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Rapper Lil B The Based God: The Gay (Illuminati) Album

Rapper Lil B The Based God: The Gay (Illuminati) Album

By Khalil Amani

Not since Nas tried to name his album “Nigger” has a hip-hop artist tried to push the boundaries of controversy ever-so-left. Enter Lil B The Based God, who recently announced that the title of his next album would be called “I’m Gay.” In a recent concert reminiscent of Kanye West’s soliloquy at Madison Square Garden, where he admonished the crowd not to be homophobic, Lil B told his audience “words don’t mean shit!”

Of course, I had to holla at him on Twitter about doing something super-controversial—like doing a song with a real gay rapper. Still waiting on a reply on that shit! Lol!

Lil B The Based God reminds me of myself. When I started blogging, I came on the hip-hop scene as “Ya gay friend’s favorite straight friend!” ( Negroes lambasted me as “faggot,” and “D/L.” They could not fathom the idea that a straight dude could be so rapped up into advocating for gay people—gay rappers and gay hip-hop heads in particular. I was ridiculed and made anathema for my controversial and progressive stance of big-upping gays. While they were F-Bombing me, I was in New York on the Howard Stern Show, being quoted in Spin Magazine and the LA Times and hobnobbing with hip-hop’s elite--giving Kanye West the skinny on homophobia. Four years later, after all the homophobic bullshit, I’m writing for one of the top urban hip-hop men’s magazines—DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine—and still advocating for gay rappers! As a matter-of-fact, the article I wrote for the magazine was "Why Gay Hip-Hop/Rap?" (lol!) DJ Kayslay even had the nerve to put my name and article on the front cover!

Meanwhile... All of my foes have become as dung (doo-doo)! Where are they now? In the words of Chris Brown, “Look at me now! Ah!”

Lil B is all about fun. He wants us to “stop the hating” and “live life,” because you only have “one life to live.” And by the way—did I mention he says he likes women?

What kind of rapper is this? To prove that “words don’t mean shit” Lil B The Based God says some of the most outlandish and one-eyebrow-raised shit you ever wanna hear. Example? “I’m a pretty bitch” and “I look like Jesus.” He once tweeted that he’d fuck Kanye West in his ass if he didn’t work with him.

The gays are taking over the world! That’s what these ig-nant Negroes are saying on these hip-hop sites. They are adding Lil B’s name to the list of fag-Illuminatists who are infiltrating the hip-hop world. All-of-a-sudden we seem to know who the hell members of the Illuminati are! Well let me break it to you! You niggas will never know a real member of the Illuminati—Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna—these niggas are nouveau riche! (Newly rich). They ain’t got no real old money and they certainly ain’t got any power. Y’all just parrot popular jargon to sound like you know what the hell you are talking about! SMH!

                                        (Khalil Amani & Kanye West... you sure you know who's in the Illuminati?)

If you have never read a book on the Illuminati or secret socities, shut your ass up! Why does the Illuminati need a rapper—(and a gay rapper at that!) to further their agenda? C’mon son!

Now that Lil B has announced his next album’s title, whether serious or jokingly, he has thrown his hat into that vast homophobic hip-hop arena. People are so simple that they can’t decipher a marketing strategy—a ploy for controversy from a heterosexual man who’s got a knack for fucking with people’s minds. Lil B tells us that he’s out to kill the power of words and we just don’t get it! Have we forgotten that “gay” also means “happy?” Do you really believe that if Lil B The Based God were gay, he’d come out and try to have a rap career in mainstream? And what about all of the bitches that he boasts of fucking. Does an “I’m Gay” album cancel out all of the poontang he claims to swim in?


When the dust settles Lil B will be richer and you niggas will still be broke and calling him a faggot while he has your girl backstage giving her the hot-beef-injection.

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