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Rapper 40 Glocc… Speaking of Faggots!

Rapper 40 Glocc… Speaking of Faggots! By Khalil Amani

“…I don’t like faggots. I don’t care if you a faggot. I don’t like you. I don’t like faggots! I don’t care if you a faggot or not! I just… That’s just my personal opinion. I don’t like faggots and I’m not gonna say it [I like gay people] on a record so I can have gay fans. Nigga, if you gay and don’t like the fact that I don’t like faggots, hey, don’t buy the record. I don’t give a fuck! I been eatin’… if this is what hip-hop is comin’ to, if this is hip-hop, what’s goin’ on right now, then I’m first to say it, ‘Fuck hip-hop!’” –Rapper 40 Glocc Interview on

(Homophoic rapper 40 Glocc)

What if 50 Cent said he hates all white people? What if Eminem said he hates all black people? Where would their rap careers be? I’ll tell you! In the toilet! So why do rappers like 40 Glocc, Trick Trick, Jap City (who the eff is that?) and Raekwon feel they can openly disrespect 20% of humanity—homosexual people? Hell, even if they do hate gays, why do they feel this is a subject they can openly broach without any repercussions from society? How can they be so damned arrogant to believe that they can have a successful rap career irrespective of the gay community/money? What is it about this demographic (gay people) that some rappers feel they must make a public statement against their “lifestyle?” It’s almost as if their activist persona kicks in for brief moment and then they go back to cooning, shucking & jiving and Step-N-Fetchin’.

A true artist—a “Michael Jackson”—an artist whose music transcends racial and sexual boundaries is what every musician, singer and rapper should aspire to.

With all of the terrible decay in ‘hoods all over America, rappers like 40 Glocc’s greatest concern is that his skinny jeans-wearing son doesn’t turn out to be a faggot—not that the statics against young boys getting caught up in the criminal (in)justice system matters—not that gang affiliations matters—not that HIV rates among poor blacks is off the meter—not that high school dropout rates are soaring in the ghettoes of America—not that drug addiction and suicide are rampant in the ‘hood! Nay! Let me address the ‘hood’s greatest ill! Skinny jeans, man-bags and Lil Wayne! Let me be an advocate against faggotry! SMMH! (Shaking my motherfucking head!)

Hey Gloccie! Remember me? I’m Khalil Amani (Ya gay friend’s favorite straight friend!)—the straight cat that doesn’t have a problem with being called gay! Lol! I wrote a blog about your homophobic ass earlier this year called “40 Glocc: His Homophobic “Personal Opinion!” in which someone who claimed to be your “intern” responded, “G-UNIT INTERN- FIRST OFF 40 GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR WORTHLESS OPPINION EATA DICK! YOU MUST BE A DOWN-LOW FAG. TO TAKE IT SO PERSONAL..FAKE ASS BROKE NET BLOGGER FUCK OFF AND GO GET YOU A JOB AND STOP FOLLING AROUND WHAT 40 GLOCC SAYS AND DO..YOU FUCKING MALE GROUPIE!”

To your supposed “intern”—you ought to be ashamed of yourself writing like this! If I were 40 Glocc, I’d want someone with a vocabulary to “read” me! By writing in ALL CAPS I guess you’re supposed to be screaming at me? I noticed that you can spell all the curse words just fine, but when it comes to spelling “opinion” and “following,” your spelling is ass! Lol!

Now let me holla at your boss Mr. Illiteracy!

40 Glocc! How many blogs do I have to write about your ignorant homophobic ass before you see the light? Gay people are really a thorn in your side, aren’t they? What happened to cause you to be fixated on dissing homosexuals? Are you dealing with repressed sexual frustration as a result of being molested by a wayward uncle in your childhood? Did one of your fellow Colton City Crips butt-fuck you as part of your initiation to the gang? Are you still “sore” (pun intended) about that? I mean, for a supposedly “straight” (wink wink) rapper, you sure have a lot to say about gays. They stay on your mind like stink on shit! Perhaps you’re just musically frustrated that, even though you’re a G-Unit dick-rider Soldier—one of 50’s puppets, you still can’t seem to find a hit!

