessary Raekwon? Why do you feel the need to let the hip-hop world know about your distaste for homosexual love? I think you protest just a little too much! There ain’t a mouth made that’s too small to suck a dick Negro! I don’t care if you’re packing meat like Byron Long, Mandingo, Lex Steele, Wesley Pipes or Mr. Marcus! (I heard these were the leading super-elongated-penis black porn stars. Y’all let me know what it do!)—a sista will find a way to get her lips around their manhood, no matter how small their mouth may be! Hell! I’ve had my tallywacker (penis) in the mouths of women of all sizes and shapes and races—slit-lipped white girls, pouty-lipped Asian girls, and full-lipped black women—and guess what? No matter the size of their mouth, they were able to accommodate Big Willy!

Instead of the gratuitous protesting against homosexuality, perhaps Raekwon should put his energies into getting in shape for that “Square Dance”—that one-on-one fist fight that Joe Budden has been “barking” on you about! You’ve got mad-shit to say about gay folks, but you’re kind of quiet about the impending fisticuffs match with Mr. Pump It Up! If I may use the ignorance of hip-hop, may I say, “That’s gay?”

Raekwon’s homophobic statement reeks of D/L-ness! Sure, you’re straight! (Wink wink) As Jay-Z once said, “We don’t believe you! You need more people!” Raekwon—real straight men don’t make ignorant statements regarding the size of their mouth in relation to a penis! That’s suspect or dare I say, SUPER GAY!

Raekwon, The Chef—the next time you want to feed us your Soup de Jour—homophobia—check the recipe, because real intelligent minds will be tasting (listening)!

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