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Rev. Run: Hip-Hop’s Hallelujah Huckster

Rev. Run: Hip-Hop’s Hallelujah Huckster!


Khalil Amani

Reverend Run! Reverend Run! You all know Run of rappers Run DMC. They broke major hip-hop ground with their song, “Walk This Way,” fusing rap with rock music and moving the genre further into the mainstream—the rappers who rapped, “My Adidas” and never got a royalty check from the shoe company because no one took rap music that serious way back then.

After Run DMC’s rap career was over the group went their separate ways and Run emerged as a preacher man—Rev. Run. Back then, I used to think, “What seminary school did this dude attend to become a preacher? What church bestowed the title ‘reverend’ to this once rap star? What happened in his life to become a full-time man of Gawd? Is he for real?”

Was he listening to a Richard Pryor album and got the preacher idea? “I was walkin’ down the street—eatin’ a tuna fish sandwich and I heard the voice of the Lord in an alley. He wasn’t talkin’ and I wasn’t walkin’!”

One never knows how God works in the lives of men and women, so I gave him a pass on his newfound profession—hip-hop’s vessel of God.

But now, I question Reverend Run’s ordination. Why? Because he says dumb shit on Twitter like “if a woman can have pms, men should be able to have espn... Im jus sayin” “1 dude complained of having no shoes, until he met the guy with no feet. Dont let this be u.” “1 way 2 get depressed! Keep lookin in others pockets & lifestyle. There will ALWAYZ b sum1 wit more den u!” “if u argue quite a bit with ur mate.. dont worry.. ur probably jus deeply in luv. :)” “Fellas: Dont try 2 understand ur lady, that'll jus confuse u, she's there 2 b loved not understood.” “ come on..Say this with me (I Love Me More!!!!)” “They tell me smart listens to the head & stupid listens to the heart.. my suggestion:: b stupid.”

R.R. quotes everybody but God—Vince Lombardi, Jimi Hendrix, Diddy and even Dr. Seuss! Like “Pastor” Mase, the “rappa turnt fake preacha,” something just ain’t right in the holy land!

But even more than Rev. Run’s whack-ass religiosity is the pedigree from which he received his good seal of approval—his right to call himself a “reverend.” He is the spiritual grandson of one of black folks’ America’s most notorious hallelujah hucksters preachers—the Good Reverend Doctor Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II aka Reverend Ike! (Born June 1, 1935 died July 28, 2009)

To most of you young hip-hop heads, the name “Reverend Ike” means nothing, so instead of taking my word, go ask your mothers and grandmothers who Reverend Ike is/was. Watch their facial expressions and listen carefully and decide if your parents are “haters” or are they thoroughly familiar with this charlatan masquerading as a man of God.

And if you don’t believe your mama, Google this Negro!

Following in the footsteps of pimp-preachers Father Divine and Sweet Daddy Grace, Reverend Ike was a pimp in the pulpit! Reverend Ike was very popular during the 60’s and 70’s—a “prosperity preacher” before the title became chic—the prototype for later mega churches & "prosperity preachers"—Eddie Long, Bishop Bernard Jordan (remember this name!), Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Fred K.C. Price, Bishop T.D. Jakes and them. Rev. Ike was not ashamed to ask for your mama’s money and flaunt his wealth in the faces of his poor followers. This nigga was like Bishop Don Juan, Snoop Dogg’s “Spiritual Advisor” minus the hoes! He would preach “You can’t lose with the stuff I use!” Or “The only savior in this philosophy is God in you!” How about, “My garages [cup] runneth over [with my ostentatious car collection of Rolls Royces!].” He even believed that money could get you through the Pearly Gates of heaven preaching, "If it's that difficult for a rich man to get into heaven, [dissing the book of Matthew], think how terrible it must be for a poor man to get in. He doesn't even have a bribe for the gatekeeper."

(Reverend Ike, the pimp preacher)

This jackleg preacher—this pulpit prankster—this hallelujah huckster—the Good Dr. Reverend Ike reached millions of people (through televangelism) with his perverted “salvific” message of “Positive Self-Image Psychology,” as he coined his doctrine.

What does Reverend Ike have to do with Reverend Run? Follow me!

Reverend Run is the STUDENT of Reverend Ike’s STUDENT! I don’t believe ya heard me, so I’ll write it one more time at the expense of being redundant. I said, “Reverend Run is the STUDENT of Reverend Ike’s STUDENT" —Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, who used to be on B.E.T. in the early morning hours trying to convince us that he’s the “Master Prophet” and for a nominal fee (for $399.00 he’ll teach you the “Business of Getting Rich.” For $3,000 Jordan will give you one-on-one prophet coaching), you too, can become a “prophet.” The fuck?

(Bishop Jordan, the teacher "mentor" of Reverend Run, the student of Reverend Ike)

If you go to Bishop Jordan’s website (, scroll down and guess who you will see?—the money-grubbing charlatan, Reverend Ike, Bishop Jordan’s teacher! And while you're there, count how many times you see the words "God" or "Jesus" and then count how many times you see the words "Bishop Jordan" and you will understand who this Negro is promoting... himself! Jesus and salvation are the last things on this shyster's agenda! And niggas follow him in hopes of getting rich through religion! If there be a place called "hell," I pray that Rev. Ike is already there and Bishop Jordan, Reverend Run and all who use religion to solicit wealth have to walk through hell with gasoline drawhs on... preying on the naivete and ignorance and wishful thinking of the laity (common folk)!

