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Ray J: Looking Kinda Butt-Hurt!

Khalil Amani


Let’s cut out all of the malarkey! Ray J wrote a song about being Kim Kardashian’s first sex partner! We don’t even need to speculate or add “allegedly” in front of our words! This is not rocket science and neither are we trying to deconstruct the words of a Nostradamus quatrain.


Damn Ray J! You really went there? Ray J, in his new ditty talks about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, so obviously singing, “She might move on to rappers and ball players [like Reggie Bush & Kris Humphries & Kanye West], but we all know I hit it first… No matter where she goes or who she knows / She still belongs in my bed… I had her head going North and her ass going South /But now baby chose to go [Kanye] West.”


Ray J shot waaaaay below the belt, first dissing Kim and then attacking Kanye West. You said it yourself Ray, “I don’t hang with stars! I make stars!” Well consider Kimmy as one of your stars because she parlayed blowing your skin flute into millions and millions and millions of dollars, while you’re still Brandy’s little brother.


This record has Ray J sounding a little butt-hurt behind Kim. She’s moved on! She bested you! Get over it! You might’ve been her first, but hey, we all had a first! Hey! I was bangin’ a chick who became a millionaire chef and I’m still working at the Chicken Shack! You don’t hear me crying over spilled milk!


As for being Kim K’s first—you may have been the first person who had a little notoriety and fame, but were you really her “first?” Are you saying you took her virginity? Or are you referring to being the first of famous men she’s banged?


Being Brandy’s little brother got Ray stank by default. Recognize! It-is-what-it-is! Ray J was the broke version of fame. He can sing and sneak diss these other gentlemen that have had (or have) relations with Kim, but guess what lil Ray Ray—they all have careers—and millions of dollars in the bank! Having a sizable phallus isn’t the “be all end” to a woman in search of the Holy Grail of happiness—so much money that money will never be an issue forever and ever. Ray J couldn’t give her that. Ray J was simply one of Mayweather’s hype-men when it came to the “Money Team’s” finances.


Khalil Amani & Ray J


Stooping to the depths of reminding us through song that you and Kim did the nasty “first” is wallowing in the cesspool of cry babies. Sorry dawg! You’re looking kinda butt-hurt!


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. Amani blogs at He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12

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