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Rappers: That Pesky Fixation With Gayness...

Rappers: That Pesky Fixation With Gayness...

By Khalil Amani


In case you didn’t know, I came into this hip-hop blogging game back in ’07 as “Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend!” I caught hella flack for associating with gay and lesbian rappers on the come-up, but at my old age, no fucks were given to what niggas might think about my sexuality. I’m sure I’ve gotten more poontang accidentally than most men have gotten on purpose! (And I might be some of y’all’s daddies. My bad!)


From Kanye West on down, your favorite rapper has heard from me ‘cause I done bodied erry’one—from Trick Trick (whom I’m deathly afraid of!) to Mysonne (yeah we met face to face and it was all love!) to 40 Glocc to DJ Kay Slay (who was so moved by my literary gangsterism that he offered me a job writing for Straight Stuntin’ Magazine) for gettin’ slick about the mouf on gays.


So here we are again. This time it’s a Christian rapper named Bizzle, homophobically rappin' slick over Macklemore's pro-gay smash hit, "Same Love."  Here's the song.

I really didn’t want to write this blog! I leered at that video for the longest, because I already knew where this song was headed. A Christian rapper. No doubt he’s gonna attack Macklemore’s pro-gay stance. And attack he did! With Macklemore’s own beat to boot!


Now I have to waste precious time that could’ve been better spent working on my dissertation on the affects of pr0n on overweight men. But let’s get right to it!


I mean, what is it with these rappers and their homophobia? Some of them get off on commenting about two men sword fighting! A pesky fixation on what gays do behind close doors.


Before I religiously & historically deconstruct run up in this nigga’s ass without KY Jelly (I suppose I should insert a “Pause” right here for you niggas whose minds go straight to “Homoville” at the slightest hint of homo-normalitive phraseology)—if you love Jesus and he’s your savior, I have no problem with that! Great! Praise Jesus! No offense to you or your god, but the institution (Christianity) that was built on that man’s tomb—the religion which hijacked that man’s work—I’m about to give Christianity and Bizzle “that work!”


The video starts off with quoting the Bible—2 Timothy 3:1-5, which talks about the “last days” and people lusting after their own desires. Off the rip, people have always lusted after their own desires! This is no sign of the “last days.” Go back as far as you can in human history and you will find that those people thought they were living in the “last days”—three fucking thousand years ago! If you had told those folks that 2,000 years later (2014) Jesus hadn't come and the "last days" hadn't come they would not believe you!


And just what is the “last days?” There is no monolithic understanding amongst Christians as to what the “last days” means. The Jehopeless Witnesses call it “The end of this system of things.” They say the earth will be destroyed and niggas will be “caught up in the air to meet the Lord in a twinkling of an eye”—a mythological “rapture,” but somewhere in my Bible learnin’ I read, “One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth [stays] forever.” (Ecc. 1:4)


Quoting biblical scripture presupposes that the reader holds the Bible as authoritative and rapper Bizzle wholeheartedly expects us to accept his supposition of Bible inerrancy as 100% infallible. We know shit about the author (Timothy) and we care not to know anything about the author, but a nigga like me asks the question, “Who is Timothy and why should I believe him?” And secondly, when this guy wrote Timothy, whom was he talking about? It’s called “Exegetics”—how “real” scholars approach the Bible.


The books of I & II Timothy are thought to be the works of that snitch-ass uncle-Tom Paul, but every scholar will tell you that these two books are of anonymous authorship, thus, they are called “Pseudo-Pauline”—false Paul writings. Like most preachers, rapper Bizzle wants us to swallow Timothy without knowing a damn thang about the book—like the author is anonymous, that they were written in the first part of the second century by some gentile who was but a day away from practicing the paganistic religions of his forefathers.


And lastly, all talk of “strange forms of sex” and men loving men—from the Old Testament’s Leviticus to the New Testament’s Romans and Timothy—hear me well and then go study it—had ZERO to do with homosexuality! All that commentary/laws were written to answer a RELIGIOUS PRACTICE, not a sexual practice and that is because SEX, in ancient times, was part of worship and ritual, because the goddess religions ruled the day until the Semitic invaders (Hebrews) came on the scene.