What are the sayings? “Birds of a feather flock together.” “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Reverend Ike—Bishop Jordan—Reverend Run—three multimillionaire Rolls Royce-driving coons who are pimping black people from the cradle to the grave! Verily, verily (truly, truly), the scripture is correct; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!” (Hosea 4:6)

Look here! All three of these multimillionaire charlatans... from left to right... a dead-ass Rev. Ike (the spiritual Grandfather of Rev. Run), his spiritual son, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan (the spiritual father of Rev. Run) and Rev. Run himself (the spiritual grandson & son of these two religiously conniving miscreants!)

In an article appearing in Jet Magazine, it writes; Rev. Run received the "Protégé of the Year Award" from Bishop Jordan. Rev. Ike is Bishop Jordan's mentor. Bishop Jordan is Rev. Run's mentor. …there was a Rolls Royce Parade featuring Bishop Jordan's 2004 Phantom, Rev. Ike's Vintage Phantom 1V and Rev. Run's Bentley Limo (July 12, 2004).

There! Jet Magazine confirms the connection of the Three Musketeers, calling them “mentors,” which are teachers to the students, as I’ve written.

Hip-hop heads! I know y’all used to love watching MTV’s Run’s House and those fine-ass daughters of Run’s, but dad is on some bullshit! I mean, really, what kind of man buys another man a Rolls Royce Phantom? (Yes! Rev. Run bought Bishop Jordan one!) Dare I say that’s some faggot homosexual shit? (It doesn’t help that Bishop Jordan is feminine-acting as hell!) I might buy my son, my dad or Jesus a Phantom, but a mere man?—just because he claims he’s the “Master Prophet?” Fuck outta here! Meanwhile, with Covid-19 causing massive unemployment and tearing the lining out of black folks’ pockets... these niggas are flaunting their wealth. Their members drive hoopties and Chevrolets—“Chev” one foot and “lay” the other and walk your ass to church!

(Bishop Jordan LT. & Reverend Run RT. stunt in front of their ostentatious profligate show of wealth)

(What would Jesus Do?) He damned sure wouldn’t flaunt his wealth to his followers!

Nobody in hip-hop has made the Reverend Ike/Reverend Run connection! Why? Because most of you are too young to know about how Reverend Ike stole from black people and are too star-struck and revere Run as some kind of rap god to think that Reverend Run would carry on the work of stealing from black people in the name of God Reverend Ike, through his mentor/teacher Bishop Jordan.

Yes! Reverend Run has his own money, legally gotten from rapping and doing his TV show. But that’s only part of the story. The other part is how he uses “Gawd/da Lawd" to keep the cash flowing. And we are too blind to see it!

This why I wrote those two articles big-upping Jay-Z! And this is why Jay-Z raps, “Jesus can’t save you! Life starts when the church ends!” Jay-Z becomes the “devil worshiper”—a member of the Illuminati for pointing out the oh-so-obvious—that preachers are using the church and Jesus to line their pockets, while Reverend Run, in the name of Christianity and Jesus rapes you of your few pennies.

Jesus has become corrupted! The church has become corrupted! Therefore, they cannot save you. And Reverend Run, with his pseudo Twitter quotes, is helping keep you in spiritual darkness, while following the Satanic doctrine of “Positive Self-Image Psychology” as prescribed by the now-deceased Good Reverend Doctor Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II—Reverend Ike and his spiritual son, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, neatly packaged up for a hip-hop generation through Reverend Run. But you don’t hear me though!

In my next article I'll explain my chance encounter with Rev. Run in Las Vegas a few years ago. That event only served to reinforce my belief that this nigga, Rev. Run gives no fucks about black people and our spiritual well-being. It's all about the dolla-dolla bill y'all! Stay tuned!

Author, poet, essayist, blogger, troll, satirist, journalist, cultural critic, freethinker, father, grandfather, husband & C.O.O.N (Consciously Optimistic, Overtly, Nihilistic), Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who wrote for and DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Denver Post, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults."

In February 2019 Amani appeared on Oxygen Channel and in a special edition of People Magazine on cults. Amani also interviewed with InTouchWeekly, and In 2020, Khalil was most recently featured on national TV's the CW Network's, "The Mel Robbins Show. 

Khalil Amani's cult story is well-documented on six national TV shows, magazines & newspapers, court records and his story is told with pictures in two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer and journalist, Sydney P. Freedberg's book, Brother Love: Murder, Money and a Messiah (Pantheon Books 1994) along with Amani's 370 page autobiography, My Id: Ignant & Dissfunkshunal! Life in the Yahweh Cult and the Witness Protection Program ( 2007).

Amani is the author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Khalil was the first media person to write about the allegations surrounding Afrika Bambaataa allegedly getting stabbed for date-raping a young man in 2013 and is in the upcoming documentary on the Afrika Bambaataa allegations, Trapped in a Culture. Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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Comment by Khalil Amani on February 9, 2010 at 7:39pm
Interesting! A gay dude knows a gay dude and if you say they DL, I believe it! So I'm glad I wrote this post airing him out. lol!
Comment by DEADLEE on February 9, 2010 at 3:24pm
Rev Run is a DL Fag - When I first got into the rap thing I went to his DL brothers book signing with my Tranny friend - They saw us the moment we went in - and were shitting their pants like they was gonna get clocked. When me and my friend asked DL Fag Russel Simmons to keep making history and sign the first open gay rapper - Russel and Rev put their eyes to the ground and would not respond - I clocked their T - Fuck them DL FAGS!

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