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Scrappy’s Mama Needs Some Peen!

By Booqueesha!

Booqueeha back! I’ve been known to beg a nigga for some dick, but Scrappy’s mama aka "Mama Dee" aka "Mama Needs Some D" should be on an I-75 entrance with a sign that reads “Will work of Peen!” (penis). Why? Either I’m on some hatin’-ass bullshit or Scrappy and his ol’ girl have a seemingly unhealthy incestuous relationship! This bitch stay on her son’s jock mo’ den a lil bit!

As a mama myself, yeah, we don’t want our sons with any ol’ ratchet piece of stank, but at-the-end-of-da-day, who my son decides to screw ain’t my bizness! I ain’t losin’ no sleep ova where he decides to put his dick! Oh, but Scrappy’s mama?

She be mo’ jealous ova her son—a lil too jealous if ya ask me! She eitha breast-fed Scrappy a few months ova the normal time—or seen’t his wee-wee past the age of puberty—or Scrappy is such a splittin’ image of the deadbeat who spawned him that err-time she see the lil nigga she gets moist, based on some backseat adventures from years gone by.

Shit jus’ aint nat-chul! (Natural)

But I have a solution! I’m gonna reach out to my nigga Khalil Amani (You know him! He writes hella shit for & Straight Stuntin Mag) and see if he can tighten her ass up for all of hip-hop! I mean, that ho ‘bout fiddy (50) sumptin’, right? And Khalil is fiddy-sumptin’! He talks dat freaky shit. I’m-a need him to stuff Scrappy’s mama so full of peen that she’ll wanna quit the show and jump on her scooter and follow dat nigga back to Denver (I think dats where he be at). And guess what Mama Dee? I hear Khalil rides a Scooter too! 

A-gin, sumptin jus’ ain’t right! Why do Scrappy mama be all up in, between, next to and around all her son’s jump-offs, side-chicks, and baby mama? She beez actin’ like she tryna repair some of them, but it’s clear she don’t want her son with none of these hoes! She wants Scrappy all to herself in that castle without drawbridge or a mote! She say she da “queen.” Queen of what? Scrappy’s hang-low?

SMH. See? Khalil rides a scooter too! Jus' call me Cupid!

I dropped outta school in da tenfah grade, but somewhere I read about dis cracka (I'm from Miami. "Cracka" is a term of whateva dey call it!) named Sigmund Freud and he was talkin’ ‘bout stages of development & shit. He was talkin’ 'bout sumptin’ called da “Electra Complex”—where a nigga has an incestuous attraction to his mama. Ugh! In dis case, Scrappy mama has an incestuous attraction to her son, and Scrappy is what dey calls an “Enabler.” (Yeah, a bitch like me gots some book-learnin’ on da down-low! I used to screw date dis teacher dat would try to book-learn me afta sex, but Booqueesha sex-game have dat nigga beggin’ fo’ some Red Kool-Aid and place to hide afta I put it on him!)

But anyway… Khalil Amani, if ya ever in da ATL, please catch up with dis bitch and lay dat pipe so we can stop thinkin’ nasty thoughts! She prolly got Scrappy’s umbilical cord in a jar on the nightstand! Crazy bitch! Fo’ sho! Scrappy’s mama needs some peen (that ain’t her son’s) ASAP!

Booqueesha Johnson

Blogger & Hoodrat. I tell lies & speak truths. Student of C.O.O.N. Life Gratuitous ratchetness. Shaking up the industry since yesterday!


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