When the apostle Paul was supposedly ripping to shreds the idea of homosexual love, may I say, with a historical certainty that he was preaching against the Goddess cults, which used sex as worship—that Paul was arduously trying to wean the new-founded Christians away from the “paganistic” (according to him) practices of their forefathers—that his dissing of same-sex unions was rooted in a religious practice and that if sex were not a form of ritual, he too, would not be writing about “aberrant” forms of sex. I submit to you that the religious polemic (argument) against homosexuality—that the ONLY REASON homosexuality became “sinful” is because homosexuality was linked to a religious practice—not because homosexual love is wrong! The move to attack homosexuality was a move to insure the growth of the Jewish/Mosaic/Levitical Law! The attack on homosexuality was an attack on the Goddess and Sodomite religions, which proliferated in the Ancient Near East—which had been practiced before the Jewish nation became a nation.


People like Bizzle haven’t a clue about why shit was written, so they do religio-historical gymnastics and take what was going on 2,000 years ago and super-impose those old-ass writings into 21st century American culture.


Bizzle decided that he has the moral/religious authority to speak against same-sex attraction through the religion of his upbringing, without considering the woes of the very religion he so proudly represents! Christianity is in no moral position to speak on “sin” and cast judgment on gay people considering her wretched and deplorable history! Christianity has been the worse criminal the world has ever known—being responsible for such heinous crimes as the Holocaust, the annihilation of the Indigenous Population in the Western Hemisphere (so-called Indians) and the enslavement and/or murder of an estimated 50-100 million Africans!


The same book which Bizzle uses to judge gays was used to judge blacks as slaves. The “Hamitic Myth” was the moral pretext on which the Transatlantic Slave Trade rested. In the Antebellum South the preacher used the Bible’s story of Noah’s son Ham (the father of the African nations according to Bible folks) who was to be enslaved by his brothers. Slavery was ordained by God, they taught!


Any black person that would pick up the Bible to condemn gays is just as ignorant as the white person who uses the Bible to condone slavery!


Now this asinine debate about whose struggle is greater and comparing slavery to gay rights is some bullshit to the 10th power! Struggle is struggle! Some black folk act like they have a monopoly on struggle and all other struggles must be weighed against black struggle as if black struggle is the litmus test whereby we judge all other struggles. All struggles deserve maximum attention! Struggle is NOT black owned and operated! Struggle is not some toy that only blacks can play with and the minute a gay person borrows their toy (struggle) they start crying, “Gimme my toy back!” It’s never about comparing struggles and plights! It’s about a freethinking, first-world society that is ridding itself of old, antiquated, and archaic views of other groups of people.


"Six million Jews died in the Holocaust!" "So! Fifty million Africans died in the African ’Hellocaust’!" It is a self-serving and ignorant debate/argument/polemic! Such bullshit! Arrogant-assed self-serving blacks! Every nation has had to deal with some funky "shit-uations!"


If anything, black folk should be on the front line of the pro-homosexual movement! As one oppressed group to others, black folk and women should be most empathetic towards gays and lesbians, having been oppressed themselves. We should not have the mentality that "my struggle is greater than yours," "you choose to be gay or lesbian, I was born black!" and all of the other asinine debates about whose struggle merits more attention. All struggle deserves maximum attention!


Ya boy Bizzle ain’t kickin’ no science! He’s just vomiting upchucking the bullshit that he learned in church. I’d rather a nigga just say, “Fuck gay people!” and leave God out of it than to use some outdated book and backwards-ass thinking to make a point about same-gender-loving-people! Take your dirty-ass religion, the same religion that had your black-ass in shackles for 400 years based on its “holy” scriptures and kick rocks!


The Bible was used to suppress women, enslave Africans and conquer nations and now to condemn gays! Fuck you look like as a black person using this book to talk shit about anybody? You’re just a religious fool, too ignorant to see pass your faith!


Do you need further instruction on overcoming your religious brainwashing as it relates to your homophobia? Read my book and find a clue! I gave it a long-ass subtitle in case you weren't quite sure where I was going with this; "Hip-Hop Homophobes: Origins & Attitudes Towards Gays & Lesbians in Hip-Hop Culture; As Perpetuated By Rappers, Thugs, Athletes, Reggae Rastas & Religionists; Essays on the 3,000 Year Old Polemic Against Homosexuality; A Religious Hoax!" ( '07)

Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12


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