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Shyne Po! You’re an Israelite, not a Jew!

Shyne Po! You’re an Israelite, not a Jew!

By Khalil Amani


You might remember this guy Shyne as the fall-guy some years back in New York who shot up the club defending Diddy and his then jump-off Jennifer Lopez. He served ten-years for unloading in da club. While in the pokey (prison) someone must’ve turned him on to the Jewish religion because he came out as an Orthodox Jew—fucked-up Jewish locks and all! Having converted to a Hebrew Israelite back-in-the-day, I know a thing or two about blacks and Judaism. I was gonna address Shyne’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism back then—but I said, “Nah! Too easy!”

 (Deported Belize Rapper Shyne with Diddy)


But now that rapper Ricky Rozay has labeled his mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah and Shyne Po has an issue with it—because he’s a converted Jew and all—now’s the time to educate and air this Negro turnt Jew out!


First off. Stay your ass out of Israel! Secondly, before the cries of anti-Semitism rear its ugly head, I don’t hate Jews! Some of my best friends are Jewish!


As I stated, I used to be a black Jew aka Hebrew Israelite. My spirituality has transcended all organized religion, but I’m gonna reach back and touch on some of this. Off the rip—Shyne Po! How are you gonna “convert” to a religion which actually is yours to begin with? Mind you! Not Orthodox Judaism! That belongs to those white folk in the Middle-East and elsewhere throughout the world! Have you not read Yosef A.A. ben Jochannan’s excellent historical account, We the Black Jews (Witness to the “White Jewish Race” Myth) or Joseph J. Williams’s Hebrewism of West Africa or Rudolph Windsor’s From Babylon To Timbuktu or Ben Ammi’s God, The Black Man and Truth or that little bendable book by Ella J. Hughley, The Truth About The Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites or Shadrock’s The Truth, The Lie and The Bible or Albert B. Cleage, Jr.’s The Black Messiah or The Nation of Islam’s tome The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews or Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe or Yahweh ben Yahweh’s little yellow “book” You Are Not A Nigger: Our True History, the World’s Best Kept Secret and lastly, Michael Bradley’s books Chosen People From the Caucasus and The Iceman Inheritance? And by all means, read C.F. Volney’s Ruins of Empires and understand that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are no more than plagiarisms (thefts) of African religious systems “which still govern the Universe.”


These few books, had Shyne Po read, would set his ass on the right path if you just gotta be part of some religion. These books will spell out how black people are directly related to the ancient biblical Israelites and some of them will disprove any European Jewish claim that they are descendants of a once great people. But Shyne, evidently, only had access to mainstream Jewish writings, thus converting to the Orthodox version of Judaism—walkin’ around with that fucked-up hairdo and fringe hanging from his drawhs trying to copy and emulate what the white Jews be doing to their hair. C’mon son!


Have you heard of F.S. Cherry and William Crowdy or even Marcus Garvey? They espoused the Hebrew teachings among black Americans. They understood that they didn't need to "convert" to the European brand of Judaism.


Most serious scholars admit that the ancient Jews were a swarthy (dark) people. The biblical sources refer to Job as a black man, Solomon as a black man, Moses as a black man (who married a black woman) and Jesus, the woolly-headed brass feet messiah of Revelation. Even the anthropomorphic (form of a man) figure, the Ancient of Days (God) is woolly-headed (i.e. BLACK).


The evidence and history suggests that the Romans, under Titus ran the Jews out of Israel, fleeing to parts of Africa and subsequently dispersing throughout all of the continent—the Diaspora of 70 C.E./A.D.


The other hidden history is the conversion to Judaism by Europeans. A case can be made that modern Jewry—that the European Jew of today is an offshoot of the Khazarian Empire who, in 740 C.E./A.D.—the king and the people converted to Judaism. In essence Shyne Po has converted to a religion whose people converted to Judaism, never knowing that his ancestors were indeed, the original Jews anyway!


So now Shyne has a problem with Ricky Rozay using Jewish imagery. Shine doesn’t like Rozay using the Star of David and calling his mixtape by the name of a Jewish boy’s 13th coming of age celebration (bar mitzvah). Shyne’s acting like he’s an authority on Jewishness and the ghetto-gatekeeper of all things Jewish. Well guess what Mr. Po? Ricky Rozay has every right—even more right to wave the Star of David and attach himself to that great religious symbol! Why? Because when you speak of Judaism, you’re speaking about a once great black religion! And! Rozay grew up in Miami, which had a hella Hebrew Israelite (Jewish) influence by way of the black Jewish sect “The Yahwehs.” Its leader, Yahweh ben Yahweh and their headquarters was in Miami. Nearly every black person in Miami had a relative who was tied to the sect back in the ‘80s and 90s. Black people in Miami are very familiar with the Star of David and the claim to a Jewish birthright. The Hebrew Israelites and the Rastafarians—both wear the Star of David in Miami. It’s no coincidence that Rozay identifies with Jewish religious imagery! Rozay knows the relationship and correlation between the Hexagram (Star of David), black people and Judaism.

(Yahweh ben Yahweh R.I.P., the leader of the Black Hebrew Israelites in Miami)


This Negro, Shyne thinks the Jews wholeheartedly accept him. He doesn’t know about how the Israeli government had 2,000 African-Americans who moved to Israel in the ‘60s—how they had to take up residence in Dimona with three sheep and a goat, because the Israeli government did not accept their claim to Jewry. Shyne doesn’t know about the “secret relationship,” which the Nation of Islam so meticulously exposed—the Jewish role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the worst “hellocaust” in the annals of human history! Does Shyne Po know that the Jewish voice during slavery was practically non-existent? They, as a people, stood mute on the slavery question! Does Shyne know that in the Jewish Talmud we are the “ignorant goyim?” Does Shyne know that in their Jewish myths, God cursed us black and black men have “elongated phalluses” (big dicks) as some warped punishment for Ham seeing his daddy’s wiener?


Shyne Po! You ain’t no Jew, but you might be an Israelite, so get off the circumcised Jewish dick—stop wearing those black suits and curly-curls. That ain’t your history or culture! You’re playing imposter, interloper. We don’t respect that! Get back to that real gangsta music and stop all the religious postering.


Books that deal with the Black Hebrew Israelites and the European Jews










Have you read any of these?

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