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Rapper Mysonne: The Case of Misplaced Lyrical Aggression

Rapper Mysonne: The Case of Misplaced Lyrical Aggression

By Khalil Amani


As gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed (straight) “spiritual advisor”—whenever the “gay” word or “f” word (faggot) comes up, you can best believe Khalil Amani will be in the mix. There’s a whole host of rappers that be knowin’ who the fuck I be! I think I’ll start wearing a spandex leotard and a pink cape with a big “H” on my chest—“Captain Save A Homo.” (lol)


That’s how some of y’all see a nigga.


I’ve been following rapper Mysonne the General for a minute—from his Bang Bang Boogie days right on up to being signed to The Game’s The Black Wall-Street label. If you’re into that New York-style hard-body lyricism, Mysonne is that dude.


New York rapper Mysonne... hard-body (*pause*)--Lyrically speaking!


But recently, Mysonne has gone on the attack against rapper Lil B with a rant video and then an a cappella rap video, in which he takes aim at Lil B and XXL Magazine for putting Lil B on the freshmen cover. All this because Lil B has said that he will name his next album “I’m Gay”—a very controversial move that has put him in Mysonne’s line of fire. From Mysonne’s point-of-view it’s not about the “gay” thing, but rather Lil B’s incoherent and ignorant message.

 Rapper Lil B


Mysonne believes that Lil B is a clown, a bum, a rapping buffoon, who is leading young naïve people astray—that he’s using the whole “gay thing” as promotion. So I ask,“Might Mysonne be riding Lil B’s wave to the top by dissing him? Might he be using Lil B for promotion?"   I mean, Lil B is fast becoming a household name as borne out by his 197,400+ Twitter followers versus The General’s paltry 10,640+ followers. (Can one of y’all shout me out so I can reach 1000 Twitter followers? I’m just sayin’…)


Mysonne stands to gain considerable followers and fans by riding Lil B’s coattails.


Let Mysonne tell it—he’s on a one-man crusade to not let the ignorance of Lil B infect hip-hop and he’s looking for cosigners. He believes that anyone that would listen to Lil B’s music or follow his not-so-well-thought-out-philosophy is ignorant; discounting with the swipe of his paintbrush almost 200,000 people who be feelin’ The Based God.


For me, Mysonne’s rants are reminiscent of Ice-T’s badgering of Soulja Boy a few years back. As lyrics goes, Mysonne is a beast! No competition! Lil B raps some outer-space wacko shit that’s got young men asking The Based God to fuck their girlfriends. It is an honor and a privilege to have The Based God jizz in/on your girl! He is literally being worshiped! (Really doe!) Lil B has T-shirts, which read “Thank you Based God.” The guy is funny!

Perhaps, this is the cause of Mysonne’s worries—that Lil B The Based God might run up on/in his woman. Or, that young men find it exciting to have a rapper bukkake all over their woman. I don’t know. (Hell, I wish bloggers were worshiped this way! I’d gladly drop a load on your girl’s face!) Lil B is headed towards becoming the new Old Dirty Bastard.




I reached out to Mysonne via Twitter to see what was really bothering him about Lil B. A fruitful exchange occurred, in which Mysonne and I went back and forth—respectfully, I might add, on the merits of Lil B’s movement.


As much as I wanna believe that Mysonne is appalled at Lil B’s “message,” (whatever that could be!), I’m just not buying Mysonne’s response. Lil B’s greatest message, which has caused all of us to sit up and take note is his naming his next album “I’m Gay.” His message is that (and I quote) “words don’t mean shit!” I think that is a grand and novel idea in hip-hop! How can you be mad at that? How can you hate on a person who’s about taking the power out of hateful words—like faggot, and giving “gay’s” other meaning some shine—“happy!”


Mysonne’s disdain for Lil B is rooted in his heterosexual masculine perception of what is socially hip-hop acceptable material in which a rapper can rap about. Like many, Mysonne thinks Lil B is corrupting the minds of the young and influencing them towards homosexuality. (If you’re truly straight, how can you be coerced into sucking a dick?) Fact of the matter is that this younger generation doesn’t care as nearly as much as we older cats about gays being gay, homosexuality or even a gay rapper! They just don’t care! (Blame it on the Illuminati.) Hip-hop is a microcosm of the macrocosm mainstream and the polls say that 2011 America is edging towards a 60% acceptance rate for gay marriage.


You religionists can pull out your “Sodom & Gomorrah” stories all day every day, but modern man just isn’t going for those archaic and antiquated stories from ignorant men from ages gone by. Add that to the fact that the American Psychological Association has ruled that homosexuality in normalitive in human sexuality (see DSM-III-R)—it makes the whole gay bashing religious mumbo-jumbo argument pretty goddamned lame. Gay-bashing is like holding on to your Jherl Curl while others have moved on to a high-top fade—let it go!


The only really dumb thing that Mysonne said on Twitter was lumping homosexuality with rape, pedophilia and devil worship. I had to quickly remind him that rape and pedophilia are UNACCEPTABLE in EVERY society. (SEE our tweets at end of blog)


Mysonne has to recognize that his truth ain’t Lil B’s truth—that his reality and worldview ain’t Lil B’s. Mysonne is a street cat, a certified hoodman who’s done a bid in the pokey. His morals and principles and codes of conduct are derived from the street. Juxtapose that with Lil B, a young dude who published his first book at nineteen! It’s like the “Geek and the Beast!” C’mon Mysonne! Your lyrical aggression is misplaced! At the end of the day, hip-hop will survive Lil B just like it survived Soulja Boy. Believe dat!