So, you spend your days and nights talking about how skinny jeans are ruining the ‘hood—how skinny jeans are making young black men gay—how skinny jeans subconsciously turn you on—how Lil Wayne, a rapper who you abhor (hate) has the ears of your children—how your daughter shed tears when she heard you were doing a diss record against her musical hero—Lil Wayne! Hey numb-nuts! It’s not skinny jeans that are turning our young black boys out! Do you think it could be the hyper-masculinity, which people like you perpetuate that some young black boys find overbearing? Maybe that’s too complex for you, so here’s a simple reason—maybe they were actually born gay! Duh!

The ills of the ghetto rest in the hands of poverty, lawlessness and stupid shit like red & blue flags! Blacks went from fighting against white (people) to fighting against red and blue! The fuck? (Please don’t give me the “Who brings guns into our communities” argument! Save that for the scapegoating black folk who never take responsibility for black lawlessness!) As much as I hate skinny jeans—skinny jeans ain’t never killed black people—skinny jeans ain’t never turned young straight black boys gay, because if that were the case, all of us ‘70s/’80s teenagers would’ve been gayer than a muthafucka!—skinny jeans ain’t done nothing but give these youngsters tight nuts, chafed thighs and skid-marked drawhs—and the occasional low sperm count! But those damn red & blue flags hanging from your back pockets have caused hella suffering, misery and death! You’re more upset and outraged over the wearing of skinny jeans than black-on-black murder! Fuck outta here with you pseudo Troglodytean (caveman) philosophy!

In the words of the Asian store clerk in Menace II Society, “I feel sorry for your mother!”

Boy it must suck to be you 40 Glocc! It’s a sad day when your children like another man’s music more than their own father’s! The fuck? Your kids love skinny jeans-wearing Lil Wayne! Lol! That makes your message one big FAIL! You’re like a stray dog, barking at parked cars (Wayne will NEVER respond to you because you are musically irrelevant!)—Chasing Lil Wayne’s caravan as they stunt through your ‘hood. You pathetic soul! Ain’t you like 40—40 Glocc?


And then you show up on Plies’ video shoot to test his gangsta. Damn, you’ve got hella time on your hands! Keep on thinking you can’t get-gotten! There’s a badder crew just around the corner! (And they might be reppin’ pink!) “Every (bad) dog has its day” and your's was just a heartbeat away!


We won't even talk about The Game beating the dog-shit out of you! And now you're sueing him in a court of law? You're snitching now? That's real gangster of you! In the words of your boss 50 Cent, "Damn homie! You use to be the man homie! Fuck happened to you homie?"

How sad must it be that I (and I suspect, most people) know you more for your homophobia than your music! I really can’t name one of your songs and I consider myself a hip-hop aficionado! There’s just something wrong with old cats rapping about gang banging. I’m gonna have to give you an Ed Lover, “C’mon Son!” for your rap material.

40 Glocc says he doesn’t like gay people and says they shouldn’t buy his records. Well guess what? Straight people must not like him either because homo home-dude’s album went quadruple wood! Think I’m lyin’? According to Wikipedia, his first and only studio album (2003) called The Jakal only sold 1,500 copies and peaked on the Billboard Top 200 at 193! LMAO! He ain’t put out a studio album since! The studio is his boogieman! So instead of doing serious music, he’s resigned himself to doing weed-plate mixtapes! This is the guy who tells gay people not to buy his music! To reference Menace II Society again (I fuckin’ love that movie as you can tell!) when that black-ass cop, played by Bill Duke said, “You know you done fucked up! You know you done fucked up? You know you done fucked up! You know you done fucked up?” LOL! And guess what his newest mixtape is called? I Am Legend! (A legend in your own mind!) 50 Please! Come on dawg! Why are you letting your weed/cocaine carriers head bussas rap?

