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Ricky Rozay Addresses Gangster Disciples Like a Bawsss!

Ricky Rozay Addresses Gangster Disciples Like a Bawsss!

By Khalil Amani


I gotta say! I’m proud of the way the lil' homie (age-wise, that is!) Ricky Rozay addressed the Gangster Disciple “shit-uation” Monday evening on Miami radio WEDR 99 Jamz. His rhetoric sounded confident, sincere, convincing and cocksure! Rozay said all of the right things—the things I, as a Miami Carol City representer wanted hear. Basically, we (305 Dade County, Miami) don’t play that shit! If I didn’t know any better I’d swear Rozay swagger-jacked his rant soliloquy from my last blog and regurgitated it in his own words.


—Like, when he said, “Any dude can stand in the crowd with 30/40 dudes—Erry’body real! Erry’body trill! Erry’body about that life! Erry’body gangsta! …but when them choppas [guns] come out, erry’body fold. GD’s…It’s all about Growth and Development. The old man, Mr. Hoover, that’s why I put him in my song. I respected his [Hoover’s] scriptures... When you get in that cell, you get by yourself, you gotta be self-made! You gotta be trill! You gotta be your own man… so if you screamin’, ‘Cut a check! We need a check!’ Ain’t no checks gettin’ cut! Ain’t neva no checks gettin’ cut! I don’t play those games! I consider that extortion.”


Say word!


Similarly, I blogged a few weeks ago some of these same sentiments, writing: “Yeah, they [GDs] talk a tough game and look mad-scary, but take each of them away from the pack and they’re just silly young males who would not be selling wolf-tickets one-on-one—mano-a-mano. What would Ross look like paying after being put on front-street? That would kill his street credibility!” (Blog “Star of David: Ricky Rozay vs. Black Gangster Disciples” The Khalil Amani Reader @


In one quick interview Ricky Rozay ethered a shed-load of Youtubes videos. By his commentary, he is quite aware of what’s being said about him and the fact that his North Carolina concert was canceled—as the blogosphere speculates about the Black Gangster Disciples reach to affect Rozay’s money-machine. The Bawsss emphatically denied that the GDs had anything to do with his canceled shows. He laid the blame squarely at the feet of a bad promoter and to bolster his claim that this is the case—he asked the blogs to reference his show in Chicago (home of the BGs) just a week or so ago where he came out in a $40,000 full-length Chinchilla coat. Here's the full account of Ricky Rozay's public ethering of haters and naysayers. He ain't no Scaredy-Cat!



The Bawsss was on some “Never Scared!” shit!


(Ricky Rozay in Chicago, birthplace of the Black Gangster Disciples November 23, 2012.)


Now, hopefully, the real bosses among the Black Gangster Disciples can work out their own monetary salvation and stop with the flo’-showin’ and Internet cooning. Hopefully, the hiearchy of the GDs (if there be such a thing) can have a pow-wow and figure out their Rozay-problem by peaceful means. With the world ending on 12-21, I just wanna see black folk get together and sing Kum-by-Yah before it's too late! “Can we all just get along?” Black people!


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