Lil B on Cover of XXL Magazine (front no shirt)


Twitter Between Mysonne & Khalil Amani (April 28)

@Mysonne dude! those who protest the most are most suspect! do u and get off lil b's nutsack (no homo!)

@khalilamani I'm a man first, before I rapped I had integrity. When I speak of violence its in case of My Enemy or ...

@Mysonne oh! I stand for something! I'm no a Lil B FAN BUT i UNDERSTAND the STATEMENT that he is making against homophobia/words-meaning

@khalilamani I'm not telling "You" not to listen to him, I'm just telling the 1's who think he's a disgrace, they're not Alone!

@Mysonne sometimes those who play the "clown" role are the most progressive & freethinking. Lil B stands for something, controversial

@khalilamani he says I'm gonna name my Album "I'm Gay" but I'm not gay I mean I'm happy, cuz he know its

@Mysonne u can't discount what another man brings to the table just because it runs contrary to your belief system.

@Mysonne Lil B's raps suck, but his stance on killing hurtful words is a novel idea in hip-hop!

@Mysonne the people u call ignorant for follow Lil B... SOME of those same folk follow u! Revolutionary ideas are ALWAYS met with disdain!

@Mysonne as someone who's been against the whole gay bashing hip-hop thing i applaud Lil B for putting the conversation on the table.

@Mysonne I respect u as a lyricist. But your rant is misplaced. Look behind the words. Homophobia is a problem that will be dealt with.

@Mysonne u criticize Lil B 4 wantin 2 fuck Kanye but u don't critique the lyrics of black on black killin when did rappers get a conscience?

@Mysonne being "lost" is relative. Some folk would suggest that the whole hip-hop/rap genre is LOST!

@khalilamani Thats where we disagree, if u advertise anything enough it becomes a fad. Ignorance is 1 of those things. whats good about that

@Mysonne what other genre of music REPEATEDLY calls women bitches, blk males...niggas, glorifies drugs, gangs? Talk about LOST?

@Mysonne from 1 general to another, there are greater battles to b fought than Lil B's "Im Gay" movement. peace.

@Mysonne I'm sure it's 4 publicity, but it's still revolutionary considering how hip-hop treats gay people. & yeah, gay does mean HAppy lol.

@Mysonne there's lots of rappers that use their former drug/gang life for promotion (ie. 50 Cent, Jeezy). I don't have a problem with that

@Mysonne like Lil B, I'm str8 (too), but I rep gay rappers and gay/lesbian hiphop heads. every movement has its ALLIES.

@Mysonne rap music needs to join the all-encompassing family of other musically genres. That's my stake in it. It might take an idiot...

@Mysonne it might take an idiot to bring rap out of its homophobic stupor.

@Mysonne I know Lil B is frontin with the gay thing, but at least he's putting a hot topic to social discourse. The very fact that u blog...

@Mysonne the very fact that u blogged about LilB makes him, you, homophobia a relevant topic for discussion & debate.

@Mysonne now people wanna know who is Mysonne and why does he care so much? How does Lil B affect his movement?

@Mysonne it goes back to the Ice-T/Soulja Boy ARGUMENT. Lil b is like the new kid & you're coming off like the old bully. hip-hop will live!

@Mysonne no ONE rapper can kill hip-hop, no matter how outlandish you think their message is. Diversity is a beautiful thing ignorance&all!

@khalilamani strategy

@Mysonne absolutely...strategy!

@khalilamani This is A presidential Race, if no one runs against him, he wins by default, im not gonna let that happen.

@Mysonne but he is NOT running this race by himself. Present polls say 16-25 yr olds careless
@khalilamani But those rappers live that live and are inspiration, for other with that reality, who and what is he inspiring??

@Mysonne by virtue of your rant, Lil B has already won. y can't we desensitize "gay/faggot" like we did nigger/nigga?that's LIL B's point
@Mysonne but that's what YOU say & think! 1000s MORE disagree with u. The young are growing tired of the homophobia of us older cats@khalilamani i dont care about whos gay or not. his overall msg is detrimental to human development. i cant allow my child to think thats ok
@Mysonne we say it's not homophobia,but IGNORANCE, but if we look deeper it pulls at our religious strings& masculinity. B is challenging us

@khalilamani im not even talking about the gay thing thats not my issue, the rest of his message is.

@khalilamani So fuck it lets have a rapper that promotes rape and pedophilia, devil worship, they out there lets give them a platform. ok?

@Mysonne now that's where u are wrong! HOmosexuality IS NOT a DEVIANT behavior! So says the entire medial field (SEE DSM-R). U CANT LUMP

@Mysonne Rape, pedophilia, bestiality...these are DEVIANT behaviors in EVERY society on earth! HOMOSEXUALITY is not! why? IT INVOLVES ADULTS

@Mysonne U have the backin of many heads already. Fact! Rap music- MOST HOMOPHOBIC of all musical genres. u r simply parrotin the partyline.

@Mysonne props to u for making this an (intelligent) discussion though... @khalilamani im just letting those know who agree with me, they're not alone so they dont have to compromise to fit in.

@Mysonne we r a sick society when we compare 2 SAME GENDER LOVING (consensual)ADULTS (homosexuals) with rape & pedophliia, don't u think?

@Mysonne Lil B is no more outrageous than Old Dirty Bastard, minus the lyrical prowess.

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