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Running Hassan’s Pockets!

By Khalil Amani

I know! I know! You should never count a person’s (free) time or a person’s pockets (money)! In other words, don’t be tryna manage my (free) time and get your eyes off my money! No one knows this better than Khalil Amani, because I’ve got a daughter that loves to dump her kids on me and my wife whenever she suspects that we’re home alone sitting on the couch with nothing to do. She’ll text me like, “Hey Dad! Whatcha doin’?” I already know that this is her “go-to” line for, “I wanna drop the boys off so I can go do me.” Sometimes it works, but when me and wifey wanna hit up a club or go to the casino, she’s assed-out. Nope! Don’t count our time ‘cause weez young, vibrant grandparents with full lives!

All that side—I’m about to make an exception to the rule and "run" Hassan “Poppy” Campbell’s pockets and count his money, right on down to the lent and old chewing gum in his jeans! "Break yo' self!" I need that! All of it! What I’m I referring to? I’m tallumbout donating to the documentary, “Trapped in a Culture.”

Only $1,900 of a needed $50,000 has been donated to bring this movie to fruition. For the record, I gave a $100 donation, but I’m just a broke-ass neega that works at the local chicken shack, frying yardbird for eight bucks an hour. (Not really, but if I were, I’d still donate to this worthy cause!) It’s evident to me that Hassan “Poppy” Campbell has not donated to this documentary—and his recent disparaging words of discouragement against donating to the documentary got me feeling some type of way!

Hassan recently said, “Leila Wills—may not put out—the documentary. I don’t know. That’s not my documentary! Let me make that clear. She may—or she may not put it out. Being that she’s thinking about—shelving the documentary—if you send donations to her documentary, that is at your own risk!”

Hassan is so worried about not being labeled a “scammer” now that the documentary seems to be in peril of not making the light of day—this nigga is jumping ship faster than roaches fleeing a Bronx River kitchen at two-in-the-morning when the lights are turned on! Instead of being proactive—doing something to help garner donations—this dude, Hassan is like Pontius Pilate giving Jesus over to the Jews to be killed, who, like, in the book of St. Matthews (da Bible) when it writes, “When Pilate saw that he could not prevail nothing… he took water and washed his hands before the multitude, saying ‘I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it’.” Instead of Pilate telling the Jews to “fuck off” and let Jesus go about his business—he symbolically washes his hands before them—and in new-jack terminology says, ”Look , you motherfuckers! I ain’t got shit to do with your beef against this man Jesus! I wash my hands of this matter, but I’m-a let y’all take the man and do what thou wilt with him! Kill him if you want, but don't blame me!”

Pontius Pilate had the power to save Jesus’s life and conversely—Hassan Campbell has the power to save the life of this documentary! How’s that, you ask?

Well again! Let’s run Hassan’s pockets! Let’s count Hassan’s money! Some say that Hassan is on SSI (Social Security Income). Others say Hassan gets money through foster-parenting. And Hassan has said that his money is “good,” because he owns “co-opts” and (rental) “property.” Cool. We won’t count that money Let’s run Hassan’s YouTube pockets! "Break yo' self!" fool!

Other than it being a damned shame—a travesty—a gross insincerity—and—dare I say, “A scam?” that Hassan himself has NOT donated to this worthy cause—this documentary—something that epitomizes everything he claims to stand for in these YouTube streets—a child molestation victim advocate! Where is Hassan’s substantial donation? Off the rip—he should’ve put $5,000 up! I’m counting his pockets for the babies—for the victims of child molestation! I’m counting his pockets because I believe he has the money! I’m counting his pockets because Hassan loves to boast about how many views and followers he has—71,000 and counting!

Are these 71,000 subscribers/followers real supporters of Hassan’s machine or are they of the Khalil Amani ilk who subscribe to Hassan’s channel for the fuckery and coonery and daily doses of conspiracy and homophobia? Are Hassan’s 71,000 followers real or “Memorex?” (That’s a 1970’s/80’s cassette recording commercial featuring Ella Fitzgerald for you young’uns.) Does Hassan have the power and influence to make his 71,000 subscribers donate to the documentary? Or are these numbers merely padding and fluff and hyper-exaggerations and YouTube “phantomery” at its finest?

Clearly, Hassan is making money on YouTube! With 71,000 subscribers on one page and another 11,000 on a second page—homeboy is getting those YouTube dolla, dolla bills y’all! His YouTube Superchat also helps fuel his money-machine. Without dipping into his other earned money from SSI and foster kids and co-opts, etc.—Hassan has the power to bail this documentary out of cinematography purgatory!

Imagine the heroics if Hassan put out a call-to-action via a YouTube-A-Thon and got 71,000 people to donate $25! Let’s crunch the numbers Hassan!

71,000 subscribers giving $25 will net $1,775,000! Damn near two million dollars! Okay, maybe that’s a little lofty. Let’s try half of your subscribers Hassan—35,000 subscribers will net $875,000 Hassan! Okay! Okay! Not even half of your followers will donate? Let’s try 10,000 of your subscribers and come up with $250,000. That’s only 1/7th of your subscribers Hassan! Still too many? Let’s narrow it down to 5,000 of your 71,000 subscribers donating $25, shall we? That’s $125,000! And if that’s still too many subscribers—alas! Let’s get 2,000 of your 71,000 followers to donate $25 and that’s a cool $50,000!

Hassan! Why not do a YouTube-A-Thon and raise the money for the documentary? Get those beautiful babies of yours involved! They can draw up a thermometer chart and use magic markers and keep score of the money! What a grand event that would be for your family! In another video, I’ve already sweetened the pot by giving you my word to stop blogging about you if you do this and donating another $100—and allowing you to air my video talking about my 10-year old peen and my mama! I promise not to shut down your “lives” anymore! Word to “Them People!” LOL!

Hassan! Don’t take the coward’s way out to save face! Get proactive! Use your charisma and will people to action! That’s what great leaders do! Not cop pleas and back out of promoting projects because you think people will call you a “scammer” for promoting "said" project!

The “scam” is not that Miss Leila Wills might not get the funds to put out the documentary! No! The scam is a person like Hassan—who, in times past has called the documentary “his documentary”—and has sang its praises—and has promoted the teasers on his channel, only to back out when the going gets tough—and get his “Pontius Pilate” on and wash his hands clean of the project when it seems to be in doubt! That’s the real scam! My Gawd! The woman is telling your story Hassan and fighting your fight and putting her finances—and dare I say, her life on the line to bring this film to the public and you can’t even chip in a few dollars and stay the course—but instead, you give your 71,000 followers the heads-up and warning about losing their money to a cause that may or may not come out? This is the woman that many people believed “caped” (explained and sided with you) on all of the scuttlebutt over your, “Sticking heavy dick” in children remark! This is how you gonna do her, Hassan? And alas! Whom amongst your 71,000 followers will go in the poorhouse over giving up $25---whether the movie comes out or not? Who Hassan? 

The campaign says that the donations are "closed." Donate if you can, but if not, start a "Go Fund Me." We can still do this! 

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