His newest movement, Zoolife, is just that—a bunch of monkeys rapping about how many bananas they have! (Bananas=phallic symbol=penis)

50 Cent! I heard you talking about how you’d clean house if you ran Def Jam and get rid of all the unproductive rappers over there. Well it’s time to take your own advice! It’s time to clean up G-Unit Records! Get rid of these characters—40 Glocc, Village Boo & CO.! They haven’t made you a hit yet! These guys are behind the times, rapping about bangin’ like this is Boyz in the Hood! DJ Quik already told y’all West Coast gang bangin’ rappers that gangsta rap is dead! Listen to the elders!

Let me tell you what a faggot is! It’s not a gay person! A faggot is a bully (like you 40 Glocc!)—a faggot is a person who makes it his life’s work to “hate” on a minority group (similarly to how your grandparents were water-hosed and had dogs sic’ed on them, but you probably don’t know your history!)—a faggot is a person (especially a man) that loves to critique and criticize what other men wear—be they skinny jeans or man purses—a faggot is a person who hides his (true) sexuality and disses gay people to make people think he isn’t gay—a faggot is anyone who knows they are physically stronger than another person, but finds no shame in assaulting the weaker person!

Speaking of faggots—40 Glocc—you are a faggot—and you might really be on the “down low.” There just has to be a reason for your public insensitivity towards gay people! Now is a good time to come clean and tell the world that indeed, you are homosexual and stop this nonsense.

40 Glocc! I’m gonna stay on your ass! (Fuck it! No homo!) If no one else will step forward in the hip-hop world and cosign me, I’ll just be David fighting against hip-hop’s mighty homophobic Goliath—all of you sucker MCs who feel good about beefing with gay people—I’ll be your “Huckleberry!”


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Comment by B. Ames on January 11, 2010 at 11:59pm
Sup Widdit,

I think that you are spinnin' ya wheels with 40. I mean his name is 40 Glocc first of all. I love how so-called Gangsta's refuse to spell shit correctly just because it starts with the same letter as the other sides name.
Ya'll Bammas are pretty damn simple yo. Can't spell shit. If you can't even spell you dumb mo-fo I don't have a job for you to do at all. Goin' on Sodomites is a futile thing too homeboys. First off nobody gives a shit unless they are gay or got got by some gay cats. Second, if you are a rapper (I miss MC's cause they could do some shit on a M.I.C.) nowadays chances are no-one even listens to you if they make more than $10.00 an hour since we don't have all that time to hear about ya shopping spree's-n-shit. Gay rappers can't get a valid defense from me on the subject though cause I have not heard any but something tells me that unless they are dick-riders (No pun intended) rims, jewelry, and stacks is not on the itinerary. I miss the Kieth Murrays, Red-Mans, Bustas, and Daz's ya know. Go hard bitches! You all seem like you like to hear yourselves speak and that's it. I haven't been inside of a booth in about a year and I will destroy 95% of you silly pieces of shit. Whats sad is none you can even battle. You hoes are all scared of each other bitches hiding from bitches. You should all just go windmill and pull each others hair and shirts open but instead you bully a group that you know isn't looking for a fight, what hoe's and I mean this. I'm not saying that gay people are doin' the right thing but neither are any of ya'll. I dare you to TRY and make "ONE" fuckin; album without some stupid shit on it. 40 Glocc you won't and most of you other female impersonators won't either because you would have to actually know some shit to do that maybe even READ or some shit. I hate that I can even speak to another African like this and you probably can't even understand this let alone care but Youngin' "You Are Stinkin' Up This Joint". This goes for all of you prostitutes that have taken the game and just fucked it off for paper. I laugh at all of you dumb fools because after your time is up and you get to look at what you did with it you will have to know and see what we all knew and saw...Hope you don't have youngins.



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